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  • I will forward the suggestions to the team for review, Rider!
  • The server was restarted but it didn't correct the problem. Our Devs are investigating deeper the source of the problem at the moment.
  • Hi, I verified the link and is working, however, I have this one here for you with a duration of 1 day 10 uses. Please let me know if you need further help, Rider! https://discord.gg/Zbvmqe
    in Discord? Comment by Cream May 11
  • Thanks, is exactly as I imagined! The issue is being investigated is what I was informed last time, hopefully, there will be a solution "soon", Riders!
  • We understand that one specific server has been having lag issues out of the ordinary, however, you never mentioned where do you play so we can follow up with your post, Rider.
  • That was an error that was corrected by the 10% CD. As you know once a Rider has jumped to tame x mount, the pet or mount will disappear for the taming process to take effect. This means that is impossible to keep any taming buff active under those …
  • Hi, We are aware of the issue in regards to the ICA event that affected our entire community. Later on today we will have news & details concerning this issue Rider. We apologize for the inconvenience!
    in Ica day miracle Comment by Cream May 5
  • I suggest you contact support directly and at the same time do submit screenshots of any errors or issues that you may be encountering. Additionally, do submit on the same ticket Dxdiag report, Rider! Dxdiag report
  • That is by developer design sadly but depending on the level those items drop from mobs later on in the game and start to be tradable. However, as you figure out low levels are untradable crafted or looted alike. ;(
    in Crafted items Comment by Cream April 15
  • When the items are linked to you or you linked them onto your own chat window, at that point just click on the linked item on the chat window and it will pop up on your screen and that new window from the link you will be able to drag it around as y…
  • @Krysha, hi! Welcome back and please follow this link to our Official RoI Discord server where you will find more options towards your query. Please follow this link >>> https://discord.gg/VuqQnN
  • Please do keep me updated with this particular issue if no solution or response is obtained in a few days, Rider!
    in Shop issue Comment by Cream April 11
  • @Dimetri I suggest you to ASAP submit a ticket to support detailing as much information as possible. https://support-icarus.nexon.net/hc/en-us
    in Shop issue Comment by Cream April 9
  • If you bought a seal(s) that are already past your level, you will get a banner with the indications (when trying to use) of the problem which is exactly that, the seal is maybe 51+ and you can have no mount or pet above your level. Having the seal …
  • It is indeed weird because the Auto Loot Emblem used to be an individual sale on Ellora's Shop time ago. I even checked now the shop and indeed is gone!!! I will talk to the Marketing team so they can review this and your post at the same time, Ride…
  • I edited the post a little I found it, a little weird... I was sleepy ;( Yes, that I understand but at the same time make players work extra for what they want and at the end you can feel the satisfaction of attaining this goal but I do also can …
  • This issue was solved and now the thread will be closed! Thanks for the report Rider!
    in frozen xp Comment by Cream April 2
  • Different dungeons and WB's drop a variety of recipes but since the lootable content is random and depending on what you need, it could mean that these sources are not being farmed on a high daily basis, that may very well be the cause of scarce rec…
  • This post will be forward to the team for review, Rider! Thank you for the information!
  • This is a highly discussed subject within the community, I will forward your post to the team as soon as possible, Rider!