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[UPDATE] Date A GM Event

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Greetings !

Thank you for all the participants who participated in the event! We had fun being together with you on a solo date <3. Hoping that we will see you next year again for another Valentine Solo Date ^^.

We will send the rewards each of us GMs whom you dated last week. There are surprise rewards and GM rewards for all of you participants.

Expect the rewards that the GMs given to you. Please do not compare the rewards with one another, GMs has a different rewards for their dates.

Thank you so much everyone and Happy Gaming!


Date your Chosen GM

Love is in the air! Let’s have some special Valentines event with your lovely GMs. Court the GM that you want to have a date for the day.

(Do not fret about the gender of your date. This is meant to just be fun one on one time to hang out with a GM in-game! So don't take it too seriously.)

SUBMISSION DATES: February 8th– 22nd@ 12 AM UTC time

GM Dates will occur on February 23rd-24th between the hours of:
- PST: 9:00 -10:00 PM
- EST: 9:00 -10:00 PM
- CEST: 8:00 - 9:00 AM
- AEST: 12:00 - 1:00 PM

** Please make sure you are actually available to partake on a date between these hours on February 15th before entering the contest.

Here are just some ideas of activities you can engage in (but it’s really up to you):
- Chatting.
- A romantic gondola ride through Hakanas on Letonsia.
- Taking selfies and screenshots.
- And much more!

You can submit the following types of items to woo your potential GM:
- Draw a Portrait or Illustration or Manga/Comic
- Design a Valentine Card
- Write a Poem
- Record a Song
- Any other form of artwork you wish to create can be submitted.

When submitting and entry please provide the following:
- Your in-game character name.
- Server Name.
- name of GM you wish to date.
- Hours available for the date.
- A link to your entry (or if you are submitting poetry please just add it to you reply).

We will be choosing 6 participants to date us ^^ see you guys <3

- Title: GM Phoebe’s Date (No stats, just for the sake of Valentines Day)
- Title: GM MeWo’s Date (No stats, just for the sake of Valentines Day)
- Title: GM Arch_Angel’s Date (No stats, just for the sake of Valentines Day)


GM Profile
Here are the dating profiles of the GMs you can choose from. These profiles can help you when creating your entry:

GM Mewo


Favorite Flying Mount: Sweet Poyo
Favorite Ground Mount: Brakarr Gallant
Favorite Class: Ranger
Favorite NPC: Timid Farmer
Favorite Food: ANYTHING SWEET but mostly Fried Chicken
Hobbies: I love Swimming
Other Stuff I Like: I like Ice"Cream".
About me: Nothing much about me but I hope that I have a good sense of humor.

GM Arch_Angel


Favorite Flying Mount: Freig
Favorite Land Mount: Brakarr Gallant
Favorite Class: A S S A S S I N
Favorite NPC: Kurodian (before she betrayed me)
Favorite Food: P I Z Z A and C A K E S
- Horseback Riding with my modified Brakarr Gallant: 988cc, Liquid-cooled inline 4 cylinder DOHC, 16 valves, Fuel injection with YCC-T and YCC-I 6-speed wet multiplate assist and slipper clutch.
- Eating Pizzas and Cakes
- Stalking players and showing up unnecessarily
- Harvesting Poron Mushrooms and hoarding them to my inventory for no reason
- Drawing/Sketching

Other Stuff I like:
- Watching Anime
- Reading Manga or mostly books
- Thinking about my life choices

About Arch_Angel:
Theres really not much to know. oh and no, i am not a trap.

GM Phoebe


Favorite Flying Mount: Soluna
Favorite Land Mount: Reindeer snow sled
Favorite Class: Wizard (I main wiz)
Favorite NPC: Market Broker (I become rich with this NPC hahaha)
Favorite Food: Anything ~
- Playing online Games mostly mmorpg and moba. Im weak at playing FPS games
- Playing guitar and singing
- Love to play volleyball

Other Stuff I like:
- Watching Anime
- Reading Manga or mostly books (Novel)
- Writing Stories
- Overthinking (Kinda have issues)
- Travelling!

About Phoebe:
There are plenty much to know but we cannot please everybody to like someone, right?


  • PhoebeePhoebee
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    Sample entry:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    GM Phoebe is sweet
    I love to date you in the field.

    IGN: Caliver
    Server: Baellas
    Wish to date: GM Phoebe
    Hours Available: PST: 9:00 -10:00 PM

    Hope to see you guys ~
  • DelmitriaDelmitria
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    Dearest Phoebe, I would like to take you on an underwater journey, to show you a love 5 Fathoms Deep :)
    Video Games are a way for us to explore new worlds, and new horizons. This Valentines day, I would like to show you a part of this beautiful world most people never see.
    IGN: Delmatria
    Server: Teleo
    Wish to Date: Phoebe, of course <3
    Hours Available: all day
  • Wrekol2001Wrekol2001
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    Q: What did the girl cat say to the boy cat on Valentine's Day?
    A: You're purrr-fect for me. ❤
    Im feeling loved! ^-^

    IGN: Wrekol2001
    Server: Velzeroth
    Wish to date: GM Arch_Angel
    Hours Avaible: UTC 14:00 - 20:0
  • Levi_z3Levi_z3
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    edited February 13
    You've brought so much joy
    and happiness,
    I care for you more
    than i express.
    Because you're a good friend
    in every way,
    I'm sending my love
    on Valentine's Day <3

    IGN: LeviVerius
    Server: Velzeroth
    Wish to Date: GM Phoebe
    Hours Available: 2pm CEST- 7pm CEST
  • TeciaTecia
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    edited February 13
    IGN: ShanLiu
    Server: Akaldus
    Wish to Date: GM MeWo
    Hours Available: 11-21 UTC

  • Gery123Gery123
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    edited February 14
    Ign: Gery123
    Server: Velzeroth
    Wish to date: Arch_angel
    Hours available: All day
  • HaomaHaoma
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    edited February 14

    Ign: CupidDeath
    Server: Akaldus
    Wish to date: Arch_angel
    Hours available: CEST: 7:00 - 10:00 AM
  • DelmitriaDelmitria
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    edited February 23
    I guess the event got cancelled then...
  • Arch_AngelArch_Angel
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    Delmitria wrote: »
    I guess the event got cancelled then...

    It's not cancelled Delmatria ^_^
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