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Hey guys! I'm GM Arch_Angel you may call me Louise or Angel >w< whichever you prefer, I'll be one of the newest addition to our GM's. I am 24 years old and I am Japanese but born and raised in (insert unknown country here), I am residing in (insert unknown country here). You may look it up in Google Maps, so I will share the coordinates here: (insert random numbers here, insert random number here). Likes: Food! Games mostly PC, Singing, Drawing/Illustrating, Gaming (again and again) oh and dogs ^_^ Dislikes: People who far in the elevator -____- and People who actually take my food away from me >___< I dont have any social media accounts /yet/ so if ever you may want to contact me, its through Discord ^_^ We can talk about almost anything there ^_^ don't hesitate to ask me questions and whatnot ^_^ Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ Here have a Soluna!


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Pizza is a well rounded meal.
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Japanese and NOT A TRAP.

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