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[FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

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FINALLY THE FINALISTS!! >:-D First off, thank you so much Riders for pouring your time and creative efforts into your mount designs. Riders brought in their A game and as with every contest it was a very difficult choice.

The below Riders are the Finalists of the Mount Design Contest. These Riders may potentially have their designs created in-game (which we will announce in the Grand Prize Winner round which at a later date).

*Winners please allow up to 5 business days to receive your prize.

Luminiel - Akaldus

Neoseptem - Akaldus

Ahmara - Velzeroth

ShaBiest - Koroshimo

Ashente - Teleo

LyanWilliam - Velzeroth

VillainousViper - Teleo

Dreamzzweaver - Koroshimo

Nerome - Koroshimo

ZerafutEX - Koroshimo

Dethervi - Velzeroth

RoseShadow - Teleo

Araceli - Baellas

Fluffion - Koroshimo

Philosoap - Koroshimo

Alatori - Baellas

Blozar - Koroshimo

Barlo - Baellas

If you have any questions you can ask on this dedicated thread here>> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/21780/

For Riders who are aspiring designers…LISTEN UP! It’s time for our very first Mount Skin Creation Contest! Enter a mount skin design and you could have it created in-game! Read up to see how you can submit your concept!

Please review the official rules here>> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/21781/

July 12th - August 13, 2017 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

  • Creativity - 34%
  • Clarity of Concept - 33%
  • Uniqueness of Skin Design - 33%

  • An unlimited number of finalists will be chosen to potentially have their design created in-game.
  • Of these finalists we will decide on the Grand Prize Winners to have their design created in-game. Your design may be altered to meet the specifications for the game.


FINALISTS - An unlimited amount of Finalists will receive the following prizes:
  • 200,000 NX
  • 1 Trickster's Legendary Guild Package

GRAND PRIZE WINNERS - In addition the to the Finalist prizes, the Grand Prize Winners will also receive the following prizes:
  • A copy of their designed skin
  • 5 additional skins to give to their friends

  • Be creative! But do keep in mind that you are making a skin NOT an entirely new mount type. Take a look at the familiar types and build around the skeleton of it.
  • You can submit only 1 skin design.
  • You can revise and edit your entry until the end of the contest.
  • It is recommended that you showcase your design with a front, side, and back view.
  • Please DO NOT include any text or logos in your concept design.

Reply to this forum post with the following information:
  • IGN and Server
  • Name of familiar type you are submitting for
  • The name of your skin
  • Your concept artwork/sketch
  • A short description of your concept

You can access this full list of Familiar Types in-game as a reference for your design. Simply open up the “Bestiary” and click on the “Familiar Skins” tab to see all the mount types.

(Examples: Torkai, Jamirot, Tekanin, Poreon, Tishanan, Tagris, Radesh the Cruel etc.)


  • Horse
  • Reindeer
  • Warhorse
  • Pegasus
  • Leopards
  • Liger
  • Hound
  • Bear
  • Wolf
  • Hellhound
  • Kangaroo
  • Bull
  • Boar
  • Saurus
  • Turtle
  • Spider
  • Fiend
  • Behemoth
  • Drake
  • Dragon
  • Lindworm
  • Bonedragon
  • Wyrm
  • Dragonling
  • Float
  • Flake
  • Griffin
  • Eagle
  • Owl
  • Songbird
  • Phoenix
  • Abomination
  • Benthic
  • Screamer
  • Whale
  • Bonefrost
  • Felldrake
  • Rider Dragon

See any awesome designs created by your fellow Riders?! Be sure to LIKE their post!

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  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    IGN and Server :
    CuddleWings - Baellas

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:

    A short description of your concept:
    This is my short description of this mount that I designed. I am very descriptive and detailed. Here is more text of my description. I am sure our Riders can come up with a better description of what the mount is inspired by and what expression they are trying to evoke.


    *This drawing was created by WeMade (not me). You do not have to follow this format! This is much more detailed because it was conceptualized by the developers. Just remember we need a front and side view of your design.
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  • StrawberryVixenStrawberryVixen
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    IGN & Server: Froot - Baellas

    Name Familiar Type I Am Submitting For: Raptor

    Name Of My Skin: Viper Banjanin

    A Short Description: The raptor is one of my favorite mounts in the game and so I thought making it a skin was only necessary! At first my mind was pretty all over the place about a concept but I finally settled with one I like. Bat raptor... thing. At first I had made the feathers on it's head leaves, then it was chains, it proceeded to become just a big mess until I thought of the best idea... fins! So this concept here includes a gray raptor with some darker gray for some contrast. To give it the real pop of color I added some electric green. The eyes glow green, which I think is a nice hint. Now, originally I had thought of this to be some sort of "poison" or "toxic" raptor but as of right now I am not so sure! I know the design lacks a little but I am not expecting to win!

    (Thanks for this awesome chance and best of luck to everyone!)

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  • AzymionAzymion
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    IGN & Server: Marance - Baellas

    Mount Type: Karygle

    Skin name: Arctic Kargyle

    Description: ( Top - original image) ( bottom - finished ) Ill try not to be lengthy describing this but the idea came from the new update and seeing Rondo made me miss Parnas Coast. The Kargyle is one of my favorite dragons I actually enjoy having, reminds me of a large brute dragon you would find in some games. I wanted to give this Dragon a unique way of coloring like it was somewhat coated in ice and had purple in some areas to resemble something similar to frostbite. The other snowy colors come from Parnas Coast as well, consisting of whites and shades of blue. This skin could be considered a Sub-Species which would give more variety in the game, or a feel of variety, like the midnight Kargyle skin. Arctic Kargyle has frost like fire coming from its feet I got the idea think of Rondo trying to tame it and his magic rubbed off on the beast from an almost close bond. Getting rid of the typical Bull like horns the mount has a replaced with something similar of a Hercules Beetle, giving it a good grip on prey. along with short stubby like horns that curl down a bit. The fur along its neck is a silvery white, ice shards sticking out like a porcupine.

    What is left off the chains are from previous riders or hunters trying to tame or hunt it down with force, breaking free and ripping some of the chains off. ( I also didn't want to cover it up or add too many to take away from the original concept). The wing image to the bottom right is what it was original suppose to be like, replacing the finger like limbs into large ice Shards. I was also thinking of having fire coming out of his mouth Similar to that of Gredious, cash shop Familiar (Leg). Didn't want to stray to far from the original Twilight and Void Kargyle so I stuck with the split end tail and a similar fur line like way they had. It also has Shards coming along its back, stopping where the rider sits and coming back behind him/her/it.


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  • SkylinxReptileSkylinxReptile
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    IGN: ToxicReaper
    Server Name: Koroshimo
    Mount Type: Thunderwolf
    Name of the Skin: Abandoned Torkai
    Torkai was a beast chosen by Ellora as guardian of the elbrings and as guardian of her sanctuary. But then chaos started to reign, infesting all of the creatures that had been full of harmony. Torkai's Soul was captured by Zelnaris, so he turned wild and evil. To protect his new trophy, Zelnaris stole a special armor that was crafted by Ellora herself. The god of ruin also crafted two new rings for Torkai. These rings each contained a bit of his cursed power within their cores. The new Torkai was meant to fight against the warriors of light, together with other creatures that have fallen to darkness, but when the battle started, Zelnaris feared that Torkai could return to good and fight against him. That's why he sent this wolf to exile, far away from him and Ellora.
    Now the abandoned Torkai roams the lands searching for someone who might release him from his curse...

    Well, when I entered I thought that we only have one day (I read the notes wrong, I read 12th July - 13th July xD), so I created my entry as fast as I was able to draw it. The ones who have seen my Thunderbolt-Finion know that he actually didn't look that much good and when I noticed that we have one month of time to draw an entry, I decided to create a new skin. I had the idea of an armored Torkai, but I also liked the idea of lightnings. That's why I created a skin mixed of the armored Torkai and the Thunderbolt-Finion.
    Torkai's fur went to a dark blue which is the effect of Zelnaris' curse. With the armor of Ellora that has been cursed too Torkai should look imposing and ready for battle. His enemies should fear him by just looking at him. The only thing that is left from the normal Torkai is his blue fire at his feet. Together with the blue-glowing stripes on his back, neck, cheeks, tail and his legs the flames sometimes turn from a bright blue to a dark blue which shows the inner fight of Ellora's Torkai and the abandoned Torkai. Sometimes one of the wolves is stronger than the other one, so the flames and the stripes change their colors.
    The new rings have a special shape that should symbolize Abandoned Torkai's wildness. The dark cores each contain a bit of Zelnari's own power. He put them into the middle of the rings to control his Torkai, so the beast stays evil. But even that let Zelnaris have fears of Torkai being good again.


    Colors: The main color of the fur is dark blue. The ends of the ''scaled'' mane go from this blue to a black, while the legs turn from the top to the feet to the purple that the original Torkai has. The tail has a layer of short fur on the top, which is dark blue turning into Torkai's purple at the tip and the longer fur on the bottom of the tail has Torkai's purple too. Ellora's armor is meant to be colored in a reddish-brown with golden edges. While Torkai's nose is dark-grey, his eyes are black with a blue-glowing iris. The pupil is black and has the form of the cursed core from his rings. Inside his ears there is a bit fur which is light-grey and the tips of his ears are turning into the purple of the normal Torkai.
    The rings are meant to be gold with brown edges. The connections of the outer ring and the core are dark-grey. The core itself is almost black, with some blue-glowing spheres on its surface.

    (I am sorry if this Image went a bit small at the upload. I've had a hard way uploading it... It sucks when your drawing program doesn't save an image as jpeg/jpg xD)
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  • EilizzleEilizzle
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    IGN and Server :
    Eilizzle - Velzeroth

    Name of the familiar: Rider Dragon / Tekanin

    Name of Skin: Pharaoh Tekanin (You can change the Name if you want)

    (Please ignore the side view, i really messed this up but i couldnt fix it, i just made it worse. xD)
    I'm a big Fan of Egypt and Pharaoh's that's why i wanted to to make a Pharaoh Tekanin? :D (My english isnt that good but i try my best to describe what I thought.) The hieroglyphs on his neck mean "Freedom" I thought it's Perfect, because you are free if you ride him. I made the holes in his wings because I wanted to make it look like he is alive a long time and has experienced a lot. It's not Perfect i dont draw in this Style a lot it's like the second time, but I hope it's okay i tried my best. :D You can chose which version you like more. :3


    Second Version

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  • IceLyIceLy
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    ING and Server : IceLy - Akaldus

    Familiar type: Rex (I thinking)

    Skin name: Icy Jamirot

    Description: This all started with a proposal on Dragon skin over Raptor skin and finally of this all I created Rex skin on Jamirot. Although I haven't Jamirot I love this beast because is beautiful and he deserves another skin. Back, horns, end of tail and claws are fully of Ice. His eyes shine icy blue color. A cold mist comes from his back and when he goes down, on ground appears bright icy star. Under icy back is dark blue skin and gradually replaces it light icy blue color. Beautiful skin for beautiful beast.

    Link on image:

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  • ValhallaQueenValhallaQueen
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    IGN: ValhallaQueen
    Server: Teleo
    Familiar Type: Hare
    Skin Name: Tricky Kahiru

    Description: With the release of the new trickster class, and the bruniche in the Daily rewards, I thought It'd be awesome to get a new hare skin, (Since there's only one). Here I combined the pastel colors of the trickster (Pink and yellow) with Kahiru/Bruniche's form. I'm sorry its kinda cartoony looking, but the concept is pretty straight forward. I switched out Kahiru and Bruniche's antennae for the fluffy trickster antennae. Behind her, Bruniche/Kahiru spreads flowers and magic (Much like the feathers on Golden Wings Abras, but rather than feathers, little flowers and sparkles). Her baby blue eyes could make anyone's heart melt, much like the adorable yet lethal Trickster class.

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  • wyndiniumwyndinium
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    IGN: Ravenwulf
    Familiar: Voknos
    This is my final. It's called Briarwoods Voknos. The story behind this is that Voknos found himself freed from the grasp of the fallen legion. He left for Ellora's Sanctuary to finally find rest. As he lay his tired bones out finally to leave the world behind, he finds himself one with the nature around him. Ellora's light enters his body and he is forever freed from the evil that was within. Nature reformed his deformed corpse like body into an intricate palits of vines and bones of wood. The light of ellora forever twinkles around him, reminding him of her love and devotion to all creatures of Milledas.
    I had added photo references of the textures. His chest and forehead has a texture like polished wood, while his spines and arm/leg parts are like twisted grain wood, raw and unsanded. And his fur is like an ocelot's.
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  • DuanaDuana
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    IGN: Araceli
    Server: Baellas
    Familiar Type: Torkai
    Skin Name: Corrupted Torkai
    Your concept artwork:
    A short description of your concept:
    Torkai itself is a very light colored beast with a similarly light skin - fitting for a creature of Ellora. However many familiars have fallen to corruption, including legendaries.
    I love dark palettes and natural themes for canines so I decided to mix a bit of lore and my own favorite palettes when designing this skin. The original inspiration behind this (though few similarities remain in the final concept) were maned wolves. One remaining similarity is the mane- the skin does not have many model edits, but it does have an extended mane that continues down the spine to the top of the tail, rather than ending at the shoulders. There is a large corruption gemstone embedded in its forehead, much like the dead gemstone that Letonsia has in its Undead form. Though the stone is obsidian, it refracts the blue light of Ellora that still remains in the beast, struggling weakly behind the binds.

    The main similarity between the Corrupted Torkai and the Elloran Torkai are the eyes - the blue glow remains, but they are dead eyes with no care for creatures weaker than it. The corruption consuming this Torkai has begun appearing on the outside of the body through the weakest exit points - wounds. This Torkai gets into fights with other creatures for seemingly no purpose, and the wounds it gains ooze smoky corruption before being healed again shortly after, leaving only intimidating black scars.

    The Discs hovering above Corrupted Torkai are elaborate and unique to this skin. Silvered filigree almost seems to grow amongst the corruption diamonds embedded into the object. The center of the discs contain imperfect, living white roses, with inky corruption threading through their once-gleaming petals.

    The skin has special effects - black, smoky tendrils creeping amongst the mane and engulfing the legs. I personally see the effects as similar to Matios' mane flames, only completely black. My original concept art (below is not part of the entry, as it is an earlier discarded design) shows this well.
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  • JVEshadowJVEshadow
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    IGN: JVEshadow
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar Type: Reindeer
    name: King Logash

    I really love the reindeer in this game, but with only 1 skin i don't feel like they get much love. That is why i made this skin, so he can be the king of the forrest.

    his antlers make a perfect crown with the magical particles and The leaves on his back serve as his royal mantle. i made him a soft green with accents of red to make him one with the forrest.
    the only special effect is ofcourse the magic that comes from the glowing lines on his antlers and his skin. and the blue floating particles

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  • Lepa93Lepa93
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    edited July 19, 2017
    IGN: Mereneth
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar type: Tekanin
    Skin name: Dusk Aurora
    Your concept artwork/sketch:

    The crystals lining the Tekanin's skin represent the creature's physical prowess, as do the sharp, long icy claws. The luminescent wings help light the Tekanin's path in the dark as it searches for its master. Its icy crystals and fire-y horns and tail leave a trail of ice and fire in the Tekanin's path wherever it goes. The darker hide around its crystal blue eyes gives the creature a simultaneously beautiful and intimidating look befitting its nature. The Tekanin's sleek, beautiful design and strength are emphasized by the high contrast and vibrant color scheme. The color scheme mimics the colors one would see during the dusk, as the sun is about to set, and they have a flow similar to that of the Aurora Borealis phenomenon, hence the name Dusk Aurora.
    (EDIT: added the image on the top right corner: The skin in the dark)
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  • SilverTheLegendSilverTheLegend
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    Server: Baellas
    Familiar: Pegasus
    Skin: Starry Queen
    IGN: SilverTheLegend


    (this is the last change, I promise

    Long ago, before the god of ruin came to be.
    There was just the god ,Sun . He kept the world warm and safe
    from all the monsters . However Sun could not light the world for the whole day.
    He would grow tired and fall from the sky, causing the world to be covered in inky darkness.

    Monsters would run free once sun fell. Killing many people. The world would also grow cold
    causing the crops to wither and die. People starved and lived in constant fear.

    Sun, fearing the end of humans turned to his sister Moon for help. He asked her to light up the night sky
    when he could no longer light the sky. Moon, taking pity on the human race agreed to light up the night sky.

    Now every night, Moon releases the moon into the sky to light up the world.

  • AnimalhoangAnimalhoang
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    IGN and Server:
    Tunish - Baellas

    Familiar type:

    Skin name:
    Nightmare Apocalypse

    Concept Artwork:

    Although I know there is already 3 skins for the warhorse familiar, none of them appealed to me or hurt my eyes when I looked at them, and I'm sure other people feel the same way. And the warhorse is quite a favorite of mine in the game, so I decided to make a skin of them with a darker theme as well as a little bit of a fantastic theme. Nightmare Apocalypse is inspired by the lore of the mythical horse Nightmare, a horse of fire, and a horse that strikes fear, and that seemed fitting for the warhorses in Icarus. (Also I just wanted to do a little pun of Dark (war)horse too...) As I was drawing this guy, I couldnt help but to write a bestiary-inspired entry for it as well, so hopefully it fully expresses what effect I think Nightmare Apocalypse would have.

    Nightmare Apocalypse was first thought to be a myth, used to scare children into obeying their parents. However, such a legend is seen to exist after all. Nightmare Apocalypse was said to be the bringer of death and guide to the lost spirits of the dead to lead them to the afterlife…

    Nightmare Apocalypse terrifies me, for I have seen it once as well; within the depths of late night in the forest… the battle scarred coat as black and dark blue as the night sky saving for pink traces as remnants of distant past fights, truly difficult to see against the darkness of the woods. Within its body are red veins that pulse in itself, constantly moving and brightening like lava freed from a volcano. Its footsteps are heavy with pride, like a warhorse marching for war. It is armored, saddle leather tattered and weary, and its red eyes gleam in the darkness from miles away. However, the most frightening thing about it must be the flames…

    I have heard the flames of Nightmare Apocalypse were unique in its way that it would entice the lost souls into following it into the afterlife, or that its fire may bless you with eternal light if you manage to restore a bit of its flame. However, I can more proudly proclaim that the fires of the beastie are used to burn the souls of the damned. The lavender, violet, and blue flames that erupt from its mane, hooves, and what composes its tail are deadly weapons that it uses to exterminate souls wandering within this world.

    The small red flames that emerge from its soulless eyes seem harmless compared to the violet flames. But even they have mercilessly burned those who are damned. Such a creature seems almost untamable to me, but when I saw it that one night, it saw me as well; judging me with those unreadable inhuman eyes, and I can only wonder if it looks for a rider as well… only those who fear not of death would be deemed worthy enough to ride Nightmare Apocalypse. In fact, it would only claim that they were riders who would rather prefer to conquer death.

    I have also heard rumors that if you do dare to catch a glimpse of the ghastly horse, it will come back to take you to the afterlife next… I only hope that is not the case.

    -entry from a diary found nearby scorched remains in a forest

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  • MiusakiMiusaki
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    edited August 12, 2017
    IGN: Nahalkita
    Server: Akaldus
    Familiar Type: Panos,Mecha-Cat,Lustrous Shorthair
    Skin Name: Fallen Panos
    A short description of your concept:
    My english is not the best but I try my best.. ^-^
    I love cats and the dark side.. :)
    Panos looks like a cat for Angels.. A innocent little cat.
    Panos loves everything what shines but what if her greed is too big?
    When the good cat gets evil?
    I asked myself these questions and came to the following story :
    Panos is usually a white cat, which is greedy for all that glitters, especially for gold.
    So she lets her subjects collect these things for her.
    When the greed became too great and she wanted more and more,
    some angels become attentive to them and watched them!
    One day was it enough for the angels and she banished them into hell!
    Panos don't understand the World anymore.. She should think about this what she do wrong
    As a punishment, everything was taken away from her and she got silver chains and a silver bell.
    Over the years Panos became angry and sought revenge.
    She makes a pact with the dark side, whereby their appearance changed

    Your concept artwork:



    Special effects:
    1. by running/walking: dark purple paw prints
    2. white burning paws
  • NoNametheGLiTCHNoNametheGLiTCH
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    IGN and Server: NoNametheSwift - Teleo
    Familiar Type: Felldrake (Kargyle)
    Skin Title: Blighted Kargyle

    http://sta.sh/02gfbvdoxi7e(Full view)

    Blighted Kargyle is the result of me wanting to do something different for the Kargyle line; most have flat faces and horn ornamentation, but nothing that stands out, really--as soon as the contest was announced I just knew that I had to make something weird and/or gross for my favorite familiar type, so I went with a pointy-faced, diseased felldrake.

    Born of blight and disease, this Kargyle has harnessed its sickness, honed it, and then weaponized it. With rotting hair/flesh, protruding boils pulling thinned flesh taut, cloudy, blind eyes, and yellow-green bile constantly dripping from its jaws, this beast is like a walking(or rather, flying) embodiment of pestilence. The flesh has all but rotted away from its face, exposing flesh as thick as its scales used to be, and yet shiny--coated with mucus. A pronounced keelbone holds even more muscles than its cousins; it is fast, powerful, and deadly.

    Flies buzz around its mane at all times, like they’re attracted to the festering flesh beneath, eager to feed on it as if the beast were a corpse. When it moves, some trail behind. Where it steps, it leaves bile in its wake.

    (Assume the base Kargyle-type scales where the skin isn't light/thin--where the boils have grown, the scales have rotted away, revealing thick, shiny, mucus-drenched flesh.)
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  • MlBMlB
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    IGN & Server: Aschente - Teleo

    Name/Type of familiar:


    Name of Skin: Astralis



    I have always been in love with this mount type, and I’ve wished to make a skin of it ever since its release with Tagris and Traes. Triteal has always been my favorite area aesthetics-wise, and stars and galaxies are something I’ve been fascinated with for a while, so I incorporated the theme of various celestial bodies into the design.

    The patterns on the armor are supposed to emulate stars, and luminous constellations arc through the dark-colored body, and a brilliant white comet trails from the tail. The wings seem to encompass the shifting cosmos, and with each beat of its wings, shimmering fragments and galactic fog seems to come off the constantly-swirling mass.

    Since humanity has always been fascinated by the stars and outer space in various ways, I feel like the appearance of this skin should be grand, intimidating, and inspire awe in the one who sees it. As such, it is designed with strong contrast colors to draw attention, and the special effects are meant to enhance the presentation. This design also has a saddle, which may seem peculiar lore-wise, but represents the creature's desire to have a worthy rider who understands the worlds beyond their own.

    This is also based off the concept that the stars have a guardian- while in real life, stars are merely a giant sphere of gas, but who said it had to be that way in fiction? Astralis is supposed to be the protector of the stars, and comets are an omen of his coming and going.

    Name-wise, Astra is Latin for ‘star’. -alis is a suffix that can be added to a noun to form an adjective, such as duo (two) -> dualis (contains two). I considered naming the skin Ad Astra, which means “To the stars”, but I thought Astralis was a better name that was easier to interpret.

    Special-effects wise, the wings should trail sparkles and bits of the fog that seem to create the membrane section. The wings themselves are semi-translucent and the galaxy within shifts as if animated. On the main body, the stars blink and fade in and out as well. The tail fades as it progresses, like the tail of a comet, and sparks come off that as well. The gemstone in the chest shines brilliantly as if it is a star of its own.

    Since I'm a writer, here's some lore I created.

    Bestiary entry (for fun):

    Out there, from beyond the cosmos, there is a legend of a mysterious dragon which guards over the very beyond. Nobody is sure if a creature like this exists, but prophets are said to have seen this familiar in their visions whenever a comet passes by. Streaking radiantly through the sky, these phenomena that resemble falling stars have been regarded with both suspicion and marvel for many years. Some of the bravest riders who have dared attempt journey to one report seeing a mysterious silhouette underneath the gleam of the shining streak of light. Nobody knows why, but this comet seems to pass over Midellas once every twenty-one years. And when it does, the skies light up with the radiant display of the aurora borealis, the sun blazes with a fierce heat, and the silver moon glows far more brightly at night. Unseen wonders become visible as the tapestry of night becomes painted with distant nebulas.

    But now, I can confirm that this supposed guardian truly exists. I was alone, at night in the Cloying Wastes... Then I saw a pinpoint of light on the horizon. The rising sun was beginning to chase away the last remnants of the rainbow specters that haunted the skies. I was stunned when I first saw it... With every beat of its wings, the stars twinkled, constellations seemed to come to life.. A literal storm of stars swirled in the breaking dawn, and it became a strikingly magnificent, yet terrifying form... Cascades of energy poured off the crystalline core embedded in its chest, and it shone with a sparkle that was almost blinding to my eyes.

    Wonders unknown to man seemed to twist and turn within the creature's body. The golden armor it was adorned in seemed to not be of this world, the gemstones set within appearing as windows to the unknown. And coruscating masses of smoke and flame churned in a wayward pirouette, forming a fading tail-tip. I could only stand in awe as this almost unreal mirage seemed to exist before me, and everything I had seen before paled in comparison to this beast. If the entirety of the slumbering world could see this visage, they would all rise from their sleep and marvel at the sight. Even the darkest night is immediately vanquished and repainted into brilliant day.

    I finally noticed a triumphant rider on the back of the creature, grasping onto invisible reins and looking down at the world below. His expression is blank, out-of-place amongst the breathtakingly wondrous display of the familiar he rested upon. A reflective glow seemed to fall from his shoulders, delicately shining with the colors of the aurora that has since left the sky. And with a single motion of his arms, he steers the dragon upwards, the once-still spectacle departing into the distance. A gust of glistening wind is left in its wake, and I was almost forced to shield myself as a beautiful storm of stars seemed to rain down from the position that the creature once occupied. Yet, it was gone as soon as it came, the jewel-like substance melting into nothingness in the air.

    With the sight now-gone, I could only wonder how one of us could have reached out to a creature so imposing and otherworldly. It seems so impossible, but the sight I saw says otherwise. Perhaps that is the true potential of man realized, if a rider could reach out and capture the very night sky for their own...

    -From the familiar journal of a wandering collector
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  • SoulHunterRekSoulHunterRek
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    IGN and Server: SoulHunterRek - Akaldus
    Familiar Type: Pegasus
    Skin Title: Nightmare Pegasus


    Description: So my english isnt the best but I will try it. So i came on the idea for that skin because i really love horses and I prefer the pegasus and horse mounts in the game. Since i love dark colors and havent really see a pegasus skin i like i made a nightmare skin. A dark red body with Black feathers at the wings and a mask and saddle made of metal. The red stones on the metal are glowing red to give it a little scary look what turned out good at the drawing i think. I thought about since that is a dark skin it should make the pegasus a bit faster in dark places like a cave or something else. The Nightmare Pegasus prefers the dark places and is a fallen Warrior from the big war. The red glowing stone show that hes angry about the war and he isnt showing up the most time.
    The Up and front view arent the best but i hope its able to see were everything is place. Anyway. I made this skin because i think its a good idea and would also look cool.
    Thats my entry for the contest and i hope you all like it how i do.
    BTW i knew im not really the best at drawing but i try my best
  • HirtelenHirtelen
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    Ign: Hirtelen
    Server: Akaldus
    Familiar Type: Rider Dragon/Tekanin
    Skin Name: Moonlight Queen
    First of all, I want to thank all the support to my best friend and my clanmates. If my friend had not supported me on the beginning because of something really bad happened, I would have given up on trying all the forum events and art contests. Thank you all the support guys!
    Here is a story about Moonlight Queen herself, we thought it out with my friend:
    In the time of Exarahn, a frosty but divine beast terrified the brave adventurers. She was known by her distinctive pelt and shining opalits on her body. At every bluemoons, she appeared between the cold clouds, the moon lighted her shapes above. Someone who saw her for a second said: she may be the queen of owls here, I saw her feathery head! Nobody could even touch her, she was really aggressive when someone bedazzled her during hunting. The people who saw her were amazed by her fatal beauty. So much time passed that nobody saw her in the frosty nights. Maybe she found eternal peace somewhere.. :)
    About the skin:
    I added some textures, colors and references for her head and mane! Some images aren't as clear as I see maybe but you can see the clearer versions on my drive.
    I was inspired by Tekanin himself and my friend helped me a lot during moody times. :/
    When I registered to the game I saw how many familiars are here! I was fascinated! I hoped, once, we players can help to create more faces to them. The day has come and I cannot believe I'm right here with you! :)
    I wanted to create something absolutely different. I didn't want to just paint over him, I wanted more... a really new character and personality, and a different celestine appearance! I hope you like my work, guys! Also, I have seen some cute Tekanins and lot of amazing works! I really want to compete with you in the future, I wish the best of luck to all of us! ;)
    ...and let me say the last words unobtrusively
    I'm really glad to you guys, who thought out this competition, giving me and all players a chance to create something extraordinary! Now I can say for sure: If I grow up, I'll definitely be a game designer!!!
    MORE IMAGES: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6YseHAzKf9sdWM4T1pWeklaUEk?usp=sharing
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    IGN and Server :
    LadyZelic - Teleo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Ashster the Benevolent

    Image of design:
    { W.I.P } :

    A short description of your concept:
    Despite there being many wolf skins, there aren't many that stick out with a 'natural' feel to them. I wanted something with a natural feel with a fantasy touch.
    With lovely golden eyes, this benevolent wolf is one to catch the eye of whoever notices him. Born in the forest, Ashster's fur is has shades of brown and even green to blend in more with his surroundings. The golden fire on his paws is to symbolize how he's been blessed by Ellora.
    Fire on paws would be moving and the sparks will 'trail' as he moves.
  • YoukoNoSorayaYoukoNoSoraya
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    IGN and Server :
    YoukoNoSoraya - Baellas

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:
    Horse / Warhorse

    The name of your skin:
    Storm Blossom

    A short description of your concept:
    This special horse only comes when the cherry blossom tree is in full bloom on a full moon and only the specials ones can see the delicated pink flowers. For some reason the girls really loves this skin
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