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[FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest


  • CeruleanMercuryCeruleanMercury
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    IGN and Server :
    Sydneys - Baellas

    Name of familiar type :

    Skin Name :
    Galaxy Letonsia

    Description :
    A roaming whale in the sky always reminds people of dreams and fantasy. The colors of a galaxy painted on it make it even more majestic. Reflecting the colorful appearance of a galaxy, the body of the whale has colors ranging from bright pink to sky blue. The top skin is covered with shining stars to portray a night sky and the seats are silver with purple cushion. The tips of the whiskers shine. The stomach glows like Void Letonsia does. There will also be sparkles (similar to the ones on Parna's Wings and Kerav Jr. Pet) coming out of the mouth of the whale so it would leave a starry trace behind it while moving, like a comet tail.

    Concept Art :

    DA: http://pegacanis.deviantart.com/art/Galaxy-Letonsia-695365639
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  • AlatoriAlatori
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    IGN and Server
    Alatori - Baellas

    Familiar Skin Type

    Name of skin:
    Magma Core Rex

    A lot of little thoughts went into this skin for Jamirot. Since Jamirot is one of my favorite mounts and I love dinosaurs, I wanted to try and make this skin more like a meteor dating back to prehistoric times when the dinosaurs roamed or turn it into a magma skin with cracks through out the body. Another idea that came to mind was to give Jamirot a look similar to the atmosphere of Grimvale. As a result of those ideas, I decided to go with a magma core look. I made the base of the skin a dark red to start with and lighten the colors the hotter the lava became for the details while covering the chest in obsidian fragments surrounding the core of the skin which is the chest. These obsidian fragments also cover parts of the legs where there are a few lighter colors for a bit of texture and also along the tail and the underside. The larger horns, joint spikes, and smaller horns are a bright red and orange for some brighter color representing the glow of lava while the medium sized horns have a darker, cooler look to them like the face and body does. The body of the skin is covered with stripes to give it a design like small, sharp mountains against a soft, fiery background to give the idea of a volcanic area. The back and tail of the skin give this running lava look and the spikes on the back would be the source of the flowing lava. Also, to keep the purple of the Jamirot, I added some purple tint to the legs, tail, and a small area under the chest. The special effects I would add would be fire surrounding the large red horns, all along the back, flames coming off the chest, and the flowing lava along the sides of the tails would glow as if the lava was glowing.


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  • ElusiveBardElusiveBard
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    IGN and Server:
    Sapphir and Teleo

    Mount Type:

    Skin Name:
    Elloran Destrier

    Concept Art:


    ... A favoured battle mount of the Pegasus Knights, Elloran Destriers are blessed warhorses touched by Ellora who only allow those with a pure heart and good intentions to ride them. Those who win the horse's favour are said to have the favour of Ellora herself...

    Warhorses are some of my favourite mounts to use when I'm travelling by ground and its a little sad that they dont have more skins in game. Since a vast majority of the warhorses are either the mounts of enemy bosses or good mounts that went mad during battle, I thought to myself 'Why not a warhorse that isn't evil? Maybe something inspired by one of the gods of the game?'.

    I took some inspiration from Lyrudis and the Golden and Silver Laiku as well as Hameon. The Destrier is fully white in colour with silver, gold and blue armour. The armour is similar in shape to that of Apocalypse with a slightly different headdress and saddle with added leg guards and shoulder pads and has either feathered or diamond shaped motifs. The horns on its head and neck are made of blue crystal and there are several more blue diamond shaped crystals on the shoulder, leg, tail and saddle pieces.

    Special Effects:
    Instead of smoke effects, the Elloran Destrier has wing shaped light effects that come off its armour similar to Lyrudis or the Silver and Golden Laiku.

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  • MaggieTheGreatMaggieTheGreat
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    IGN: MaggieTheGreat

    Server: Teleo

    Familiar Type: Thunderwolf/Torkai/Magma Torkai

    Name of Skin: Stellar Aurora Torkai


    -See with special effects here-


    -See other angles here-


    Short Description:
    His fur is dark blue, with bright yellow stripes all along his body. His mane is minty green which fades into sky-blue which fades into purple at the edges. He has bright yellow stars all around his body, including his forehead, arms, legs, back, and tail. The stripes on his body trail from the center of the stars, like the trail of an asteroid. On his elbows aI'm nd ankles are three small stars. He also has four small stars in his mane, which trail out a stripe down the fins, as well as one star on each outer fin on his waist.
    His belly and bottom side of his tail are colored like the aurora lights, which eventually fades into his normal dark blue.
    Special Effects :
    The stars on his elbows and ankles trail yellow wispy smoke tendrils, a small well as the Elbrings when he flies, walks/runs and stands. His paws trail white sparks, which are like little stars, as well.
    Backstory ((Bestiary Story) for fun):
    It is said that a mysterious familiar would emerge from it's cave in the Ellora Sanctuary every full moon. No one had ever seen it, but the Riders who first told the story about it said they had a feeling that something was watching them as they guarded Elgaden. And they were right.....

    I was walking through the Sanctuary, on my way to try and tame Torkai when he was asleep, when the most beautiful creature stepped in front of me. It was a Thunderwolf, like Torkai, but was if the Aurora Lights had painted itself into it's fur. It had stars on every part of it's body, which glowed brightly, along with the stripes on it's body, and the yellow smoke tendrils emitting from the stars on it's elbows and ankles glowed as well. It's eyes glowed a gentle blue, and it had a faint white aura around it's body. The rest of it's body was a dark blue, making it hard to see in the night. Almost it's entire body glowed, which is why I'm surprised no one had seen it before.
    But I remembered a legend I had overheard once, that if a wild familiar believed you had a pure and gentle heart, it would glow brighter than a full moon, and would accept you as it's Rider.
    Finally moving from my frozen position, I slowly reached out my hand to the glorious creature, and all it did was stare, with its gentle eyes, strait at me. And it never did move, as I came closer. Only until I was a foot away from it, did it take a step towards me, but instead of jumping back from it, I stood, fearful of any harm it might cause. It wasn't until I felt something warm and soft under my hand that I opened my eyes again. I sighed in relief, and smiled.
    The majestic creature had its snout under my hand, and I gently pet him, down its mane and back. Petting him, I got a good and closer look at the glowing markings down it's body. The stripes on it's body all connected to the star The was closest, kind of making a tail for the star, like a shooting star. Even his Elbrings were shaped like stars.
    As I came to his back, I looked at him, and he looked back. I slowly climbed on his back, and he didn't budge. I activated the taming spell, and in a couple seconds, he quietly howled, as if I'd just tamed it.
    Using the spell's controls, I turned him around, and forgetting about taming Torkai, I patted his back with my hand, and we took off into the night sky....

    -Found in a journal in a satchel near Elgaden-
  • ImmortalKhaleesiImmortalKhaleesi
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    IGN: ImmortalKhaleesi
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar type/name: Nightmare
    Name of my skin: Demonic Nightmare
    Short description: Nightmare is one of my absolute favorite mounts, so I wanted to create a skin for her. I took inspiration from Demonus, and choose those colors, shades of purple, violet and red. The eyes, horn, mane, tail and outer feathers on the wings have a small pink to violet glow, and when the wings move up and down the glow moves around too. There is no aura anywhere. Her skin is mid to dark purple, and hooves are black. Nightmare, like birds, has (let's call it that way because I don't know the real name for it) two "layers" of feathers - the big outer ones, and small inner ones, closer to the wing bone. Only the outer feathers have that glow, and the smaller inner feathers are dark purple to black (depends on lighting) with no glow. The upper side of the wings is in violet color (as seen on the gliding drawing), while the lower side is more pinkish to red. It's made like that on purpose to be more colorful. There's a drawing of the eye on the left for a closer view, where you can see the glow coming from the eye. On every drawing you can see the shading I did to show the glow on the outer feathers, tail, mane, eyes and horn. The horn is a bit darker that the mane and tail, but it does glow, and I tried to add lines in it to show the slight bending and lines Nightmare has on her horn.
    If I remember to add anything else to the description I'll add it soon.

    you can see it on DeviantArt here: https://apoasshadow.deviantart.com/art/Demonic-Nightmare-695901980

    Good luck everyone!
  • MSilverSMSilverS
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    IGN and Server:
    MSilverSword- Teleo
    Familiar Type/name:
    Skin Name:
    Dark Torkai
    this skin is the final result due to a lack of time to make it better
    Short Description: The base color of this Torkai is purple with Blue and Black highlights all over its body (doesn't have to follow the image made, it can be made exactly like the normal Torkai with these colors) The Elbrings are exactly the same and the Fire on its Feet are the same too. The armor is black with dark blue markings on it.
    This skin was rushed so it doesn't look like how I would like it to. There is no shading added to it (the black is meant to be a part of the skin) I currently dont have a finished front view and dont have the time to make one, I do have a picture of what it would look like without its Armor if needed. It can be made to look exactly like Torkai with only color changes if needed

  • BarloBarlo
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    IGN and Server: Barlo - Baellas

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for: REX

    The name of your skin: Battlemaster Jamirot

    A short description of your concept:
    This is my contribution to the contest, I present to you the Great Battlemaster Jamirot. Of temperament is hot as his skin, has always fought hard in all battles.
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  • TheRealSilverTheRealSilver
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    Razor sharp spines protrude out of the spine, that have been tainted with blood. Armor on the Horns improve the durability and lethality of it's head on attack. Spines on the Wings prevent attacks from the back while soaring. Powerful Talons tear through anything it grabs.
  • NeromeeNeromee
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    IGN and Server :
    Nerome - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Celestial Calypos

    A short description of your concept:
    I really love how Calypos looks, so i wanted to create kind of armored skin for that horse. I really like gold-blue-grey color scheme, so i've made armor and added some blue lightnings.

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  • DreamzweaverDreamzweaver
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    IGN & Server: Dreamzweaver - Koroshimo
    Mount Type: Lindwyrm
    Skin name: BloodGuard Kerrav

    Description: The Lindwyrms are one of my favorite mounts and would love to see them get some more love in the skin department. Took inspiration from Carleon Manor and Demonus, this mighty beast being a servant to the vampire lineage. The Guard is covered in heavily fortified armor that has since embedded into its obsidian scales over the ages. The back of the Guard's wings are bladed in a similar way to mounts such as Agnas the Red and Paragas the Mad, the underside holding a hypnotic display of runes. Old worn away obsidian has reveal the glowing red crystals that lay beneath and one can feel the dark aura emitted off its ruby heart when in its prescience. This beast wants to bring nothing more than destruction as it bares its evil smile that burns with an ominous red smog. He who rides this beast must be truly devious...

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  • SilverWeedSanSilverWeedSan
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    Familiar type:

    Name of skin:
    Exotic Grimwing



    Grimwings were for many centuries native to the wasteland realm of Tritael Rift. Fueled by chaos, they would soar across the empty spaces of the rift in a constant search for prey to sate their hunger. It wasn't until recently that Ellora, the godess of light freed the wyverns from their destructive nature. With the light of Ellora flowing at their heartstones, the grimwings were able to migrate to new corners of the world and can now be spotted all over Middelas. On the contrary to their previous aggressive nature, the grimwings are rather friendly creatures and will often engage with humans simply for a chance to peacefully interact. They are powerful dragons who carry both the power of chaos and light, making them reliable and sturdy mounts for any rider.
    Grimwings comes in many sizes and colors but are always distinguished by the prominent 'eye' pattern that adorns their wings. The Grimwings were not the 'biggest fish in the sea' in the realm of Tritael Rift and these eyes were used to confuse bigger predators that might have flown above.

    About the design:
    it was important for me to create something that had elements of light and colorfulness while still depicting a sense of darkness. The Exotic Grimwing is what came out of that mixture. A stunning dragon that both is graceful but also intimidating. The design is basically a combination of the darkest and most menacing dragon in-game (Karon) and the most beautiful and graceful wyvern you will ever stumble upon (Tagris) mixed with some interesting colors and patterns.
    I tried to create a simple, yet alluring design that focused on known elements as well as new unique ones.

    I decided to include an alternative tail in case my intended tail somehow would create problems for the creation of the design.
    I prefer the claw tail that I have given the Exotic Grimwing but I would also accept a classic Tagris tail for my design if it should be necessary. :)

    I hope you enjoy my design & thank you for this opportunity
    and good luck to all the skin designer out there!
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  • NeoraNeora
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    IGN: Neora

    Server: Koroshimo

    Familiar Type: Thunderwolf

    Skin Name: Royal Torkai



    Royal Torkai is a idea based on one of my favorite colours and an idea that i got when i was on vacation for 2 days we visited a great Castle, a lot of gold was processed to build many of the decorations there it looked all so beautiful that i really wanted to create a skin with gold in it. But just gold was a bit too much so i was thinkin about a 2nd colour who would match with the gold the first idea was to add red colour because i saw a really great curtain with gold and red in the castle but then i was thinking that we already got a quite red magma torkai so i wanted to do something different and that was the moment when i was thinking about the name for the skin because of the castle and all the glory in it i named him Royal Torkai and then i finally found the colour i was looking for a royal dark blue it matched perfekt with the gold. I also wanted to create a rather simple skin by just changing the colours at first i was thinking abut adding some armor but because of not much time atm. i decided to let it natural so i just changed the colours from white and purple to royal dark blue and gold the flames on the feed are also golden of course the rune discs too. Because i just changed the colours i dont think i need to make a front and back view.

    The Rune Krowns:

    Hi everyone i take a little more time to do the Rune Krowns there hover above the Royal Torkai skin instead of the rune discs i was thinking about making this for a while now but i was not shure if its makeable so i made the first picture with the normal rune discs just in gold and the rune krowns on a extra one so u can see the details better if its possible to change the rune discs into this rune krowns it would be really nice if its not possible im happy with the normal rune discs too of course and i cant paint the whole picture because my golden pen got empty so just imagine all the remaining white not painted parts in gold, and a golden light effekt around the rune krowns the same one u can see on some other mounts and pets in the game.

    Hope u like my design and good luck to everyone!
  • PyroXPyroPyroXPyro
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    IGN and Server: PyroXPyro of Teleo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for: Owl

    The name of your skin: Nightsky Nova

    Your concept artwork/sketch:




    A short description of your concept: A grand owl skin featuring feathers that reflect the night sky on his underside. From the top view, one would be greeted with a dark colored owl who's feather tips fade into a brilliant glowing purple, but once the beast spreads his massive wings, a glittering painting full of stars twinkling against the deepest, darkest black background. The stars are visible on the underside of his wings, tail and belly, mostly seen from beneath while he flies overhead. His horns are made of shimmering crystal and his eyes burn bright like yellow suns. From behind, the galaxy trails, because with each flap of his magnificent wings, he creates another universe of stars. On his back, once his wings are spread, a large purple marking that resembles a star is visible from a top view.
  • AmberfayAmberfay
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    Name: AmberfayTepes
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar Type: Torkai
    Skin Name: Pumpkin Blossom


    Sorry, my englisch is very, very, very bad ;P My husband helped me translate :) To him a big thank you. <3
    And a very good luck at all o:)

    <3 I know my skin will probably not win because it's a Halloween skin, but I love Halloween just so much. <3
    But I hope that it will give to Halloween also times fancy in the future

    I personally love many decorations on a Mount. And i Love the Torkai. Only a different skin color I find personally boring. I love the autumn, and I Love Samhain / Halloween.
    In real life on this day my husband and I got married. And so I came up with the idea of Pumpkin Blossom. And here is her story.

    A magician woke up by a whimper. She left her cottage and began to search. After a few minutes she found the source. In her pumpkin field under a large pumpkin leaf was a little Torkai cub. She knew what Torkais were, but something like this she had never seen before in her whole life. The Torkai has a small crystal on his forehead, with a turquoise gleam. The eyes are turquoise and she has a fur pattern in green around her eyes. The fur from body was purple- grey with purple and white, she has a strand of fur which is green. On the paws the little Torkai has moons and green points with gleam. On the big strand of fur at the nape and at the hip the pattern where spider webs, with green and turquoise-blue and purple.
    The magician brought the cub in her cottage and raised her up. She asked in all the villages she knew, about someone knowing about the puppy but nobody knew anything. And none of them had ever seen anything similar. So she kept the Torkai and gave her the Name *Pumpkin Blossom*.
    The years passed and the magician was very happy with her new friend and so it came in a few days should be Halloween. It was always a great celebration, she always gave gingerbread in the form of a half moon to children who knocked at the door and made homemade candles with cinnamon flavor. Besides, she sold homemade carved pumpkin lanterns and homemade pumpkin sweets. In order to preserve the ancient customs, she placed candles on the windowsill to honor the dead, and with the candlelight the deceased souls should find the right way to the other side. One evening Pumpkin blossom slept on her legs again. The magician watched her contented as she thought of a brilliant idea.
    She caressed her while she braided the pumpkin tandrils, cinnamon sticks, turquoise glowing pearls, Pumpkin leaves, and on her chest she braided a big Pumpkin blossom into the fur. On her side she fixed a big grining pumpkin, she decorated her tail with little pumpkins and a big pumpkin leave, also she put some of her beloved gingerbread in her fur. Of course, she brought some half moon gingerbread on her front. So that nothing becomes bad or moldy she enchanted everything. She also added magically a few stars to the strands of her paws and her tail. To the crowning conclusion she conjured up for her best friend also the same witch hat as she wore, only with a green bellon it. Oh she looked sooo cute with it. However, she was also concerned, she still could not fly although she was old enough for it. But even if she could never, she would always love her. When she finally awoke from her deep sleep, she could not restrain herself with joy about the wonderful gift of her friend made her. She jumped wildly through the living room, which she throwed some things down and many things broke but the magician did not care as long as Pumpkin Blossom was happy.
    A few days after Halloween the magican was worried. Pumpkin Blossem did not want to undress her costume again. She could wear it badly forever, or maybe she could when she tried again to pull the costume out, two white candles appeared on her side with a smelling of cinnamon. The candles were in a blue candle holder decorating with little stars at the edge. Around the candles there were pumpkin tendrils, pumpkin leaves, half moon gingerbread as well as turquoise glowing pearls and (of course) cinnamon sticks! And now she could finally fly. The magician cried with joy, and as a gift to Pumpkin Blossom, she weaved the costume that she wore her sorcery as an integral part of herself. The pumpkins began to shine. Greeen, blue and turquoise Orbs and orange-red autumn leaves orbited their paws and the candle ring. And the moon crystal the Orbs orbited , which was on her forehead. Pumpkin Blossom was so happy that she rewarded her friend with stormy cuddling.
    So it came that the two each year a new was trading on Halloween with cinnamon candles, half moon gingerbread, carved pumpkins and a lot of sweet Pumpkin cakes. The children were always happy when they saw Pumpkin Blossom, they loved to play with her, especially since their flames did not harm anyone. They loved it when the magician told in a stormy night some of her of horror stories with a large amount of goose bumps.
    The years passed, and one day it had unfortunately come that the magician no longer woke up. Pumkin Blossom whimpered with fear as she tried to wake her friend with her paws. At some point, she had to face the truth that her best friend died.
    The villagers near the cottage heard the heart-rending howling of Pumpkin Blossom, then they were never seen by anybody again. History became myth. But people talk to each other that they have seen a Torkai with pumpkins and candles on the pumpkin field. This Torkai seems to be looking for a new friend, maybe you are it?



    <3 <3 <3 (alternative look, without Witch Hat and carved Pumpkin)


    <3 <3 <3 Witch Hat, fur pattern spider web and carved Pumpkin on the side




    <3 <3 <3 Candle Ring



    <3 <3 <3 Moon Crystal and Tail



    <3 <3 <3 Paws


    <3 <3 <3 half moon gingerbread


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  • AmbrielAmbriel
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    IGN and Server: Llillith - Koroshimo

    Mount Type: Thunderwolf/Torkai
    Name of the Skin: Ancient Torkai

    A short description: I had so much fun working on this! ^^ I'm absolutely in love with Torkai and golden colour so I decided to mix them together and as a result we have this ancient inspired skin. I thought that his dark, almost black, fur will be perfect match for golden markings and horns. If it comes to his disc I wanted to make it simple but then I realised something is missing so I added some small lightnings to disc and horns.

    Hope you like it and good luck to everyone! ^.^

    [Edit1] I've finished front view and changed disc a bit :)
    [Edit2] Finished! Finally! I actually really like how all of it turned out, even if it took me realy long time ^^



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  • CorpsemakerCorpsemaker
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    Name: BloodGodKhorne
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar Type: Garme
    Skin Name: Garme the God-Beast

    Greetings everyone. It seems as if it were my turn now ;D.

    First of all: I would like to thank my wife who supported with my project.

    And secondly: Please do not judge me! I'm from germany and had some problems to translate my text into english.

    Description: I love horror movies characters and warhammer which makes me inspire!
    I love Garme! He is such a awesome mount and i finally got him xD!
    But I find it a pity that he has so few skins... with his enormous mass he offers me much space I could implement my ideas well.
    I did not want anything ordinary a different color or a cuddle toy version, so I thought about what would fit him.
    And so I came up with the idea that he is undead and his mutilated body is occupied by a demon god.

    By looking at the other skins and the 'like thumbs' I've noticed, however, that many gamers probably rather like simple, cute or rather pompous skins. I gave it a try even though I probably have no chance to win, but it is my idea and if something 'new or extraordinary' in the game should be then something that stand out of the mass.

    Here is the deviantART link to the story and the explanation of my Mount-skin. It has become something more than I thought, so who would like to read can simply click on it.


    Special effects: Black smoke comes from its wounds, eyes blink and always look in other directions. When he runs, his chainsaw and his boneclaw drill into the ground and leaves some earth swirling and scratch marks. You can see through the wound and see the bones in the tail and the left upper arm. The chainsaw rotates while he is running and while fighting it rotates and gives noises of itself as one would use them as in a horror movie xD










    I would like to say "thank you very much!" for giving me the chance to create my own mount-skin and I wish all participants a lot of luck !

  • SenyaHillsSenyaHills
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    IGN and Server :
    SenyaHills - Teleo

    Name of familiar type:
    Thunder Wolf / Torkai

    The name of your skin:
    Autumn Breeze

    A short description of your concept:
    Leaves rustle in the wind. Autumn is around the bend. Summer is drawing to a close and it's almost deerkai (yes, I just did that) season. I've always loved the fall and seeing as it is coming up soon I wanted to make a skin for my favorite mount. ^^ Torkai's legs are slim and have always reminded me somewhat of a deer's legs so I decided I would throw fall, a deer, and torkai into a mixing pot and see what came out.

    The tufts of fur are disguised as fall leaves to blend in with the season's many colors. There are two antlers on it's head with the same texture as a deer's. The elbring chakrams are wreaths of twigs braided together. The underside of the fur is a creamy white color that fades into an almost light auburn brown and then into chestnut brown on the back. There are fawn spots on the back, face, and tail which are the same creamy color as the belly. The paws are the same darker brown found on the back and fade into the auburn. With the pelt of a deer and the agility to match, this Torkai is speedy and seasonal. I like to imagine that in preparation for the chilling weather and due to the fact that soon after, winter is coming, it's a bit fluffier that normal.

    Effects: Little whirlwinds of leaves flying around the paws that could trail behind like the feathers on a Golden Abras.


    The elbring charams:

    The original concept:

  • Rayn3Rayn3
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    IGN and Server :
    Rayn3 - Teleo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Forest Saber

    A short description of your concept:
    With this skin, Gorgos has been transformed from a plains hunter to a forest predator. His mane is green, laced with ferns and spanish moss for better camouflage while hunting his prey, the horns long and twisted with green and black. His fur has lost its blue sheen and has been replaced with a coat of white and black stripes. As he steps, he leaves glowing green pawprints on the forest floor.

  • BlozarBlozar
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    IGN and Server: Blozar, Koroshimo
    Familiar Type: Tagris/Traes/Karon/Lagosha
    Skin name: Algidus
    Desc.: I wanted to create a –more or less- natural looking skin for Tagris/Traes sooo this is my attempt :> The base colour is white, with light blue markings on its body and wings. The head structure is a bit different from the original, as it’s shown on my drawing; the left eye is blind, the face is scarred and the teeth are outside the mouth (idk if this makes sense lol). The gem on the chest is replaced by a stone which has cracks on it. The placement of the spikes on the tail is shown below the side-view drawing as a sketch (top view).
    Effects: the wing tips, the cracks on the chest-stone, the crystals on the tail and the throat are glowing light blue, and some glow comes from the mouth too. Also while flying, the wings trail some icy sparkles.

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  • AlrehaAlreha
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    IGN and Server :
    Alreha - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type :
    Hound (Grudd, Magma Hound, Troy etc.)

    Name of my skin :
    Unchained (battle) hound

    Description :
    I created a skin for the hound class because the magma hound was the first elite familiar I've ever tamed and I directly noticed that this class didn't have any skins that changed the look of it. I instantly fell in love with this familiar and the idea to create a skin for it. - Instead of riding a battle-armored horse, I thought it would be a nice change to ride to battle with an armored hound.
    To give him a more intimidating look, I added chains and spikes to his armor, aswell as I changed the structure of his flowing/glowing pattern.
    The pattern is made of flowing lava which is surrounded by stone plates.
    His look in general is inspired by a dangerous-looking unchained hound (that's why he has some kind of short fur/pelt instead of his stone-like body.)
    I wanted to create a skin for a familiar type that is easy accessible for every player - no matter if he/she just started playing the game or plays it a long time <3

    Special effects :
    - Pattern glows (gets more intense in darker areas)
    - Paws leave ember sparks behind
    - Tailtip burns


    The final texture of the pattern is seen in "Pattern(more detailed)".
    The simple red lines that are seen on the front-and sideview are simply for showing off the position of the new pattern!

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