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  • Ranger Backflip Evasion

    That buff is just additional, it is 100%, pull 5 mobs, backflip and see them miss,
    sin also got a evasion buff beside the 100% dodge,
    the reason for the additional evasion boost is most likely that you can't dodge everything, but you would still have a chance to evade it.
  • 40 Ellun box removed from Valentines event?...

    That they state the box is no longer available duo to a bug.......there is and was no bug,
    they could easily change the daily quest reward to 40 elluns while upping the needed kills to 400.
  • PVP FAMILIAR Tutorial + Familiars Problems

    Not shure if Tutorial or trying to scare ppl away from them >_>,
    ppl tame them because of reasons, not because of buffs/seals.....,

    you might reduce the time needed, you might need 30 min alone (that i don't mean tank or priest should be clear), a party with tank, dps and supp already only 15min.^^
    and i think you missed that they have a good chance to respawn as untameable version.^
    HydraZero wrote: »
    I know, there is not a perfect game, but think about, putting a real skillset in familiars will improve the fun part so much!!
    This part somehow calls for Dragon's Prophet Familiars here,
    they could actually fight.
    But Nexon makes way to much with shop boxes, that contain familiars for this to ever happen.
  • Entrance to Stygaea

    The current entrance is located in the west of the cementary in the badlands,
    there is no save zone around it and the whole cementary area does not allow mounting up,
    speaking from one of the stronger guilds, the entrance and path to it could be camped, stopping people to even enter,
    and when the manastone in Stygaea takes place and all the servers want to get there, entering Stygaea might end in a massacre.
    A save zone or at least transit shrine at the entrance might be needed.
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    I'd still argue it's still P2W, as it's allowing to complete a Win Condition in theory without doing any work- you buy all the mounts as seals, unseal them and then mount them - and/or gain all the Beastiary Entries at a MUCH faster rate. This gives you an advantage over other players who may have to take months taming the actual familiars and the rewards having all the familiars gives you (titles, collection pets). Many definitions of P2W also include if the item/s in question allow you complete a difficult task in a much faster time than somebody who's not paying, which this can do. As I've said, it's not the worst P2W Icarus has used but it should still be called out to avoid the slippery slope.

    Either way, it still gives players an unfair advantage as of now. it allows you to buy some of the best mounts in-game and gives you all the rewards taming it would do. While the functionally of a mount restorer is a good thing, giving all the rewards taming the mount in the wild does is unfair to those who put effort into taming.
    The rewards are not worth it compared the price, while you can buy better pets / mounts straight from the shop.