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  • Frost Dragon Rider Costume and Weapon Skins

    Beside winning the contest, i think they said it's coming to the shop like any other costume,
    thought as a pack most likely, like the one we had for halloween.
  • Conqueror’s Majesty Weapon Skin

    Preview livestream on 13, they will prob show of all the stuff there,^
  • Frost Dragon Rider Costume and Weapon Skins

    The NX Plus Version of the Frost Dragon Rider Weapon Skin that is tradeable after being equipped is a bug.
    This should be resolved in the Ranger's Fury update, Riders.
    Or you could just leave this bug in the game, as it's one ppl actually want. .___.
  • Frost Dragon Rider Costume and Weapon Skins

    Since we can still buy them as the ranger comes out, will there be a bow skinn to?^
  • [EVENT] December Attendance

    Basically, if someone had a purpose to run those Dungeons now he/she can just wait till he get the writs..
    After a world full of Letonsia we'll have a world full of Legendary Skins mounts. In short what was supposed to be a goal it's a mere "wait a bit and I'll give it for free".

    Ofc I'm glad that some players can have such beautiful mount, but what now? I was planning to buy a recipe for crafting my own legendary marks, but for who? And for which price if players can just wait and have the same skin?
    Dunno what to think about this move.
    The thing about it is, the Legendary mounts available for 4 reward writs are different from the dungeon Legendaries. With the word "Light" in front of them, I'm thinking they're either significantly nerfed, or they are now recognized as a completely separate mount. This would mean the players who exchange their writs for one of them would not get any collection addition to their bestiary, and they also won't get the title (although that was always the case with writ mounts).
    It may also be a way for players who actually worked for the achievement of taming a legendary to keep their uniqueness.

    However if they are getting them just for their appearance, everything I've said is null and void.
    Counting from every game where the devs did something like this with anything ingame,
    it's pure bestiary and collection wise, same mount different ID, the seal will most likely be bound thought, to prevent multi account abuse by selling or trading it. Actually the not trading of the seal might even be the main reason since it's legendary.