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  • Garilon location?

    I belive is in Frost Keep legendary. right before you enter last boss Rondo.
  • Crafting recipes missing, quickslot trouble as wel

    Ryder wrote: »
    Crafting Recipes: In the crafting screen, on left bottom corner, there is a tickbox "have materials". If this box is ticked, only recipes where you have all materials in your inventory are shown. Remove this tick and you should see all recipes, also the new ones.

    Quickslot trouble has to be answered by someone else, I have no experience with this.

    Whhaaat??? Thank you fot that tipm,Barder crafting is so much better now :D
  • Lair of Ma'art! Not for anyone F2P.

    I cant really have an objective opinion cuz i dont know how it is for the other people, im +15 > on all pieces and heroics in seals.
    However i can tell that for sure that this boss is pretty annoying even for me as assasin 18k DPS. It is clearly not the bos from FoS elite1..more like elite3+
    I can kill it easily and within a minute cuz i dash around but the momemt i do a bad dash into the darkness for example is eating my 27k hp pretty fast.

    All i can agree with you @daeni is that the boss is a bit harder for just a solo dung.
    I cant even imagine the scenario u gave up here where people would be in Tyrant+9 and with elite seals, beating the boss :(
  • [EVENT] April Attendance Daily Calendar

    Im glad we get those adorable rabits pets.
    However as Pet: Leander Rabbini will take another place in familiar storage can we pls get an extension.
    I try not to get rid of these limited mounts from events and daylis so it slowly gets crowded in there and needs more space pls.
    I know i shouldnt keep what isnt for my class but I like to show that i was there when a specific mounts was given and is impossible(so far) to have if you miss it :)
  • Legendary Adventure Box

    Well i got a Mark for Legendary Mount Calypto. I think is worth but..
    Only the elluns, the Familiar Coins could go down to 300 and then will be super cool :)