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  • Even after posting various images of failed attempts, no person was able to communicate a better response. I even got a reply from @Cream saying that it is working fine and is working the way it is meant to be. The chances are supposed to be low....…
  • [Deleted by Moderator]
  • Cream wrote: » I wish you good luck with the post and I hope that what you intend with the discussion is accomplished Rider! Have a nice day!
  • Cream wrote: » This information will be forward, Rider! Thank you for the information supplied on this post to everyone! Hi I posted something similar in the forum regarding this class. Is there any work that has been done on this class since t…
  • Yes in short I don't feel that the guardian class is balanced or in level with other class. You are asking for pictures and video for us to show its not balanced with other characters? That's quite impossible for me. Also I am not sharing my accoun…
  • SydolinEmuna wrote: » Dunno if you check youtube but there are videos about guards solo FK L5 , please check them. Zkurcrow did solo fractura. Also I have a video about lvl58 skill crafting that I show a rotation about chain-block.No other class …
  • I can't kill megantes alone. I have tried many skill rotation. I have seen Berserkers with greater defense then me, even though they are supposed to be dps class. I have base dps of 33k and 47k defense, all my gears are +17 and +5 transcended, my sw…
  • Cream wrote: » You will need to add detail information so other Guardians can help you. What you may consider good in reality can be wrong or not but add the information anyways so you can be helped. Also, is not only about gear and weapons but ut…
  • Arthanaxa wrote: » LustPassion wrote: » Hello I have a question regarding my character, it's a lvl 60 guardian. I went with strength build on my armor as I have to play solo most of the times. I have put good seals and tempered well. But I stil…