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[COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 6, 2017


  • bluetiger404bluetiger404
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    edited December 7, 2017
    The Ellandfel dungeon has tainted me and branded a dark stain on my soul. I never want to see it again, I don't think I want to buy premium next month because of it. The whole dungeon system seems so clunky and this Christmas game does a great job of exposing all the weaknesses.

    Ok so I'm a noob, but if you're more "noobier" than me, here some helpful info you might not yet know and came staggering into the forums hoping to find a little help...
    here's what I learned so far....
    !) If you press the right bracket key "]", it brings up a menu of ALL dungeons and each has a reset dungeon button. (so you can retry the dungeon 15 times before you start to hate life itself)
    !) You can toggle between 'Standard' & 'Action' mode by pressing the INSERT key. (both are equally useless against evil Xmas bunnies)
    !) While in 'Action Mode', hit your I (inventory) key to get your mouse pointer back so you can drag the snowballs into the mouse button hotkey slots.
    !) The two methods to attack the flying bunnies is Standard and Action, both have targeting distance problems and waiting for the snowball throw to cooldown so you can throw another one fast enough takes too long. So far, I've tried both methods and neither is fast enough for me to kill all the bunnies before one of them reaches the present.
    !) In Action Mode, I found it helped a little bit to sometimes aim, tab key, snowball to attack each bunny. Tab Key Tab Key Tab Key
    !) If you try attacking in Standard Mode you need to hotkey the snowball to the 1 key so you can spam it while you spam click the bunnies in complete futility. (Click spam the bunny and maybe it will lock on if its close enough, then spam 1 to attack, then frantically turn your camera just in time to see another bunny reach the present and fail you).

    And Lastly,
    !) I now understand there's a rhythm involved in the strategy and you don't want to spam the attack buttons like I said above. You need to stand there and precisely attack back and forth, left/right the front most bunnies to keep from being overrun by the wave of bunnies. I also understand that you must also learn the precise moment to click/target/attack the bunnies at a certain distance otherwise you'll have trouble targeting them which will waste time and cause you to lose.

    The problem is it's already taken me 10-15 tries to get this far and and learn everything I've posted above. And now I really don't care enough or have the ambition to spend another 10-30 failed attempts to learn and memorize the precise rhythm to attack the bunnies so that I can win. Why? Because it's just a stupid Christmas game that was supposed to be fun and not so dag gum hard that you have to sacrifice your happiness and time with friends to get it right.

  • TruemmerTruemmer
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    I'm not able to hit them, as long as I'm standing at the ground and the railing is between me and them. Even if they are right next to me. But when i jump up it works most of the time.
    So my guess would be that it depends on the size of the character.

    I made it to the 5th wave using this workaround, but since it's no fun at all, i gave up after that. Waiting for a fix now
  • FionaFiona
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    I play with friends from the guild. And we do not have time to spend it on a useless, dumb, unfinished event.
  • DeviraDevira
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    I'm starting to think that this event was meant for the people who live in game and have enough time to do it over and over again. And not for the working people who can play for a couple of hours daily. Such a "nice" event.
  • glitchmagnetglitchmagnet
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    Ok so i am inside the dungeon and not only not bunnies, but then I get disconnected because of improper patches? Never had this kind of disconnect before....
  • ArchAngelTariel34ArchAngelTariel34
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    edited December 7, 2017
    Did you GM's even pay attion to how you made this event because realy it stinks I have tried to finish it 15 times each time adjusting what I did in hopes that it would solve my loseing issue but it has not .my only conclusion as to why we can not win is ither to many rabini or not good enoph snow balls to hit more then 1 target making it easyer to stop them what ever the issue please fix it because if not I will not try to run it anymore. no one likes a lame event.
  • SilverRobSilverRob
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    Yep fix needed... i wait too..
  • YllmathirYllmathir
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    At start could also seems complicated but it's just priority on kills. I think it need just focus and a bit of understanding, no real fix needed.
    On wiz took me one attempt. :)
    But ofc i did 5 already on priest so I knew what to do. Sadly I can't record 'cause my graphic card still a bit old and don't allow me to record. :(

    Anyway, speaking about fun, well.. the event leave you with no sense of fun. Nothing to do around, nor in city and so on.
    Said so, we can't say that this event is funny. It's just another solo challenge.

    I don't think is worth the time if we look at rewards. So, if you are able to complete it or not, nothing will change and yeah at the end nobody can tell "Oohh today we had lot of fun with RoI event".
  • daenidaeni
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    This isn't at you mods or CM's. This is for the...person that brainstormed this event. Please cut down on the java! We all will be happier for it.
    I'm kinda stunned by this...event. Most should be fun and entertaining but this....well it's far from it.
    Besides having way to many riders that literally swarm the present, you then have to be on standard mode just to target anything and having your keys allocated helps but really????.
    By the time you hit one it's done. In the future will you PLEASE TRY IT OUT FIRST BEFORE THROWING IT AT US?

    Right now this event is just plainly to depressing. Another in a continued pattern of depressing events that do little to promote good relations with the community.
    Go back to what works, the daily log-ins. At least until you try out what you think we might find entertaining because right now this isn't it. :'(
    The last thing some of us want is another solo challenge to pass as an event for our enjoyment. if we need that we go to the Spire. This wasn't enjoyable for me.

    EDIT: How can a minimal level person (level 7) do this and hope to complete it? They can't.
  • PuffyHuffPuffyHuff
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    edited December 7, 2017
    Thank you all for your feedback and I truly appreciate that you've taken the time to share your experiences, as bad as most of them seem to been. The lot of you gave the event a fair chance, trying it several times before drawing a verdict and there's something to be said about that. If the community isn't happy with something, then that thing needs to be looked into further and a discussion needs to take place.

    I'm closing this thread as the maintenance is over, but if more information about the event is needed, I will make a separate thread to request and collect more feedback from you all.
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