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[FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest


  • CessandeCessande
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    IGN and Server : Clerissia from Taleos

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for: (Frania, Ebema...) - Wyrm

    The name of your skin: Valkyrie Franier

    A short description of your concept: I always wanted to have a skin that suited the characteristics of a priest, however everything was going to the “dark side” recently. That’s why I hoped that there would be something elegant that we as healers could ride. This franier has 3 pronged design with its feathered head and wings. The gemmed golden armor glows and reflects light. The feathers of this Franier can sometimes have patterns as well…however pale can only be seen on certain angles. There is an orb on its tail where perhaps effects can be added.

    Lore: The valkyrie Franier was regarded as a legend, most believed to have never existed. Stories say they used to be the only steed of angels, elegant yet fierce. Regardless of their heritage one thing is for sure. The valkyrie franier is highly protective and only serves those with a righteous soul…and a valkyrie heart.

    Notes: The front and back versions may be missing small pieces of armor. I'm also not sure if the photos can be viewable so I'll have to adjust them later. Colors may look better on laptop than mobile.

  • omenapieomenapie
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    IGN: Alynda
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar type: Hare / Kahiru
    Skin name: Vibrant Kahiru

    Description: I found the Hare mount to be absolutely adorable so I wanted to create something more vibrant and eye catching hence this version of the hare was born. I love autumn so I got inspired by autumn colors because it's very vibrant! So yeah~

    So here is a little bit about Vibrant Kahiru:
    On her forehead and under her eyes (Also back of her head) are glowing pieces of amber, which were used as a healing agent in folk medicine. These gemstone on her portray that idea of healing, which works well with the nature feel she has. The glowing in the end of her antennas resemble fireflies because of their glow and they attract small light particles around them to guide and light the path ahead.
    The leaf on her back is one of the softest things you can feel, it is designed to carry. I would imagine that baby Kahiru's ride their mothers backs and hide under her leaves when there is danger. It is a very nice thought the very least.
    The flower on her tail is always blooming and is always full of nectar so that nature around them can be nurtured by her.
    She is a caretaker and always ready for any season of the year.
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  • Moon_AngelMoon_Angel
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    IGN: MoonAngel
    Server: Baellas
    Familiar Type: Torkai (Thunderwolf)
    Skin Name: Fire Ruby Torkai
    Concept Art:

    Description: Despite Torkai being a creature chosen by Ellora, some familiars and even legendaries have been brought down to the underworld being reborn from the fire flames down bellow. After what seemed a century, caused them to be corrupted to resemble the fire and lava itself with the ruby as the jewel controlling them to be in this state. Some say they've seen one at night resembling Torkai, but completely different.
    I decided to use colors that resemble fire and lava to give a sort of resemblance to the coloring of places like Lavalight Cave. The mane has each strand to look like an individual flame of fire throughout the body itself. For the eyes, they're different from Ellora Torkai showing with eyes full of fire despising the weak for not having the capabilities to burn down people who try to contain the wolf's powers from harming others. The rings were made with a gold color with two rubies on the edge of each ring along with on ruby glowing in the middle with full of flames. As for the face, it also has a ruby in a shape of diamond on its forehead which is same ruby that corrupted them to be one with the flames.
    Special Effects: Fire on the mane, tall, feet, the rings with the rubies that leaves a trail as it runs and flies, and a shiny, red, glowing aura on the ruby on the forehead of Fire Ruby Torkai to show the corruption at work.

  • EllenoirEllenoir
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    IGN: Etezyen
    Server: Velzeroth
    Familiar type: Nightmare
    Skin name: Desert Storm

    Short description of the concept:
    Inspired by the new map Akrat and the african landscapes (like deserts, savanna, steppe etc.) and it's wildlife I tried to create a texture-skin-design for the Nightmare. Looking simply as a mix of "natural wild" - based on similar colour patterns that can be found everywhere in the wildlife - and a touch of fantasy-style (the dark blueblack colour-contrast with a bright blue metallic shine). The horn is a little more "spirally" ...


    deviantart-link (higher resolution): http://www.deviantart.com/art/RoI-MountSkin-DesertStorm-694114807

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  • Hydr0phobiaHydr0phobia
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    IGN & Server : Teleo , Hydr0phobia
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for : Pegasus / Calypto
    The name of your skin : Hephaestus' Hammer
    Your concept artwork/sketch :

    - Final concept


    - Final concept (preferred wing design)


    - Front view and back of wing


    Feathers : http://www.themodernapprentice.com/feather_bands.jpg

    A short description of your concept:
    My design was heavily inspired by the whole steampunk aesthetic, a subject I admittedly am slightly obsessed with at the moment. I was thinking, RoI pays so close attention to the amazing creatures that heroes and the strong willed get to tame, such as Calypto, Torkai, and Terror Kerav. What of the citizens of this wonderful land that wish to be more than a simple farmer, stablehand, tinkerer? Who cannot themselves go on such spectacular journeys, who cannot defend themselves solely with simple farm tools and torches, or tame these fierce beasts? There is a mecha version of Calypto, why not something that is a little more worn down and homemade? I have two final concepts shown above, the first of which is the final and set in stone design for my entry, the second contains an uncoloured version with my preferred wing design. I have made two because I had added an element to first that I did not like (the leather straps connecting the gears to the frame) and had already coloured and textured the first. The extra "sheets/flaps" of metal located on the back of the tail would be purely optional.

    A little in-game lore/description I wrote : Forged in secrecy by a blacksmith hoping to be something more than a poor man, this steed was put together by steady but weakening hands, made of salvaged metals and powered by an ever-burning flame, rumored to have been lit by a magical entity. Named Hephaestus' Hammer, this fire-powered creation was built to serve a master of humble beginnings, a war horse built in the likeness of the mighty steed Calypto.

    Notes :
    • Flames would hover above the back of the neck and back of the hooves, would be moving effects
    • Eyes would have a fire scrolling effect
    • Overall effects would be that of Calypto
    • The metal "flaps" on the tail are purely optional.
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  • TinaTina
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    My entry for Riders of Icarus skin competition.

    IGN and Server: SelinaNightStar - Akaldus
    Familiar Type:Hare
    Skin Title: Unicorn hare

    Description: I love Siamese-colored animals with darker face/paws than the rest of the body and wanted it as a design for hare. with less antennas and ear decorations but with a horn on its head liek a unicorn. it is inspired by spiked hares from dragon quest and a fan-made animal from Zoo tycoon called Al-Maji-Ra which looks like a wolf-sized hare with a horn as well, but they act liek wolves.
    Unicorn hares are more aggressive than their relatives and territorial, will attack anybody who approaches their habitat.
  • GladiolusGladiolus
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    IGN: Gladiolus
    Server: Akaldus
    Familiar Type: Rex
    Skin Title: Akhillo Oldblood




    Under all raptors of Stygea, Jamirot may indeed be one of the strongest of his Kind, but he is not the oldest of all. There are very old creatures in Stygea and some of them are very old Akhillos. Those are the oldest of them all, they gained true knowledge about battlefields after centuries of battles and armor forged in the heat of the blazing forest. Noone knows who trained those creatures and armored them, we only know that they are old.. very old, and that their masters are already gone for a long period of time. They are the last and very few are left. They are indeed noble and horrific enemies, but they are still strong. A Brave Rider may claim someday one of those creatures anew . But it will take great risk and effort.

    I made this Skin because familiars of the Rex category are my favourite in game. And wheni saw the currently released Mounts, i only thought about "hey how cool would it be if there is an armored version of an Rex." So as soon as i saw the contest, i grabbed my Pencils, markers and Watercolor and made this Skin.

    The Colors for the Armor are Black and Red, Red like the current PvP Armors and Black because of Stygeas dark nature. The Skin is a whiteish with a little bit of akhikko Brown inbetween. The Crystals are Green for a nice complimentary contrast with the red of the armor. And adding to that, there is a black-white contrastr between armor and Skin. The design Itself is supposed to look a bit of evil and dangerous to spectators. And some aspects like the blade at the tail and the horn and blades on the Head armor are supposed to add to the dangerous feeling of Sytgea, where dangers are behind every Corner. And even if i am not one of the winners. I had fun to create this Skin. I just wish i had some graphical programs on my Pc and a Little bit more time ^^. between Riders and RL is not much time for stuff like this.
    (Ps: Good luck to others :D )

  • AlshaAlsha
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    IGN and Server :
    Alsha - Akaldus

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Holiday Whale

    I hope that I created DIFFERENT skin. We have holidays now, so we just calm down and relax a bit. Don't think about school or work with this skin, just get a cold juice or drink and enjoy the summer. A little details are signed on the picture, but I'll write it here anyway. Whale has few shades of blue. It's main line between "water and sky" is a bit weaved, it has brown roots on its "chin", leaves instead of fins, eye looks like a tear, seats are yellow with orange shining, stomach is green, it has few golden fish, eel and dolphin in the water zone, a kind of duck on the water. About front - I didn't make next image cause it looks like the cloud is on whole front, comming to the back side and continues. You can add more fish/ducks etc. I didn't want to add too much cause I don't know what do you like. :)

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  • StyxxxStyxxx
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    IGN: RoseShadow
    Server: Teleos
    Familiar Type: Rodesh/Aidus/Three headed dragon.
    Skin Name: Cerberus

    When deciding a familiar to make a skin I had three requirements, (1) Familiar must be popular. I'd be senseless to make a skin for a familiar never used. (2) Familiar must be semi easily obtainable. I love love love Torkai and Traes, but they are very hard to tame and not many people have him, so not very many people would be able to use the skin. (3) There can't be a lot of skins already for the familiar. I wanted to make a skin for a familiar that either barely had any skins or none at all.

    I was originally looking at doing Akliho or the lion cub. Then, I thought of Panos and was going to give her a more royal look from what she has now. But somehow Panos = three headed dragon (idk how that happened) and then Three headed dragon (Rodesh) = Cerberus (that's more plausable!). So then became the idea of Cerberus!

    I tried to mix the canine and dragon looks without taking too much away from the original. I added ears and the muzzles were made more canine like. Then the tail was turned into a fluffy wolfish tail. Fluff was added around the neck but then tampers off around the lower back and legs; it reverts back to the original dragon skin. I also kept the spikes on his legs and faces from the original. I didn't add wings since this was primarily focused of Rodesh but if you morph it a bit and add wings this can be equipped on Aidus too since they are both three headed dragons.

    The coloring changed a lot! I didn't want greys or blacks since he already is those colors. Also I was thinking of collars and snakes but that would be too much and integrated the poison green colors.

    I'm not the best at effects so I didn't add them to the references. (1) Shadow Mist, he gives off a dark shadowy mist that seeps from his body; not too thick that it swallows him but enough to know it's there. (2) Poison Paw Prints, wherever he walks he leaves poisonous glowing prints that seep into the ground. (3) Glowing Eyes, simply eerie glowing eyes.


    Without color/basic concept artwork
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  • PhilosoapPhilosoap
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    IGN : Philosoap
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar: Pegasus
    Skin Name: Blazing Qilin
    Concept Artwork:
    full resolution: click

    To start off with the simple question - why did I choose the Pegasus base? I often see the three legendary Pegasi Hameon, Demonus and Calypto as mounts, pets or as seals in equipment. It's been a while since those three were implemented into the game, yet many people are making active use of them. Thats why I chose to go for the Pegasus as I wanted to create a skin one can actually use and even if it's just for the time leveling the mounts/pets up. With the upcoming Awakened Calypto and Demonus in Elloras Spire there is just another opportunity given to use this skin.
    The concept itself is a kinda mix-up of different concepts I created to collecting ideas for a possible skin. Afterwards I asked some friends what elements they especially like about each concept and in the end I tried to combine those. The skin ended up being a mix between the fantasy creature "Qilin" and a Chinese dragon. I wanted to get away from the "basic" model as far as allowed and came up with a rather unique mane which goes all along the back, tail and wing concept. When creating those I tried to keep in mind not to create something that would need to be extra animated. The mane as is would be more or less static anyways and the tail would follow along the normal animation cylce of a Pegasus ingame - as an alternative it could also have a tail similar to the one Apocalypse has but I was told there were not any restrications relating to mane and tail. As for the wings (which are torn in some places) I kept the "first layer" of feathers and simply exchanged the huge ones with a leather wing similar to a dragons one - as before, those customized wings would also follow along the animation cylce as already given (the shown "bones" are just a kind of accessoire if you want to name it like that). It's just the look that changes. Refering to the whiskers I was not 100% sure about them - they could be static like an antenna or flow along while flying (similar to Letonsias).
    As for the special effects - the spikes on the back, tail, head, wings and legs as well as the scales - running from the throat all the way down to the belly and tail - would be slightly glowing while the antler would have a small flame effect at its end. Along with the small flames/fire coming out of the nostrils the flames of the antler would leave some sparks behind while moving.

    I guess the rest can easily be understood by looking at the artwork above.
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  • HannahHannah
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    IGN: Hannahbanana

    Server: Teleo

    Name of familiar you are submitting for:

    Skin Name: Undead Warhorse

    Description: I wanted to add a little touch to one of my favorite mounts in the game, Calypos. I added a few interesting touches to his armor like the rib bones protruding from his side and his face is made of skull. I wanted him to look kind of dark and zombie-ish to make him look fierce and like he has been in battle and lost his life only to resurrect in his now awakened form.
    Note: The flames can be interchanged with other colors if needed.

    see more here --> https://flickr.com/gp/156981200@N03/J4P6HN

    36074580826_3b7a4e0ac4_z.jpgIMG_0354 by Hannah Michel, on Flickr

    35725233170_3aae5046f3_k.jpgIMG_0349 by Hannah Michel, on Flickr
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  • CastanCastan
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    IGN: Centares
    Sever: Teleos
    Familiar skin: Rider Dragon
    Skin Name: Energy Burst

    Description: For my skin I wanted to create something that was colorful, but something that people would enjoy ridding on. So i made this rider dragon skin, the skin is based off of a storm. The light grey skin, and darker grey feet representing the storm clouds. The feet and tale would also have little dark clouds around them that glitter and have bright colored lightning to match the wings and feet. The wings, feet and scales/ horns all have bright colored lightning on them as well. The horns being outlined with the bright colors separating the layers on the horns as shown in the picture. The skin would not have a smooth look to it as it would be swirling like a cloud was actually on the skin itself. The bright lightning tracks would also glow and move as if they were pulsing with energy transitioning from one color to the next. The color scheme includes grey, bright purple, electric blue, and a bright teal. Scales are black with an outline of these bright colors to make them pop.

  • AmurianaAmuriana
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    IGN: Amuriana
    Server: Velzeroth
    Familiar type: Warhorse
    Skin name: Rubien

    Description:(My English is not perfect look at me)
    The young blacksmith of Akrat Plains tried out a new armor. An unknown jewel was used, the effect of which was unexpected. The horse was berserk. It is difficult to smoothen. Who will succeed in finding an eternal companion?

    Eyes: burning fire
    Horn: twisted
    Coat: black
    His armor is like heated metal. Behind you leaves a fiery footprint.
    Skull on the shield: the nose from smoke , his eyes burn

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  • Terra_IncognitaTerra_Incognita
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    20170724_224109.jpg 20170724_224205.jpg 20170724_224038.jpg

    IGN: Ouroborosin
    Server: Velzeroth
    Familiar type: Owl
    Skin name: Octa the Warrior Lord skin

    Description of the Concept: My choice as you can see is to design an Owl skin. I would like it to be a legendary skin, because there are only 2 kind of boring skins for them at the moment. I really enjoy those creatures so much, so this is my suggestion (see sketch).

    The main colors are Red-Orange-Black-Blue-Silver.
    Feathers are red to orange, but main color of the body is black.

    There are two secret tattoo-signs: one on the back of the owl head telling us of Octas war achievements (silver) and the second one on the Warrior Mask is a special black Clan mark (see front/back sketch)

    A silver necklace of Ancient Owl Chieftain Noctua is on Owls chest.

    Octa also wears an armor piece: blue-silver pauldron with incorporated cloud motives (front sketch).

    The blue flames on top of the ears would have burning effect. But, when Octa screams a battle cry a blue flame also comes out of its bluish beak (side sketch).

    Octa`s claws are sharp and deadly (blue-silver).

    Finally the Owl Warriors eyes sparkle with excitement of a new battle (sparkle effect).

    Skin effects: + speed +attack speed +defense
  • SilverstarsSilverstars
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    IGN: Silverstars
    Server: Teleo
    Familiar: Rider Dragon
    Familiar Skin Name: Feathered Tekanin

    My Concept Art:ZbSp5zt.png?1

    A distant cousin of Tekanin the Feathered Tekanin is a rare familiar. It is said that only a few of its kind exist. There are rumors that it lives on the highest mountian in Middellas and only comes out at night. Its light feathered wings make it fly extremely fast and agile making the Feathered Tekanin hard to spot. Seeing this creature with a rider would make any familiar collector jealous because of its rarity and speed.

    I decided to make this skin because I've noticed that there are not a lot of dragon familiars that have feathers on them only one I can think of is Elicuno but its wings are not that big and Finon seems more like a bird than a dragon in my opinion. :)
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  • BubbblesthexiledBubbblesthexiled
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    IGN and Server: Bubbblesthexiled - Teleos

    Name Of familiar Type: Kahiru/Bruniche

    Name of Skin: Yarn Kahiru/Yarn Bruniche

    Description of my concept:
    The skin I designed is a Yarn Kahiru/ Yarn Bruniche, The skin of the familiar will look like it was made of yarn with lots of weaving giving it a knitted look.
    The colors of Kahiru/Bruniche do not change which is why I left my drawing black and white. Instead of the pixel effect that flys around with the light that the antennas give off, I switched it with Bubbles to make the design more fun and interesting. I thought this design would be perfect for such cute and harmless creaturs, Noticing how quick and easy Kahiru/Bruniches health goes down I wanted to give the skin a soft and cute look to go with their squishiness, I would also like the skin to add extra defense and health to protect the cute innocent creature.

    [img][/img]2em281i.jpg [img][/img]2s19nw7.jpg
    [img][/img]2jdrg9y.jpg [img][/img]fvy7wm.jpg
    [img][/img]33atklc.jpg [img][/img]2a6rp76.jpg
  • AdriftAdrift
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    COLOR SHIFTER!! ~ The Skin I would like for you to make is ~ A dark skin with tribal/thunder/ tiger- like stripes that change from one color dissolving to another like a lava lamp does in the laps of 60 seconds. Something of the effect of 3 colors. ( stripes go from red to blue to green ---while the glow changes from aqua to purple to pink)--and back again. take note that the eyes change color with the skin. The hair forms a v like shape on top of another. and take note of the armor as well. I've chosen to display this idea with the Pegasus skin.
    Thank you, for taking a look at my submission.

    Skin name: Morphius
    North America Baellas
    Character Allaire level 60

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  • SaphiiiSaphiii
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    IGN and Server :
    Rumira - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:

    A short description of your concept:
    Bruniche is one of my favorit mount and it gives just one skin for it. It did not give any dark skin for it so I created one. (The antens are luminose) The other 4 skins are all
    bright and cute. This bruniche is the first dark version of the other 4 hare mounts (Bruniche, Kahiru, Enjianin and the light skin)
    Special effects are that it is glowing blue.

  • DjwaffleshotDjwaffleshot
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    IGN and Server:
    RedAbyssHunter - Teleo

    Mount Type:

    Skin Name:
    Dark Lord Karon

    Concept Art:
    (Side and Wing Patterns)
    Body(middle), Under wing pattern(bottom left),Over wing pattern(top right)
    (Armor Parts)
    (Bottom and Top)

    Some can agree that this mount type is long overdue for a skin ever since Tagris and Traes where implemented ,and of the current four my favorite was Karon.
    So what I was going for is supposed to be much like the appearances of Poison Matura and Ice-Armored Kerav,an armored up,powered up version of an existing in-game familiars,them being the heroics Matura and Terror Kerav, so I went for a heavily armored,blue flamed version of the legendary Karon.
    For the armor I tried to go for a "dark knight" theme as I thought it'd suit a beast like Karon,using a few armor sets ,including Ashuram, as references and noticed a lot of them either have some horns,spikes,and/or some skeletal parts.
    So I used Jamirot's horns for the helmet as those where the only ones that fitted with those frills in the way,I also added Bonethorpe's backbone/spine along the back and tail armor plating , and I had a large skull as the chest armor,and for the wing armor I tried to have it be a mix of Demonus's and Calypto's wing armor
    For the main body color I had to make it blackish-blue as it felt like it would've blended in too much with the armor being black,and for the flaming parts I went with blue flame colors so a mix of blue,sky blue and white ,not because to have a blue counterpart like Diagul>Blue Diagul, but because I think that it's been shown that blue fire is stronger than yellow/orange fire.

    Special Effects:
    I was thinking of perhaps a combination of Karon's and Traes's effects,maybe have Traes's black smokey aura on the torso,wings,and feet,then maybe some of Karon's effects on the eyes,wings,and tail but have whatever that's red be blue instead,and two blue flames coming out of the eye sockets of the chest armor.

    Bestiary Entry(for fun):
    A variant of Karon thought to be of myth,and of terrifying power,because of how rare this form of Karon is seen it is currently unknown how he is able to achieve this form,or how he got his armor,some think it may have been a gift from Teleo,the God of Darkness.
    A normal mark can be can be crafted by combining the powers of Atilla,Eregos,and Vylet but most riders nearly lost their lives after a single attempt to tame him as they described their attempts as a dance with death since both them and the beast have to be nearly beaten to death, but there's a rumor of another mark made from the power of titans that should put this deathly challenge to ease.
    -From a lost journal,deep within Karon's nest
    (Sorry I'm not good at coming up with something like this)

    Anyway I hope you enjoy my entry,I gave it my best,and good luck to my fellow riders.
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  • ArynRipleyArynRipley
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    IGN and Server:
    Ahmara - Velzeroth

    Mount Type:
    Pegasus (for Familiars of Elite,Heroic,Legendary Status)

    Skin Name:

    Concept Art: click for full-view
    unbenannt3ammosf.png High Graphic Settings

    unbenannt3alowresykqfy.png Low Graphic Settings

    I love undead creatures and we already have a few good ones ingame but what's missing is a cool looking undead horse, like they are in any other MMORPG. Not that painted-on version we got for Halloween: a real one. I also decided to go for the Pegasi because this is a familiar class that is available to EVERYONE - low level to PVP to high end and I wanted my Skin to be something anyone can enjoy and not just a special class of players. Even if it doesn't really fit into the "cute and shiny" style most player like in that game and therefor isn't really a great choice but I would so love to see an undead Pegasus in the game to accompany the demonic one, that I'll try it anyway.

    Not wanting to make it too zombie-like and getting in trouble with the Rating-System for it, the skin is a mix between skeletal at the Head, sides/belly, hooves and tail, and minimal muscles covered with short fur. It also has now another horn on its Forehead to summon elemental energies. I added Gazelle- like horns and a skeletal mutation along the hipbone and switched the normal wings with Finion-style wings.
    As a color-theme, I usually wanted to go with a violet for black magic but since that was already used on other entries (and is already present in Demonus) and a greenish-hue is way to common I decided for a lightning-like mix between blue/yellow and white. The Body and Wings the common dark-brown tone which is typical for undead creatures and so is the beige skeletal parts.

    The Name comes from the Latin word "Fulgur" which means "Lightning".

    Special Effects:
    The Flames on his head, neck and along his horns are flickering - sometimes totally disappearing - while the eyes are always glowing.
    The dense smoke and particles at the legs, wings and tails have the same effect like the other legendary horses.
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