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  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    My stance on this is very much no Beastiary Completion on this item or a heavily limited form of completion at the very most.

    One of the games Win Conditions is "Tame All Da Things", and allowing people to pay for completing this condition (as it's measured by how complete your Beastiary is) is in essence, Pay to Win. Yes, you still have to obtain a sealed version of that familiar - which may or not be easy depending on the server your on and the familiar you want - and the extractors to turn that seal into a pet can be earned in game, or bought with in-game earned Ellun, but that pet doesn't give you the Beastiary achievement, so why should this? Because your guaranteed to have to pay money for it? Again, that's P2W.

    The argument of "Well, it doesn't affect me" I find a tad flawed. Even though, compared to other P2W items (such as Fated Lucky Boxes) this is the least intrusive P2W item I've seen so for (In terms of directly impacting the way non-P2W players tame), that doesn't stop it being P2W and could start a slippery slope of more P2W items, and more intrusive items being added to the store if it's popular and keeps the P2W element. Also, there's a chance that it COULD affect you later on, in the long run. By basically being able to pay for completion, then you can pay for all the perks completion gets you - like the exclusive pets.

    To be honest, I wonder if a good solution to this is not only to remove the Beastiary Completion mechanic but to also change it from NX to Ellun, 'cause it's just the opposite of the extractors in a way. If not, removing the Completion element is enough.
    The definition of P2W is that you can spend real money to gain something ingame normal players can't,
    and getting the bestiary completed is nothing a normal can't do,
    you're also not getting any advantage over normal players by using this scroll,

    case closed, no P2W.
  • Field boss in CW

    For once you need an actual tactic to kill bosses, and can't just raid them with random ppl and noone does them,
    i'm sorry but that is just plain not wanting to do anything,

    Koroshimo is killing all of them on spawn, without problems,
    if we can do it, other servers can too.
  • Sandstorm Update Preview

    No, all of them should be available in Lair of Ienos on principle alone!


    And on your point that they are soloable... HAHAHAHA! Pfffft, sorry but no. I've tried Plyyud solo and there was no way I would have been able to kill him solo. Heck, after farming like 3 or 4 mobs for marks, I need to fly to a safe zone to rest (and the drop rate is so terrible that even when I've been with my priest friend, we've never had a single mark drop while farming together). Plus, even if the guild was on, none of us LIKE the PVP zone, even ignoring the enemy players. The mobs feel too powerful because, as PVE players, our gear is PVE based so we barely do any damage and trying to grind PVP gear takes forever, and why should we when we'd never use it??

    I respect that PVP familiars should not be immediately available outside of the PVP zone on launch. Those who can obtain them naturally should, of course, get first dibs. But you can't and shouldn't block out all of your non-PVP players, or you risk losing them. It's been months since Badlands II got released and I've seen less and less successful tames so obviously, the people able to get them first have tamed all the ones they want/need. I think it's time everyone had a change for them. Heck, I'm even happy for PVP familiars to have a reduced chance to spawn! We just need the ability.
    We got the scrolls now, you don't have to tame them your selfe,

    ppl farm pve familiars, so you can do the same for the pvp ones,
    it's the same, no pvp involved, just stating "you need to enter the pvp zone" is not an argument, there is noone,
    i stood so many times hours afk around the heroics, never seen anyone,
    it's a zone like any other, just that you can be killed potentially,

    about the solo thing,
    i can solo all 3 of them on my ranger, and he is nowhere near as geared as my sin.

    5 ppl clear them soooo fast.
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    I just think players will buy this scroll more if it unlocks bestiary entries.
    Add to that, players who can't play much can at least finish the collection someway.
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    I got one thing to add,
    the Mercurius pet from the Bestiary collection is not rly worth it
    slightly more def/hp than juma, but no % crit, and same % dmg,
    while you need to capture Shakiba the normal way, which is probaply the hardes/most expensive.