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Lvl 58 skill for magic classes.

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Getting 200 Illusion Powder just to attempt the craft is too much as things stand.

The main problem being that you cannot effeciantly solo these elites as a wiz (tanks can solo them), and finding a willing tank to farm them just does not happen, as there is not incentive for the tank (who would need bloods, not powders for their skill) to farm them.

The grind is inasane, but my real issue is that we cannot solo grind these(idm if solo the rate of obtaining them is far lower, just wanting it to be possible), where as some other classes can.


  • yvadimyvadim
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    There are 3 types of mobs in the groups. The one with sword is easy to solo as a wiz. Just don't aggro the whole group.
  • FairPlay001_1FairPlay001_1
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    the main problem is the success chance: Normal :*
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    I agree that getting 200 is way too much. We've been trying to grind as a 3 person group for an hour. We got 3 powders after killing around a hundred of these mobs. Not only that, but the recipe success chance is normal? Hah, good joke Nexon.

    I have to question what they want to accomplish with this. The grinding is hard solo if you're not a priest who can heal or a tank who can withstand tons of damage, or an OP dps with the best als gear possible. The drop rate is absolutely terrible. You need so many powders/blood to craft a single potion, AND the craft success chance is normal, when even high seems to have a pretty high chance to fail. There is absolutely no reason to try crafting these recipe's, especially since in the end, the skills they give aren't that great.
    Take the ranger skill for example - dominance. It's not too bad. A chance to give the enemy a total of 15% less defense and increase their cast times by 6%, ok that's pretty cool, but in no way is it game changing, especially since the chance of this debuff happening is uncertain (how often, what's the chance it'll happen, do we have to use raven's heart before every attack for the debuff chance to be activated? There is no certainty.
    A skill that potentially takes hours upon hours of tedious and hard grinding with a chance to fail to craft the potion, it is simply not worth it for a skill like that. Sure, the skill would be useful, but all the trouble you have to go through only to have a chance to fail the craft and have to do all of it over again is not something basically anyone wants to go through. It's far too much work for far too little reward.