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[FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest


  • ZerafutEXZerafutEX
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    ZerafutEX - Koroshimo

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Name:
    Rune Golem

    Short Description:
    Imbued with magical energy, those gigantic constructs were given life by the goddess Ellora herself and have been serving her as bodyguards ever since.
    Though long forgotten, the magic lifeforce never stopped coursing through the cracks in their armour waiting only for a worthy Rider to reanimate the hidden life in their body.
    The gem on their forehead is said to uphold ressources beyond every expectation, powering the whole armor: the glowing runes engraved on their body help to contain this powerful unbound energy.

    The concept of the skin was to create something, while still using the 3d model of the abomination, creating an entirely new mount.
    The Rune Golem was born. This ancient construct created by Ellora has not served for centuries, therefore, its whole body made out of rock is covered with cracks and moss. The magic flowing in its veins surfaces at various places on its body: arms, body (under the chest), back: contained at various places by the runic bracelets.





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  • FireDiamondFireDiamond
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    sedeff - Akaldus

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Name:
    Exalted Tekanin

    Short Description:
    I bet there is many people loving especially those wonderful creatures known as familiars in this game. I always loved dragons, such mystical and powerful beasts crossing the land in the sky in all sizes. Taking my love to dragons connected with my favourite movie HTTYD I decided to make a Tekanin skin since Tekanin is the closest brother to Toothless, the Night fury.
    I used basic black colour as main skin of the dragon, fits to the golden armor on Tekanin's head and back. A dragon with armor is the right warrior, isnt it?
    I also added a small gift of rainbow to his wings and coloured the tail and horns in a light red colour to make the skin more interesting.
    So far I have seen many people using Tekanin as mount, seems to be one of the most favourite dragons to use in the game so I think making a Tekanin skin could be useful.
    I hope you all like it ^^

    My artwork:



  • XuevunneXuevunne
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    Xuayunne - Koroshimo

    Familiar Type:

    Skin Name:
    Heavenly Tishanan

    Since the mysterious Tishanan is one of the latest and sweetest creatures and my personal favourite of all, I really wanted to give him a new appearance. From the beginning of my idea i knew that I wanted to mix the bright colours of a rainbow with the stars of the galaxy and itself. Latir (the waterorb of Tishanan), his arms, legs, forehead and his eyes are covered in the colour of galaxy that symbolizes infinity range, wiseness and energy. The belonging stars are showing the immortality of this protective flying king. And as the second part, the rainbow.
    I made it shining through his spots and his mane.

    It was given to him mysteriously. The rainbow laying in his hands. Arose from sun and rain to make the barren Akrat flourish again. It's the fate of the heavenly Tishanan. The bringer of blessing.


    Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone :)
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  • ArturieArturie
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    Arturie - Akaldus

    Name of familiar type :
    Dragon (Agnas the Red)

    Name of my skin :
    Angelic Dragon

    Description of skin:
    There is alot dragons skins but noone with feathers. He can have all colors what you want.

  • userlessuserless
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    IGN and Server :[/b
    Arselie - Koroshimo

    Name of familiar type you are submitting for:

    The name of your skin:
    Tagris of Eternity

    A short description of your concept:
    Since centuries, the wyrms were the symbol of Middelas. They could be found anywhere. But once, when Ellora's Light couldn't reach the darkest places of Tritael, the chaos has let the dragon of darkness get born. For many years, knights and adventurers tried their best to befriend the beast, but no one survived meeting with the dragon.
    The wings of the beast are the symbol of eternity being eaten by darkness, and leaving chaos and fear behind.

  • GoldenbloomGoldenbloom
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    IGN and Server
    Sparkleshine - Koroshimo

    Name of Familiar type:
    Warhorse (Apocalypse)

    Skin name:
    Sunset Apocalypse

    Rumor has it that when Apocalypse was created, another stunning heroic and powerful steed like him was created. They say he approached straight from the sunset, and has all the beautiful shades of all the multiple shades of sunset worldwide.

    (Please click on link to see picture)
    <img src= https://ibb.co/keeqMa alt="" />

    <img src= https://ibb.co/cktvnF alt="" />

    <img src= https://ibb.co/buChZv alt="" />

    I just had the idea of a simple but beautiful kind of horse. Inspired by the Apocalypse I have, the majestic horse shows the various shades of the sunset all put in one horse. As you can see, his hooves are golden and so should his eyes be. Both his fore- and hind legs are colored with the beautiful sunset transference. His mane plate is purple-ish reddish plated and and covers his mane completely. He has a red-to-orange tail color transferring. He also has an iconic sun design on his golden chest plate, and he has a similar one on the cloth under his saddle, which is colored purple. Lastly, even his saddle is colored like a sunset. I didn't have time to add it, but there should also be a purple glow on the bottom of his legs.

    site which i got the sunset inspiration:


    Good luck to all the others to participate in this contest.
    There are some amazing designs out there.
  • BlessedSaintBlessedSaint
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    IGN and Server - BlessedSaint - Teleo

    Name of Familiar - Panos

    Name of Skin - Plush Panos

    Short Description of Concept - Panos is Queen of the Cloying Wastes and is very picky about who gets to ride her, but she has noticed that some Riders have taken a liking to Plush mounts, which has taken away some of their attention to her. Out of spite and annoyance, she has broken her Ruby and has shredded down her gold to help create her own "plush" costume that will make Riders seek her out more. She added a unicorn horn and wings to her costume to even the playing field of the flying plush mounts. She still can't fly, but feels that the Riders will be tricked into wanting her more because now she has the appearance of a flying plush mount. Her hood has topaz or diamond stars that are all laced with gold. Her broken ruby has been place in the corners of her saddle, hood, bracelets on her feet, and on the tips of her wings. The unicorn horn and tassels are laced with golden thread. She would also like to have a golden aura around her and golden dust rise up every time she jumps. When she jumps, the wings on the side will rise a little to give the rider a feeling of flying as she jumps high onto her perch in the Cloying Wastes.


  • SinnderSinnder
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    I just wanted to get my concept out here, just in case I can't polish it quite enough by the time the contest ends!
    IGN and Server:
    Syndar - Baellas

    Mount Type:

    Skin Name:
    Koi Ura

    Concept Art:

    I recently visited a Chinese restaurant where they had this beautiful pond of koi in the very entrance and I grew very interested in the very large, beautifully colored one. Turns out Koi can live up to 20 years and that one happened to be 15. I didn't know that. Koi have always been gorgeous and I had the idea to try and attempt at a koi dragon. I needed to find a dragon that wasn't so spiky which turned out to be quite a challenge, sleek enough to resemble koi and yet still muscular enough to be awe inspiring. Ura was the closest one to match, unfortunately I don't actually own one so I had to do all the sketching off of the two images I could find of Ura. :D

    Bestiary Entry(cause I wanted lore):
    It is said that one Ura fell wayward from the clan, leaving its home of the Umbra Canyon and somehow finding its way into the Ellora Sanctuary. It was here, enveloped in peace and the thriving magic, that this Ura transformed as its species had in the Canyon. Rather than ink, its scales turned to ivory, splashed with tangerine and plum and its eyes were that of a clear koi pond. All koi Uras are said to be descended from this ancestor.
  • RiiahRiiah
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    IGN: Riiah
    Server: Teleo
    Familiar Type: Tagris/Traes
    Skin Name: Exiled Tagris



    As it has been mentioned by others many times before, I’ve also been fond of this mount design ever since the trailer came out and have been waiting for that special skin. Sadly only Kerav has a cool looking armor so naturally this is what I’m hoping to add into the game.

    The idea of this skin (here comes the generic storyline :D) is primarily about a dragon whose rider was killed in battle and he was overcome with grief and anger. Seeking revenge on those who killed his master, the dragon went mad and committed a massacre. The kingdom of Hakain sent their best troupes in order to capture and contain the deranged dragon. Many lives were lost in the process but they succeeded in restraining the dragon with magical chains that nullified the dragon’s power and locking it away in a distant cavern hidden underground. During the time spent locked away, the dragon’s anger never subsided and vowed to avenge his master. However he knew he could not do it alone. Only a rider strong enough to break the chains and earn the dragon’s trust will be able to ride the legendary creature.

    That’s essentially the story, a little lore if you could say. The design of the dragon itself is not much different from the original design, except for the colour of the skin. The base will be black while the spikes, “heart” jewel, wings and eyes will be a deep purple (I layered the original design of Tagris on the wings). The “hands” and feet of the dragon will have a black smoke like flame effect, same with the eyes (or they can glow purple to match the original colour). The jewel will be glowing purple as well. I’m a big fan of skin tight segmented armor so that is what I planned for the design. I’m terrible with drawing metal but I tried my best xD. It’s supposed to be a half oxidized and half polished silver with a couple cracks (so it would look a little worn out from battle) but I didn’t have a lot of time to add those details.

    The main spikes of the dragon will also have a little spiked cap at the end. And of course there are multiple chains around the dragon. I changed the shape of the tail a bit to distinguish it from Tagris/Traes, and also cause it could be used as another weapon :D. I’ve attached a drawing of where I planned for the armor to go on the Tagris design itself, so I hope that helps with my confusing sketch. I also planned for the skin to have the same lightning aura as Tagris (around the body), but it would be the black smoke instead.

    ALSO one thing that I’ve noticed with many skin designs is that there’s no saddle, which is fine sometimes. But I can’t help thinking about how uncomfortable it would be sitting on a spike/scale/etc. So I hope this saddle design works out as well.

    I suppose this is the end of my little spiel. Sorry for the super shoddy colouring job and lack of angles, but it was fun participating and I wish the best of luck to everyone ^-^

    (By the way, yes I know it looks like I slapped on some colour for the purple design so here it is a little more refined in the original colour scheme xD. Also the armor isn't attached to anything, but let's just say that it stays on the body cause of magic wooo)

    (Note: Soooooo I haven’t checked this forum in a while and I just noticed the mass of armored Tagris/Traes lolol. Good luck to everyone! xD)
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  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Although the contest is closed, You may see some entries pop up. There are a few Riders who were not able to submit on time due to the forum username approval system and I will be doing so on their behalf. Thanks for your understanding, Riders.

    While we judge, all Riders are encouraged to to go on and LIKE their favorite entries.
  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    IGN: VillainousViper
    Server: Teleo
    Familiar Type: Abomination
    Skin Name: HellGore Tyrant

    Concept of Artwork: "The HellGore Tyrant comes from another dimension with a never-ending, ravenous appetite. His large eyes hungrily look around for other mounts to eat, such as horses! He has no skin covering his large, brute muscles, and a large mouth full of large, sharp teeth right in his belly! What a menacing mount!"

    Description of the mount skin concept: (Description tags are located on the artwork itself).

    Front View:

    Lateral View:

  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    FINALLY THE FINALISTS!! >:-D First off, thank you so much Riders for pouring your time and creative efforts into your mount designs. Riders brought in their A game and as with every contest it was a very difficult choice.

    The below Riders are the Finalists of the Mount Design Contest. These Riders may potentially have their designs created in-game (which we will announce in the Grand Prize Winner round which at a later date).

    *Winners please allow up to 5 business days to receive your prize.

    Luminiel - Akaldus

    Neoseptem - Akaldus

    Ahmara - Velzeroth

    ShaBiest - Koroshimo

    Ashente - Teleo

    LyanWilliam - Velzeroth

    VillainousViper - Teleo

    Dreamzzweaver - Koroshimo

    Nerome - Koroshimo

    ZerafutEX - Koroshimo

    Dethervi - Velzeroth

    RoseShadow - Teleo

    Araceli - Baellas

    Fluffion - Koroshimo

    Philosoap - Koroshimo

    Alatori - Baellas

    Blozar - Koroshimo

    Barlo - Baellas
  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Good day, Riders. All Finalist have received their Trickster's Guile Packages in-game. If it is missing, please send me a PM. As for the 200,000 NX, this will take a little bit more time to process. I will inform everyone once it has been distributed. :-)
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