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  • SumTimer
    can not get past the " PLAY " window,, when I click on it, two different windows (small) comes up.. first one says ( no disk in drive) ... second one says (Cry Engine error.. CGame context::Start Game: No users logged in) ... what is going on please... I have done numerous things to help correct the issue,, firstly I in installed the nexon platform,, made sure I was totally logged out of the forums etc.. as well... re down loaded the nexon etc... and still the same results... please let me know what to do..
    November 14
  • ZaraZuta
    We are trying to do Fortress of Sorrows dungeon with a party of 2. It won't let us both in. Is it a solo dungeon
    October 10
  • Bocchetti
    Character : Bocchetti
    Server : Baellas

    I've not been able to log in for more than 24h... I have Golden Rod, going, premium... I am not being able to do my dailies... Can you please fix this, sir?
    September 19
  • Hunter
    Hunterbane, Baellas I am having this issue "you cannot use this item", did not have this issue until today what gives.
    September 18
  • Aiman55
    pls help me
    "you cannot use this item"
    September 18
  • Superdarco
    Hi CuddleWings,

    You can help me please, my account is banned for a simply a start "*", I do not understand the reason for the ban, I hope you help me, thank you very much
    August 26
  • Trice
    Hi CuddleWings,

    Quick question, cant find an answer anywhere, not even in game, do yuo know where i can find the LLv. 50 Heroic Health/Mana Elixir recipes? I have done a huge search online and cannot find the answer. Even in the forums, some say it might be in Temple of Sands story mode but no one has confirmed and i have done that dungeon tons of time in story,elite, and heroic. Can you tell me where I can find it and/or confirm if it is in ToS please?
    August 19
  • AngelicKat
    Hi CuddleWings,

    I just recently joined Riders Of Icarus discord channel and I was wondering how I can get permission to talk in the general chat/ other channels. My discord name is KittenWithClawz#7315 (normally AngelicKat#7315) but I changed it to KittenWithClawz because that is my IGN.
    August 2
  • Ladina
    Sry das ich dich hier anschreibe,aber die Schwindlerinnen haben ein großes Problem..Mein neuer Char
    Nerlina auf Akaldus ..kommt nicht weiter,Die Quest:Feinde stabilisieren geht nicht,der Tiger kommt nicht.Bitte helft uns..lg Nerlina
    July 11
  • Salladin
    GM wrote to me that my account was permanently banned for violating the 8x EULA. I understand that I have used elluns eight times. Are there banning guidelines?
    June 21
  • wyndinium
    Hey this is Ravenwulf, IGN
    >Ravenwulf lol. I was with Aldyn on the first run with him. Server is Teleos.
    June 20
  • Tyler1Beta
    So a few days ago I got in Cuddle Wing's frac run event, and it was one of the last runs, after I got into the party i disconnected because of energy shortage in my area, i came back on about and hour later and I was by myself, I just want to ask if i will get the rodesh mark?
    June 20
  • Arrgon
    I also did not get mine.
    June 20
  • Sindel84
    I haven't receive the mark in my box cuddles wings in phoenixwar let know that
    June 20
  • NotAMod
    Hello @CuddleWings

    Was the character weekly ban list permanently removed from the forums? If so, why?
    June 6
  • EnchantressXII
    Keep up the good work! :)
    May 25
  • Cap2pac
    Yeah i got banned too but i didnt do anything wrong i was doing my quest and i disconnected from the server
    when i opened the game again i saw i got banned !!! I have never cheated, I played the game of pleasure day and night please check me Name -Cap2pac and CapOne2pac i want my account back GM pls !!!Love this game.Tnx
    May 9
  • Cap2pac
    Yeah i got banned too but i didnt do anything wrong i was doing my quest and i disconnected from the server
    when i opened the game again i saw i got banned !!! I have never cheated, I played the game of pleasure day and night please check me Name -Cap2pac and CapOne2pac i want my account back GM pls !!!Love this game.Tnx
    May 8
  • LadyTrickz
    I was just wondering cause I am unable to find them can you still purchase founder packs?
    May 4
  • shingan
    hey my account got banned for no reason.. i let my buddy played on it yesterday and i went back to log on today and said my accont is ban for lik 12000 days. and the reason said "*" a star thats all it said. now please help me i spent lots of time on that character.. please unban me. please i wasted so much time if im banned for no reason. im actually very angry right now. >:/
    May 3
  • Astroo
    Hey Cuddlewings, I'm interested in moderating Forums and Discord.
    April 25
  • Sage
    I am interested as well
    April 25
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    You have been a registered member for an entire year!
    April 12
  • Yukuz
    wo kann man den nun Nachlesen oder schauen was sie können und wo die neuen Fähigkeitsbücher herbekommt ?
    wäre ganz gut wenn man das erfahren könnte ;)
    April 6
  • nandusss
    Hi cuddlewings. I already send you my in.game and server name on twitch and still didint get anything. Idk if is normal or i got some problem, because alreay pass like 5days. Was a livestream raffle on march21. If you can say something :)
    March 27
  • GP000
    http://imgur.com/a/APQHQ Please help me, bug minimap and mission
    reinstall Riders of icarus(no work)
    March 26
  • Fantasie
    Can you tell me how to make a 5th character please?
    March 25
  • wyndinium
    Hello Miss Cuddle Wings,

    I was wondering if it was at all possible to change one's character gender in character customization if you purchase a voucher? I have been wanting to change a character for awhile because I switched main accounts (which was an unforeseen circumstance...Rangers are OP though....) I would like it if I could do this, it would mean a lot to me especially since I'm a girl and well, I want to main a female character. But I loved my guild so much I started maining an ult I created so my guild could have more DPS mains instead, and that ult happened to be a male character.....I hope you can put forth some consideration into this, for it will be much appreciated.

    Sincerely, A Ravenwulf.
    March 18
  • Minimuecke
    es ist derzeit nicht möglich hier sich anzumelden :
    - Nexon launcher (Code:20010)
    - Steam launcher (Code:32512)
    - offiziellen seite

    actualy you're unable to log in:
    - Nexon launcher (Code:20010)
    - Steam launcher (Code:32512)
    - offical page
    March 11
  • Meneghetti
    Cudlle, i cant like, or post on facebook, can you help me?
    My name profile is https://www.facebook.com/rodrigo.meneghetti.90
    March 8