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"People believe reporters are only capable of telling the truth. The fact that people unconditionally believe what they say should make them aware of how much more deadly their words can be against others. They should be careful, and careful some more. Not knowing that is their deadly mistake. The danger of someone who can't admit when they're wrong to become a reporter, only to make statements out of groundless assumptions... The danger of speaking recklessly while unaware of the weight their words carry... I see the danger of it now."
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Hey, I'm Grayson! Some of you who have played Free Realms may know me as, Grayson Stonyhammer. Free Realms was a game created by Daybreak Games (former Sony Online Entertainment), that focused on multiple elements of an MMO- combining them amazingly well. Free Realms was a game that I happily invested 5 years of my life into playing, until it's shutdown on March 31st, 2014. I was and am a member of Mystic Mayhem.

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