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+15 Legendary weapon tempering stone level limit?

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I tried to use a +15 legendary weapon tempering stone on my temmiajin staff. It doesn't work I keep getting the message tempering stone is invalid. Is there a limit on these? If so, where do I get ones that will work with this new staff? Do the ones for sell in the rabbini event npc store work?


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    guys... why you dont read the item specifications?


    Clearly say Lv 61 or higter items cant be used...

    You need stones lv240 or 250 and when you temper your wpon you must use ellora's buff... tempering potion... if you have tamago sushi and depend of the item days you can get between 5%-20% tempering... and you can use also a tempering talisman 9%.. or if you have that christmas skin you will get around 10-15% i done remenber exactly... and you will need ELUNS!!!

    Also playing ellora's sphire "sometimes" some boss rarely drop a Blessed Tempering stone... or if you have luck with ellora's weekly reward you can get a blessed temp stone x3 or the ellora's monthly reward can give you a blessed stome pack x5 with all my time playing ellora's aphire just one time i got a blessed stone pack x3 weekly and one monthly x5

    Another way... farm gold... and try to buy the blessed stones... the normal price was around 1.2-1.6k gold but now you can see those stones around 2.8-3.6k gold.... and finally you can buy a pack with NX and get 2 blessed stones...