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[FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest


  • FelraenFelraen
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    IGN and Server :
    Kiruanali - Baellas

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Name:
    Elloran Liger

    This liger was inspired by the beauty of the real life golden tiger, with a small touch of magic. The fur is soft and tawny gold, which fades into white on the underbelly, paws, and tails, and around the muzzle. The stripes are more vibrant in color, and the top of the mane which flows down the liger’s back is mahogany in color. The liger’s mane, along the sides, are highlighted The center tail is also mahogany-striped while the outer tails are gold-striped. The backs and rims of the ears are mahogany, and the interiors are white. The exterior of the ears have a white splotch on them, and the eyes are framed on the top with white. The nose is mahogany as well, and the color reaches up the top side of the muzzle, almost to the eyes. The liger’s mane is mostly tawny-gold which fades to white on the underside and is mahogany along the top; on the sides, it consists of mahogany highlights among the gold. The claws and horns are slightly darker than the golden stripes, and the liger’s fangs are ivory (just as any natural teeth are). Vines are entwined around each horn and embedded with the occasional small, light colored flower. The flowers are also observed along/in the mane. The ligers eyes are a rich green, slightly lighter/brighter than the vines around its horns.

    *While the skin displays no special effects in the artwork, it would yet look good in any sort of light/glowing effects whether in general, as a trail when it moves, or even if the flowers glowed.

    The Elloran Liger came to be when a young leorid was abandoned from his clan due to the color of his eyes: rich green, full of the wonders of life, while his leorid pride all had blue eyes, icy like the first snow. Abnormal, he became an outcast, for not only were his eyes an oddity, but his breath carried warmth, while the others had breath as cool as frost. Young and unable to fend for himself, he was at the mercy of the elements, left to freeze with an underdeveloped winter coat and no knowledge of the world. Ellora herself noticed his situation and took pity, intent on ensuring the survival of the creature, whose heart was filled with warmth and who undeniably fought to survive the cold. With love, she nurtured him to health and bathed him with the light of the divine, causing his fur to turn to a rich, striped golden, the likes of which the world has not yet observed. Ellora then created a forest for him to preside in and guard, a forest which was home to other creatures rescued by the purity of Ellora’s heart, one which he has guarded fiercely ever since.

    Image URL:
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    IGN: ShaBiest
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar Type: Traes/Tagris/Karon/Lagosha
    Skin Name: Exalted Wrath Wyvern


    I dont have a fancy story about the skin, really. I really like the way the Exalted Wrath Armor looks like and I was planning to draw a desing based on that. I was thinking about doing a skin for a Hydra before because I am a sucker for Hydras but in the end I went with this one... Simply because I asbolutly love my Tagris!
    Enjoy :3


    With effects:


    Additional sketches:


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  • CamychanCamychan
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    IGN: Camychan
    Server: Teleo
    Familiar Type: Rider Dragon
    Skin Name: Jeweled Tekanin


    Short Description:
    Deep in the hidden caves dotting the land of Ellora's Santury dwells a counterpart to Tekanin's golden sheen. This jeweled Tekanin boasts a dark hide with flecks of crystals long since fused with the creatures own being. The vien like tendrils shine and pulse with power, almost as if they are alive. Adventurers often say the shadows that you might see in the corner of your eye at night are these cave dwelling dragons slipping past as silent as the night itself. Though these creatures are rare to see with ones own eyes, there have never been any attacks reported. Making them seen as gentle beasts.
    This skin took a while of thinking, and several weeks of trying things out, then scrapping them, then trying another thing again. It was well worth it though! I'm pretty proud with this design I came up with. I took inspiration from the phosphorescent moss I adore that dots deep caverns and places that rarely see the light of day, and combining it with crystals.

    Notes: Everything blue should be glowing, I put a dark background in an attempt to show this off. :3

    Good luck to all the contenders, I've seen some amazing things so far!
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  • MilaphylalesMilaphylales
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    IGN: Milaphylales
    Server: Velzeroth
    Familiar Type: Wyrm
    Skin Name: Mana Dragon

    "Abandoned by his master, the Mana Dragon roams the lands of Midellas, hungering, craving for any type of magic. Boundless and eternal."


    "Short" Description:
    Hey there, so, first of all, I'm that special type of kid that can't draw but sculpt so I really hope that this is an accepted way of participating in the contest? But yeah here we go:
    With the Mana Dragon, I really wanted to give the Wyrm, especially the "Veiled Malachite Dragon" a new Skin because all it can be is green, yellow and red.. or rarely metal-grey which led me many times in Dungeons to panic smash the follow key because I thought that my Dragon was going places;
    The whole idea was to create a Skin for the Wyrm that looks like it had been previously owned by someone but got abandoned, so I went for an armored Dragon. Furthermore, I went with a vibrant blue and turquoise as my colours of choice. Also, I was adding some shimmery paint on the Scales to give it some more magical looks. The wings are also shimmery but from some angles almost translucent with 2 dotted lines to give it some eye catcher. The scaley tummy is supposed to be more matte (sorry for the shine on the picture, it is from the photo flash).

    Random Information on the figurine for those who care:
    The base is made from thermoplastic and the scales are sculpted with apoxie sculpt. The transparent spikes are cast with clear epoxy resin after making silicone molds for them, same goes for the wing membranes which were cast in a flat shape and then got curve shaped by me with a heat gun. Last but not least I used some simple acrylic and glass-paint. The whole thing is around 28cm/11 inches long and around 18cm/7 inches tall.

    p.s.: so many awesome works. I wish everyone the best of luck <3
  • CristalinquaCristalinqua
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    IGN and Server:
    CrisUnderwood - Velzeroth

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Name:
    Shadow Torkai

    Most of the skins in the game are super luminous, colorful, happy. There are not enough dark skins here in my opinion. So, I made a skin that hopefully would suit both the familiar type and the lore behind Torkai.

    This Torkai skin shows how much he's been consumed by the chaos magic that once tainted him. He is no longer a creature of the light like he's been created by Ellora. He changed...


    << WIP! >>

    Torkai here is matt black, with glowing, pulsing red streaks. The 'fur' (not sure what those really are... the triangle fur-like things on Torkai's neck and hips) is replaced by hard scales with ripped edges. His eyes glow red, while the sclera is completely dark - as if the irises were floating. His ears are a bit ripped, and his teeth are much sharper and longer than the Torkai has.
    He has an aura - black smoke. (like Hameon has blue and Canniphage black mist)
  • LuminielLuminiel
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    IGN and Server : Luminiel - Akaldus

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for: Thunderwolf (Torkai)

    The name of your skin: Adventurer Torkai

    A short description of your concept: I think we need more skins in the game, which includes real equipment to the mount not just fancy-colored skins. I wanted to make a totally not ordinary Torkai skin, so I came up with this idea.

    The story behind the skin: The corrupted elves captured Torkai and wanted to make him obedient, so they can control its power. They made him this equipment with the red control stones to rule his mind. But Torkai with Ellora's light in him, broke free and learned how to use the control stones in advantage of himself. Now he roams the skies of Ellora's Sanctuary, waiting for someone, who is brave enough to join him on his adventures.

    Effects: The "Elbrings" are made of gems and 2-2 rings. The gems are spinning around their vertical axis's, and the rings are spinning in all directions around them.


    (Here is how I made it)

    (Sorry for any grammar mistakes, I'm not a native speaker :) )

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  • TransformiceSonicartTransformiceSonicart
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    IGN and Server :
    Schokii - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:

    A short description of your concept:
    I have been liking the Dragonling mounts a lot but I had noticed that with the recent updates that there weren't any skins existing with Ellicunos body type! So I have decided to create a skin based on the body type and color sheme of Elicuno.
    For the colors I decided to go with a dark green, close to black, slightly fading to green and for the lower body and wings part a white mint green. The scales down to the lower body part start fading into a mint green.
    I also wanted to give the skin an Armor that isn't the same as the other Laikus have. I had noticed that there isn't really a white colored armor existing yet for the Dragonlings so I choose white and a slight orange looking yellow with two additional, bright blue, small gems on the armor.
    After creating it so far, I felt like something was missing. That's where I started to mix elements of a Dragonling into the skin.
    Since the Elicuno mount is descriped in the Bestiary as a special Dragonling I decided to make the horns look more like uncut crystals. (expect of the crystal on the forehead)
    I choose an Amethyst looking color. On the big Crystals on the backhead and on the tail I decided that the color fades slightly to white. I also decided to give the skin on it's legs tiny crystals.
    Elicunos eyes have a nice blue tone and arround the eye are thick black lines, for the skin I decided to give him black and pink prupelish eyes while the lower part arround the eye has a thick dark red lining.
    As skin texutures I wanted to keep it simple with the same texture as the mount Elicuno has expect that the armor has the sparkling texture too.
    For effects I choose a slight purple pinkish glow arround all crystals and the tail leaving an sparkling trail with the same color glow expect a little brighter.
    For the armor effect I choose the same effect like any other Dragonling skin/mount that has armor just in a slight bright green.


    This entire part is sort of a help out with the design parts that might look confusing since I'm not that good of an artist, especially with persepctives I have problems with... but I have tried my best!
    I have made them seperate so you have one clean reference to work with and one with better explanation. (*Also with 'big' scale/s, I mean the scale parts that are freshly green

    (1) Side view with legs and wings
    - .1 The second scale on the head armor goes upwards instead of following the big scales of the head and is much longer then the other scales of the armor.
    - .2 The horn should have an uncut crystalic look to it.
    - .3 The wing armor has 2 'layers'. First one having 3 smaller scalles, the outer scale pushes off the wing. The second layer has 2 big scales. The outer ones go from out to in and then out again, like an S shape!
    - .4 The 'big' shoulder scales on the front legs are tinier then the ones on the back legs. The scales go from the first scale being the longest to the third scale the smallest.
    - .5 Has a uncut crystalic hook shape. (Same one goes with the crystal on the wing!)
    (-. 6 On the image look at point 6. Clearer look on how the made out symbols look like!)

    (2) Side view without legs and wings
    - .1 Pointy snout like Elicuno! The armor follows the 'big' scales of the head's shape. (Expect of the second scale shown in 1.1)
    - .2 The second scales of the head armor are slightly tilted outwards.
    - .3 The 'big' scales on the front head are only 4 in total! From the bottom to the thrid scale top the scales go from long to tiny. The forth one (the top one) is as long as the second one.
    - .4 The 'big' scales on the tail are only 2! First one pushes off and the sond one goes back in.
    (- .5 The two small gems on the armor. The top one near the head has a brighter blue color then the one near the tail.)

    (3) Front view
    - .1 The 'big' shoulder scales pushes away from the body. This also counts for the 'big' scales on the back legs!
    - .2 The wing armor has a U shape arround the wing, like a clothes peg atteched to the wing!

    (4) Head close up (Armored)
    - .1 The top armor scale spikes short at the beginning inwards.

    (5) Head close up (Unarmored)
    - .1 Eyeball is completely black. Eye is pink purplish. Underneath the eye is a dark red area, like it has been crying a lot or hasn't sleeped well the past days.
    - .2 Has 3 white teeths on both sides stuck outside. The middle one is the biggest one. (Teeth gets covered by it's head armor!)


    I hope the Notes have cleared some confused design spots! Sorry if the description is too long! Good luck and have nice day everyone!
    (Also while drawing I thought for fun that this big guy would be a complete puppy by it's personality! :D Also I might change the name again over the time before the event ends.)
  • AzraellaAzraella
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    IGN: Azraella

    Server: Baellas

    Familiar Type: Gorgos

    Skin Name: Sahara Gorgos

    The Sahara Gorgos is a counterpart to the common icy blue Gorgos. This rare breed of Gorgos has only been spotted several times throughout Midellas. They don’t seem to have a place of origin, like the Gorgos from Placid Meadow in Akrat. Riders suspect that the Sahara Gorgos was the result of a secret experiment conducted by the Crokhoon. The results of this experiment created a beast that is able to camouflage easier, move faster, and is much fiercer than its relative. The Crokhoon supposedly send out the Sahara Gorgos as spies, to steal information from their enemy. Even though these beasts are more commonly seen roaming the darkness alone some lucky riders have been able to bring them back to their natural state of mind and form an everlasting bond between the beast.

    Concept Art:
    Image link

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  • JeMiChiJeMiChi
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    IGN and Server :
    JeMiChi - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Pyrrhura Griffin

    A short description of your concept:
    This design combines several of my interests. First of all, griffins - obviously. Griffins are my favorite type of mount for their design and they got me interested in the game to begin with. I'm still hoping we'll eventually get to see heroic / legendary griffins, like Kegriff in the game.
    Also parrots, which I have loved since I was a toddler. The natives in the area consider these clever birds their reincarnated ancestors.
    I also love pirates, and parrots go well with that theme, as they are traditionally thought as the faithful companions of those fierce sailors, but those exotic creatures were also smuggled for trade by pirates because of their colorful plumage and intelligence.
    The coloration of this griffin is based on my own pet pearly conure (parrot), and the name "Pyrrhura Griffin" comes from Latin - the Pyrrhura genus of conures. Conures are quite small but extremely fierce and would definitely challenge a dragon if given the chance. In this griffin form it can finally have a large enough body for that attitude. :)
    All the accessories are optional for the design, but they tell his story as a pirate's companion. The saddle and armor are pretty obvious, but the golden jewelry was the seafarer's way to ensure he made his final trip to his homeland if his adventures were to end suddenly.

    Full view / Download HERE

    Full view / Download HERE

    There are so many cool designs here! I'd honestly love to see all of them in the game!
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  • YoukoNoSorayaYoukoNoSoraya
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    IGN and Server :
    YoukoNoSoraya / Baellas

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Wild Wild West

    A short description of your concept:

    Many years ago, still in the wild west, there were untamed wild horses whose skin was the color of the earth, the sand. Some came with other stains without but one thing was certain: its beauty was unique
  • WoolfDragonWoolfDragon
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    IGN : WolfDragon
    Server : Koroshimo
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for : (Torkai/Thunderwolf)
    Name of your Skin: Midnight Torkai


    A short discription of your concept:
    I love Torkais and the Color black so i made a Skin that has both. Wolfes and Dragons in that game always got me in that game and i hoped for a legendary one and when i saw torkai i was want to get it so here is my Skin for the contest ^^ sry for my english btw :D:D:D
  • RockyfelerRockyfeler
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    IGN: Rockyfeler
    Server: Akaldus
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for : Tolus / Aethorus
    Name of your Skin: Saphire Xeosar


    Short description: Tolus was one of the most badass tamable mount that was in the game when Cloying Wastes came out. He was and still is a challenge to tame, that is why I chose him. Also I was not happy for the skins he has in the game. My first plans were to make him pure white with blue armor, as I really love Frania, but I had to stick with light blue as I was running out of white color (which is a shame for me). He kind of reminds people of Tagris (he is one of my favourite mounts in the game still, so its understandable that there might be some references to him). I kind of tried to make him a bone- like armor with a dragon skull on his head. As a battle-dragon, I also gave him a saddle on his back so the rider dont get torn apart by the armor and his thorns on the back. He has 3 saphire gems on his chest as part of the armor and one in the middle of his head.

  • ExceddiusExceddius
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    IGN : Exceddius
    Server : Koroshimo
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for : War Horse
    Name of your Skin: Shungite Racer

    Description : Its golden scale are like an armor, though its dark scales are even thougher. Its mane and its fur are soft and constantly moving around. When it runs, it looks like cloud. Its long horns makes it look like a King. The dark and round stones which it is wearing, are keeping its power. This dragon-horse always leaves behind it a beautiful trail of sparks
    Note : I was inspired by a legendary creature, half dragon, half horse, from the japanese mythology, the Kirin. The shungite is a dark but shining stone.

    With effects :

    Without effects + textures :

    Bonus, for french riders!

    Description : Cette créature est issue du croisement entre un dragon et une jument. Ses écailles dorées sont comme une armure, bien qu'il possède des écailles noires encore plus solides. Sa crinière et sa fourrure sont douces et en mouvement lorsqu'il court, on dirait qu'il transportent des nuages. Ses longues cornes lui donne un air de roi. Les pierres noires et rondes qu'ils portent renferment son pouvoir. Sur son passage, ce dragon-cheval laisse toujours une jolie trainée d'étincelles.
    Note : Je me suis inspiré de la créature légendaire dragon-cheval japonaise nommé Kirin. Le shungite est une pierre sombre et brillante.
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  • VolqonahVolqonah
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    IGN: Volqonah
    Server: Teleo
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for: Dragon
    Name of your Skin: Uraeus the Golden

    Description: I created a dragon about 4-5 years ago that I loved so much that I decided to re create it for the skin contest. I always thought this dragon would be used by Egyptians, and so I decided to name it after the uraeus... for those who don't know what an uraeus is, here is a quick description: Uraeus is the upright cobra seen on many Egyptian pharaoh's crowns, usually made of solid gold with many precious jewels. Uraeus is used as a symbol for sovereignty, royalty, deity, and divine authority in Egypt. It is also believed to spit fire at any approaching enemies.

    Appearance: Its scales shine like beaten gold in the light. It has solid gold spikes on its pink membranes, has a golden crown with a shining blue diamond, and purple eyes that glow in the dark. Its claws, teeth, horns, and underbelly scales are white like the colour of pearls. The inside of its mouth and tongue is a dark purple. The gold dust that surrounds this dragon is mainly on its wings, feet, and all membranes (all the pink areas) and it leaves a trail of gold dust when it moves. The colour of the wings are the same for both front and back.



    Side view

    other views

  • MeepzMeepz
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    IGN: Toads
    Server: Baellas
    Name of familiar type you are submitting for: Torkai, Thunderwolf
    Name of your Skin: Technovirus Torkai

    The Quicker Description

    This Torkai was inspired by factories and machines that I drove by one day. I really liked the steam and big rig engines and just the feel of a very steampunk city. I wanted to create a Torkai that was a mysterious machine - possibly alien life sent on a mission (I watch way too much Evangelion and Knights of Sidonia, lul.) This Torkai has brilliant blue eyes, clock-work Elbrings that are mega shiny, and mechanical gears underneath its fur. Parts of his body no longer have fur and all we can see is his metal frame peeking through, hinting that he's actually a machine in disguise that is reaching its limit and slowly breaking down from all the poison he's taken in from healing what's around him.

    The Backstory, for funz

    Torkai was brought into the world by Ellora. Not much is known about how - other than the hints and encryptions on his Elbrings.
    It's always been a mystery as to how he floats and what those rings are. As generations passed, the legends have become more and more obscure.. An elder of the town even swore that Torkai was merely a machine brought to this world and given the breath of life, programmed to heal and watch over the sanctuary.

    Today I visited Noxious Lake - mum had sent me to go collect mushrooms.. something she said she absolutely needed for a potion. The poison mist was fairly strong today. I remember seeing a glint of purple and gold and heard some strange whirring noises. I looked around to see what it was. From a distance, it looked like a Torkai. I’d never really seen one before but the elders of the town had read storybooks to us when we were little. Getting a closer look, it really was a Torkai, it couldn’t possibly be anything else.. But how? Torkai’s live in the Sanctuary, but why would one be here at Noxious Lake.. and furthermore.. I’m pretty sure they’re not purple.. And even if they were purple.. Why would they have mechanical parts? I continued observing. The Torkai pressed it’s head against a poison mushroom. Immediately the mushroom lost its purple color and turned back to an earthy gold. The Torkai’s body glowed as well and became a slightly darker purple than it already was. Part of the fur on its cheek and neck seemed to dissolve, and underneath was a metal plate with bolts and screws and something like a clock gear. The Torkai then limped a little and seemed to wince in pain, but resumed what it was doing with the next mushroom. Was this Torkai nullifying the poison and taking it into its body? Was it sacrificing itself?

    As I returned home, the elder of the town didn’t sound so crazy anymore.
    That Torkai didn't seem like it was just a machine.. it showed emotions and that it could feel pain..
    If it’s true, being programmed to heal sounds very honorable.. But I can't help feeling sorry for it.

    I hope you enjoyed this short story! Good luck to everyone else!
    Your froggy friend,



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  • FloofiliFloofili
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    IGN and Server :
    Floofili - Baellas

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    Skin name:
    Kitsune Torkai

    Concept artwork:

    The markings on Torkai's face represent the traditional Japanese Kitsune masks. The kitsune has meaning in both folk tradition and religion. In the Japanese culture, the Kitsune fox can be either benevolent, or malevolent. Torkai is a god who's role is to watch over and protect Ellora's Sanctuary, therefore making its presence as a kitsune benevolent, or good. His rings are turned into large red flames, and his paws have red flames engulfing them, but not causing any harm to him.
  • NyrmusNyrmus
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    IGN : Nyrmus
    SERVER: Velzeroth
    NAME OF YOUR SKIN: Soul Ripper Jamirot
    I always imagined jamirot as a shiny ghost. That would be very epic skin concept in the game. He has got a very strong armor of steel and he is almost unvisible under that armor.
    He is a ghost who looking for blood,revenge and chaos. He has a jade stone at the end of his tail and also up on his head. He takes his power from that stone and his eyes are shining jade green.
    He was captured in a cave until he broke his chains. When you start to ride it, his chains are swinging from his horns and his handcuff. He has got a bloody jaw and blood drips from his jaw. When you look at it you can see through it cuz he is a ghost. I love the ghost consept in games cuz when u start to ride, your character seems like riding on nothing :D and sorry for my bad english, good luck everyone ^^

  • poetkat4napoetkat4na
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    IGN: Poetkat4na
    Server: Teleo
    Name of Familiar; LION
    Name of your Skin: Vienna White LION

    Description of skin:
    I didn't see LION in the list, yet there is a lion in game. So I took screen shots, and tried tracing the Lion. Vienna Gene is rarity " clear blue eyes and all white" blessed by Ellora's LIGHT "Stars" surround his majestic flowing white satin mane, yet larger in size, than the normal lion. he stands with light rays stars flowing from his mane and tail. His claws bigger and his tail looks like a mane. skin gives attributes of speed, " 10% health regen" and overall defense.

    http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e147/annasantos7777777/ViennaCosmiclion_zpsc5oblodo.jpg"; border="0" alt=" photo ViennaCosmiclion_zpsc5oblodo.jpg"/></a>[/img]

    Best to all, in my book everyone is a WINNER! Sincerely Poet

  • FinalcocoFinalcoco
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    Finalcoco (Akaldus)
    Magasha (Elephant)
    Indian Elephant

    Well cause there are no Elephant skins yet and there will be a legendary in the future i thought about creating one. I liked the idea of an indian version. Im a really bad drawer and i dont expect to win this contest, I just wanted to give some food for thoughts.
    You can coulour him grey as an normal elephant with black lines but i prefer a multicolored one like a mix of turquoise an pink.
    So good luck with it :)
  • ArvaelAvelionArvaelAvelion
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    This is my skin.
    Favourite mounts in game. All horses!

    I have a cute ranger, who like Calypto horse.

    When the Chaos elves are attacking some light elf, and our heros tried to save the land.
    But this bad, dark energy is empoisoned their souls.
    Not only humans and elves lost their souls in this battle. Mounts too.
    The legendary mounts got new skin.
    Pegasus become Nebula the Chaos.

    This dark purple and blue energy is flows in their body, make them faster and stronger.
    If u want to get them. U need a lot of energy, and power.
    U must to prove them.

    Skin: Nebula the Chaos

    Effects: -Dark grey and purple.
    -The purple skin is pulsing, the wings are looks like a swirling galaxyfog.
    -Maind purple fog: legs, and hair and tail: Looks like Calyptos fire effect.

    ING: LyanWilliam
    SERVER: Velzeroth
    SKIN TYPE: Pegasus
    SKIN NAME: Nebula the Chaos

    DjwaffleshotAmbrielHannahJeMiChiCeruleanMercuryMaggieTheGreatCreamIceLyBlozarArynRipleyand 14 others.
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