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Moderator Bug Hunter Week 2 Submissions!

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Good day Riders, as Summer approaches and the Middelas gets ready for the season, we have encountered a hoard of BUGS across all regions.
Bug Hunting Season is On!
Let's us team up to BURN and help eradicate this infestation from our lands by identifying, record, capture and submit these on RoI forums for an opportunity to earn amazing prices!

Week 2 Submissions:



  • ShadowDash1089ShadowDash1089
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    edited May 13, 2018
    Region: EU
    Server: Akaldus
    IGN: ShadowDash1089
    Category:Gameplay (honing)
    Location: Casey the item refiner at Hakains Crossing market district.
    Bug: this bug relates to the specific item - ancient necklace.
    according to vendor, the possible values for physical attack % attribute are 8-14.
    According to tech support the value for honing is RANDOM, which means no values have higher chance than others.
    After some trial and error of multiple users, i can confirm that its very likely not random, after more than 20 honing attempts, the highest i could personaly hone was 10, always values between 8-10.
    Which means 4 out of 7 values (11-14) never showed up.
    Statisticaly its almost like flipping a coin and each time you get 'heads' after many trials - very unlikely.
    The specific scenario i dealt with, is ancient necklace with 14% and 10% physical attack.
    I locked the 14% and honed the 10%.
    *did not try without locking since i dont want to lose the 14%.
    *did not try more attempts since its costy and others had same issues.

    To recreate this case - simply hone the necklace i mentioned and lock the 14% line.
    Save the results of each attempt to determine the true probabilities by running simulation.
    You will see its far from a simple random
  • MorellitoMorellito
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    edited May 13, 2018
    Region: NA
    Server: Teleo
    IGN (in-game name): Morellito
    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Self Equipment
    Detail: sometimes when i equip my set of jewerly (DPS or Taming) this show a message of "Wrong Bag" and after that all the set remaining with the same error, in the picture, i try to equip my alsacian ring but this says: "Wrong Bag" again and again, this happend en every where, in victory plaza, dungeons, raids, etc..
    i relog to fix the problem but is very sad when i try to tame and this happend :(

  • TheElloraTheEllora
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 1,290
    Posts: 23
    edited May 13, 2018
    Region: NA
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: ChikaVip
    Location: Akrat Plains
    Details: This bug usually happens after leaving "Scarlet Harbor" specifically. It also happens when leaving dungeons where debuff is applied (Ellora's Spire Included). When completing a dungeon we find the specific debuff even being out of it and this forces us to return to the character selection screen.
    Why? Generally within a dungeon we have a disadvantage and this remains after being out in any part of the world in such a way that re-login is necessary for our statistics to be maintained in a normal manner.

  • StyxxxStyxxx
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    edited May 13, 2018
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: RoseShadow
    Category: Gameplay
    Bug - Mecha Apoc Skin:
    For the Mecha Apoc Skin every time you run or move the glowing orbs on its back thigh area trail behind you and do not keep up with the mount. Once you stop they immediately return. Also when you dismount some of the skin effects still remain. And this also applies going backwards and side to side.

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