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In order to deal with this issue with a faster approach, we require from our community of Steam players to do the following steps so we do not have to wait for the normal channels that very well could extend the process greatly. Setps 1) Find the GameGuard folder copy and zip it or just find the erl logs copy and zip 2) Send a ticket through support with the zip file or create a mediafire file and send it as an attachment with the ticket 3) If you are a discord user, you can DM GM/Kakesu the link to the medifire zip file (best faster solution) * If you opt for this method (step 3) make sure to add you IGN and server to the GM or it will not be of use


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  • @DabigWang Also, a question Rider, it may be a silly one but what is the level of the character that you are attempting to buy the package from? If I am not mistaken there is a level requirement for it. http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/…
  • If you are not able to see it, you may want to attempt to do a full relog first and if that does not work repair your installation, Rider! Please let us know if you were able to see the item in the ES.
  • @GrizzlyUK If anyone had or have an issue with this problem (or any other problem) can do the same as you did Rider, submit a ticket to support and that team will investigate and handle the case accordingly. Thankfully, the number of Riders af…
  • OMG!!! You do have a CLEAR issue in your end. I do apologize for all of these issues at your end, I will send the information for review, and please do not hesitate to send the appropriate ticket for any new occurrence, Rider!
  • The game has been reported as having some lag issues overall by our Riders in different servers. This issue that you experienced has that typical description of lag issues. Hopefully, the team will be taking a look if they haven't done so already ab…
  • @Pperk Please follow Nexon policy and our Code of Honor that in specific do not permit or allow name shame or witch hunts. The proper manner to deal with the situation is thru the Bounty for the Hunter feature or regular submission of a ticket th…
  • At the moment I have no information indicating dates or any schedule concerning these 2 subjects that you speak off Rider. As far as I know, the Turimnan update and Tempering system are the main area of attention of our Dev's. Now the Tempering syst…
    in Any news? Comment by Cream August 9
  • @zzFENRIRzz I will request details about this question, Rider!
  • @DabigWang The new maintenance post will be added soon but here is more information about the maintenance and the Awakened Torkai, Rider; http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/34359/updated-scheduled-maintenance-august-10-2018
  • Normally that is an item that makes a comeback frequently, maybe not exactly the same deal but it could happen regardless!
  • @BosVic GM Phoebe said as follows; Awakened Torkai was confirmed to be up for the next Maintenance if and only if the issue with the package will get resolved immediately http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/23313/august-summer-event …
  • I will be forwarding this issue you are having to the team today, Rider! Apologies for the inconvenience! Edit: Do submit a ticket please as soon as possible.
  • Yes, that is a good thing but you need to make sure that no service by itself is being selected by the AV. I mean, this is just ideas trying to find the problem!!
  • You can review one of our most valuable Riders Video Guides here in the Fan Media section, SydolinEmuna Here is the direct link to the exact information you are looking for Rider! http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/comment/71941/#Comment_7194…
  • This subject was heavily debated some time ago, and it was found to be acceptable as is now. Now, not saying that cannot be reconsidered because it can but with our current population is more likely that will not happen at this time, in my honest op…
  • This thread is now closed since the subject has also been discussed under the Official Sub-Section of the forums from some time now. Please follow up on the next link, Riders>>> http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/23259/upcoming-magic…
  • Are you sure that your AV is not blocking anything related with Nexon or its services absolutely? Sometimes AV's tend to quarantine or block some process from Nexon's services even could cause some interference with GameGuard as well.
  • @JonnyRotten Magician and Trickster classes are gender locked, Rider!
  • I will attempt to find some additional help to your problem, Rider! I will be posting solutions or steps to see if this can be corrected here on this thread when the information becomes available. please do not create additional threads about this s…
  • I will follow up with the GM's as ASAP to have them check or update me with any information available if possible, Riders!