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  • Frostbite Fox vs. Inferno Fox

    I've seen plenty of plush hameon and frost fox on baellas. Most are becoming seals tho lol
    It's not about the amount overall on the server, i mean that in all the boxes i've opened, i had nonne even as a possable reward,
    and i opened alot, the chance for them seems like 1%, and for the amount the boxes cost, that is nowhere near acceptable.
  • Frostbite Fox vs. Inferno Fox

    I might add to this problem, that the Frost Fox is next to none existent...
    Aswell as plush hame
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance – Dec 21, 2016

    I guess I could see what you're saying..no real "quest" as was at Halloween, and the sales aren't all that special, but not too bad either.

    The thing that does upset me are these new Ellandfel gift boxes. They only drop from heroic Cloying Wastes bosses, or Legendary dungeons. Otherwise, the only way to get them, is to stay logged in for 4hrs, and/ or during specific times. While the playing during those times isn't the problem to get ONE box, lower level players and those who are just not able to run those dungeons lose out. Those who can, can just farm them. I have no idea why they would exclude lower level players.
    With the rewards in them you can't put them in low level dungeons without high geared just farming them over and over, resulting in the same difference.

    And also i don't want everyone to fly around on Traes / Tagris afterwards.

    The only thing they could do would be to let them drop only from bosses on your level,
    but since it starts today and next maintaince is on 28. there won't be a change.
  • Frostbite Fox vs. Inferno Fox

    We currently got the Legendary Ranger Package on the shop, which provides the mount Inferno Fox.
    with the stats:
    36% overall attack, 32% Hp on max level,

    Now in the December lucky boxes, we have a chance for the Frostbite Fox, similar Fox in blue colors,
    not complaining about the fox, looks good, ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    the problem i have with this fox, is that his stats are:

    He got simply the same buff, just with critical rate addet, which makes the Inferno Fox from the 49k Nx pack look stupid,
    while the Frostbite Fox could also be sold and bouth with gold.

    In this regards, could we sincerely get an update on the Inferno Foxs buff, to also contain critical rate.
  • Available Familiars vs Storage Slots

    Just a familiar storage in the farm would bbe enouth.