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Moderator Bug Hunter Week 4 Submissions!

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Good day Riders, as summer approaches and the Middelas gets ready for the season, we have encountered a hoard of BUGS across all regions.
Bug Hunting Season is on!
Let us team up to BURN and help eradicate this infestation from our lands by identifying, record, capture and submit these on the RoI forums for an opportunity to earn amazing prices!

Week 4 Submissions:

Official rules>>>http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/23061/


  • wyndiniumwyndinium
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    edited May 25, 2018
    Region/Server: Teleo
    IGN (in-game name): Ravenwulf
    Detail description (category, location, class etc..): Gameplay
    Images, Gif and/or video:
    In master attaius, we get this weird bug that only lets you hit him for one hp. You have to go behind him to get the full damage amount. Happens after an electrical discharge, or when aggro is switched.
  • NikosNikos
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    edited May 25, 2018
    Server: Akaldus
    IGN: Nikos
    Category: gameplay/visual (dead familiar (mount) following me in a no mount area)
    Location: Breack heroic 3 (just went in the first available difficulty setting in heroic for daily quest for Macbain coins)

    During Umax, I died multiple times, 'cos I fell off the cliff (yes, I'm bad at aiming when to stop with fast mounts) so after my fastest mounts died, I used a slower one in there, namely my Magma Beast. Sadly it fell down too. And died as well. just like my Plush Wolf or Maios.
    As for following me, I mean the dead version kept teleporting after me whenever I rotated my camera east at first, later I realised it was whatever direction the previously loaded (dead) form of the mount was.

    The screenshots might not be in chronological order, I just grabbed them all and dumped them in imgurl, however you can see the screenshot filenames in the chat, so you can actually see their order.

    my other dead mounts loaded in when I ressed during the Umax fight as well, but those didn't start following me like this one did.
  • ZouliaZoulia
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    edited May 25, 2018
    Server: Teleo
    IGN: ZinPia
    Category: Gameplay/Visual
    Details: I used my transit shrine pass to leave Fractura to go to Hastan Village in Akrat Plains.. I see casual grocers and NPCS. But when I go to the market broker and storage master, they're not there. If you notice, too, the jewelry craft merchant has disappeared, too.
  • NikkeehhNikkeehh
    Riders of Icarus Rep: 325
    Posts: 9
    edited May 27, 2018
    Server: Raken
    IGN: nikehh

    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Heretic, Akrat Plains, Roche Ruins
    Bug: Today at UTC 16:56 nobody got loot/gold at heretic ch 1. This happend before. I don't know if this bug was reported, but wanted to share it anyway.

    Also there are some visual bugs for priest.
    Category: Combat
    Location: everywhere but most at spire.
    Bug: Visual, it show's that I have Ellora's Mark. But when you look at the purple counter it says i don't have them.
    I don't have them, but still see them floating around me which is confusing.

    Category: Combat
    Location: everywhere, random
    Bug: Visual. The shield skill for Priest does not work well.
    Sometimes when i press the hotkey, nothing happends and then after +- 20sec it shows up.
    It shows the shield when it is not there + it doesn't show the shield when it is there.
    Also sometimes when i cast it, i see it. But still get DMG/hit.(don't know if this is a bug)

    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Ellora's Spire
    Bug: Sometimes I can't go trough the portal.
    it kept saying 'wrong target' while i just pressed 'F'

    Category: Gameplay
    Location: Fractura, second boss(sometimes first boss, the one with the Assassin Blades.
    Psiible Visual Bug:
    I don't know if this is a debuff or a bug. But when my friend gets hit by the boss, after a while it's HP doesn't get healed.
    When I heal him nothing happends and it keeps saying he has 50% or 70% (different per time) The HP gets lower when he gets hit.
    But i can only heal him till the part of its HP which isn't bugged. so for example bug shows 50%, he gets DMG and now has 20% HP. I can heal him up to 50%. Sorry if this is not a bug but a debuff. I couldn't figure out.

    I know this is more than 1 bug, but still want to share them.
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