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  • Welcome PuffyHuff hope u will have a good time with us. ^^
  • It was a fun time with u cuddles best of luck for ur future.
  • IGN: Neora Server: Koroshimo Familiar Type: Thunderwolf Skin Name: Royal Torkai [img][/img] Description: Royal Torkai is a idea based on one of my favorite colours and an idea that i got when i was on vacation for 2 days we visit…
  • More Familiar slots and legendary mount scroll pls also put lucky box mounts sometimes in the shop then im happy.
  • Yeah a good idea the only reason i get this box is for a shakiba mark and the chance to get it is not really high with all the other stuff u can get. ^^
  • Yeah i was so exited about this box hoping for a traes or tagris mark... At least they should make the drop rate higher the marks craftable or some other options to get the marks... this dragons are one of my fav. Mounts in this game and there ar…
  • Runi wrote: » Neora wrote: » So i want to ask again when do we get the legendary Bestiary mount scroll? hopefully never in the shop I dont care where i just want them in game xD
  • So i want to ask again when do we get the legendary Bestiary mount scroll?
  • I hope we see the legendary scroll soon too because of the new pvp mounts the t rex like one is legendary and if there are as hard to get as Pyludd, Megantes and Vylet we REALLY need them. Keep up the good work riders of icarus.
  • This item is not p2w its only that u can complete ur collection faster and some people said it before its a good solution for people who have not much time for farming the mounts because of work etc.. so this people can get there collection as fast …
  • I'm good with the idea that u have to get to a certain level but not with the idea to remove the bestiary goal. U have to think about it that someone has to tame the mount before there even can sell it gold has to be farmed too and dont forget abou…
  • I did a thread about mounts in lucky boxes but yeah... u see nexon doesnt want to hear u can do what u want its annoying. Wrote a ticket there are saying that there are gonna thinking about it and u should make a thread about it now i did it and wh…
  • Thats exactly how i want it and ur post shows that im not the only one who think thats a good idea. Im not against this lucky boxes its a good thing u can buy some items for ingame gold but some mounts are so expensive in the ah buying some mounts f…
  • I want to see more options to get lucky box items like people who didnt get the things out that there wanted or didnt wanna spent there money in those boxes there can get the items in the next month in the shop like every week one mount, pet and ski…
  • The lucky boxes itself are ok but putting things in it u will never know if u can get them again is just frustrating buying it dosent worth it if u only want the mounts or pets. Do them first in lucky boxes and next month do them in the shop like …
  • Are these packs account bound like the founder packs? I really hate spending money on mounts that only one character can utilize. it's only for one char i got the pack in elloras storage on my main claimed it and looked for it on my twink nothing in…
  • I was so hyped about the Gargoyle mount since i see it at the livestream and now he is only available on steam very well done for people like me who play with the nexon launcher... at least put the packs on the nexon site like u did with the founder…
  • That's really a bad joke if u want to collect all the mounts in this game and u cant because of something like this. xD got every shop mount so far even the founder mounts so pls no mounts u only can buy with a specific level...
  • Ign: Neora Server: Koroshimo Dragon Emblem Recipe