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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades. 100 spades to be exact.
    December 8
  • Menadue
    Name of game: Riders of Icarus
    Name of Character: Germayne
    Server: Baelles

    Hello there, I was of the winners of the Halloween screenshot party contest and I was just wondering when do the winners receive their prizes?
    November 11
  • Riyaka
    Hello, my party won the Halloween Party Screenshot Contest and we don´t have reward jet. We are Riyane, SparrowSVK, Mydiinka, Aisling, and Silmari from Koroshimo. On the original contest page Mydiinka is written Mysiinka . Thank you.
    November 5
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    October 19
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    September 26
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    September 21
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    September 21
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    September 21
  • OwlSAMA

    Good morning, could you help me? my character is bugged in Sea, every time I try to log in it appears "Cannot use this item" could help me, in that? I have not been able to get into this character for four days, sorry my English, I'm using the translator.
    IGN: OwlSAMA
    September 20
  • Aiman55
    pls help me
    "you cannot use this item"
    September 18
    • PuffyHuff
      Thank you for reaching out to me, we are looking into this issue.
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    September 14
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    September 12
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    August 29
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    August 29