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  • Hiiambrett
    I havnt had much issues. I found 1 hacker so far and I recorded him and reported him. He was level 35 I think and teleporting with no cool downs. Clearing one area over and over and over. That was the only time. Other than that they donot really affect me much.

    Don't mind the music, I listen to pandora when i farm werewolves. Can't show this in forums or it gets deleted.

    I've reported 7 different bots in badlands. The fastest I've seen one banned was 8 days.

    Exarium ore
    1g ea (should be way more but we know why it isn't)
    4 farmed every minute (probably way more)

    4x60x24 = 5760 gold a day
    5760 x 7 x 2 = 80640 gold every 2 weeks
    80630/500 = 161 x $5 = 806 dollars for someone

    That thing is making at least 57 dollars a day for someone. It's probably more since 4 ore every minute is very conservative.
    September 5, 2016
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