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  • Yyy, yes, he has a big one... BTW grats for creativity... If you can call it creative
  • The 20% damage from light blast is due to a passive skill. It says "improves your overloaded and dark ecstasy effects". It adds that 20% to light blast and makes dark ecstasy from dark affiction last for 15 secs. That's a good change, but the shield…
  • For people who don't know what it's about: wizard has 2 kinds of shields - mana shield that once casted, uses mana bar instead of hp bar when you take dmg, and the second is frozen blessing, a 7 seconds skill that gives you very high defence and pro…
  • One more time, let the players' voice be heard! We wanted cross server dungeons, you did it. Now we want you to remove that god damn debuff! Zinni said in the official sneak peek "there won't be any debuff in the tower"... But somehow there is. Fix…
  • It prevents you from going late night (1am - 2am) and entering one more time after reset at the morning (5 or 6 am I believe). It sucks because these times are the best due to low players at the server meaning less lags or disconnects at the Tower.
  • I'm a wiz on Velzeroth and paid no money as long as I play (since beginning of August 2016). I'm in full karasha with 5700+ dps unbuffed. I made it to 17th floor and the boss had 2/3 hp when my timer stopped. If not the God damn disconnect on the 10…
  • Actually they could be added to the barracks instance in hakain crossing after you complete the storyline quest within that location. Also they could be added to your familiar farm.
  • Also, it's really frustrating to get disconnected while in the spire. I had a disconnect today and I have one positive message - you can continue from the floor you were disconnected... But the boss resets and the timer is still going on, even when …
  • Well, actually barder crafting at max lvl gives you the mirage set which is good for exping your familiars, but the legendary sets are better once your familiar hits the cap and doesn't need more exp, so it makes barder crafting max stage a little u…
  • Ok, well, I think you're right but can you write something more about what the real problems are in your point of view? Because you write too much about others, and almost nothing about what are the "real" problems. Of course it's not hate, you just…
  • Go with the storyline, reach 50 lvl, either get tyrant or just grind fortress of sorrows e1-2 for easy gold. You can get 20-30 gold per run
  • I'm curious if you can interact with other players while in there, especially trading. If the trade will also be server wide, it may affect economy of the game (dunno if for good or bad). Hmm that would be awesome. Im not sure it would effect the…
  • About the mirage set, all materials including premium pitch set can be obtained from CW cradle of nightmares elites (I farmed sandworms and it dropped a few)
  • I'm curious if you can interact with other players while in there, especially trading. If the trade will also be server wide, it may affect economy of the game (dunno if for good or bad).
  • Greetings from your server, can you tell me which famous tank goes solo l5?
  • Being able to choose your race would be OK but I suspect they won't add the merumi race. Can you imagine merumi performing ranger's backflip or assassin double jump? In my opinion they could also make some purpose of choosing your race, like small…
  • Cross server pvp and cross server dungeons? Finally you managed to implement something that should be added a long time ago... But better late than never
  • But you still don't get it, if the top alliance splits, it's 3 times smaller on each channel, and even if the players are OP, they have equal chances against average 3 guilds alliance. Numbers and numbers here. More players in full alliances enterin…
  • But being split makes them weaker. Even if they're the best, numbers don't lie - good 3 guilds alliance vs one top guild - equal chances
  • Main - karasha the dark one (which I already had) Alt I - matura... Alt II - letonsia... Alt III - bajarn... But why good marks are always on alts?