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  • Auto-Attack, The Silent Killer (Of Yourself)

    I mean auto-attack isn't useless to all classes..... for example the zerk has the ability to auto attack cancel using auto attack+double slash and therefore deal 2x his normal dmg same with guardian can auto attack cancel but as for ranged and sin classes yes I can see the annoyance of AA so I believe it shouldn't be removed but rather be toggled on or off based on player preference.

    is this another thread about iJustAm complaining about something nexon has done to his/her in-game experience??? why am I not suprised -_-
  • - Suggestion -- Ellora's Spire

    Why is it that every time I come to forums I see a post by @iJustAm complaining about spire??? I mean with the amount of time you have been in the forums complaining or getting others to agree with your complaining you could farm enough gold to buy some pieces of Karasha lol. The fact that there is no disagree button because "if you disagree, comment below stating why, i removed it because too many people disagree over illogical things like the 5 ellun statements.".....really? That's the ONLY reason you don't want people to represent their opinions in your survey? Seems like you just want to rant about this instead of actually attempting to challenge yourself in-game but hey that's my opinion and you did say if I wanted to express my opinion I'd have to write a comment about it lol.

    Now onto the actual issue:

    1. Are the costumes OP af?


    2. Are sealed familiars OP af?

    Yes. Nobody complaining about people with full legendary seals reaching #1 but when a costume is involved.......EVERYBODY FLIP YOUR SH1T IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD QQWERTYUIKLNHBGFTYHJUK,MNBVFDEFRTHGJKJY

    Sorry for that. Back to topic

    3. Does it affect ranks in ellora spire?

    No. Because the people at the top already got their using their own skill/gear and extra stats are just going to improve their scores but their scores are already so much higher than the lower 50+ that it doesn't affect them because they could never achieve top ranks in the first place. I'll use my character as an example:

    8900 DPS unbuffed (No stance/Costume/Pot's/Pet/Ellora's/Food/Rooster's Spirit/etc.)
    77.68% crit rate
    3258 crit dmg
    3197 Phys def
    3558 Magic def
    20% evasion
    47% cooldown reduction
    18% cast time reduction
    Full Karasha Armor +11, Karasha Bow +13, Ruinous Vambrace(event)/Lance(event)/Crossbow(event)/Jewelry set(event), 2 slot bracelet with x2 lvl 2 Magic ruby gems
    2 Veldons, 2 Casperts, 2 Heroic Magic attack heroic Crystals(event), 1 legendary Overall attack/crit dmg Crystal(event), 3 heroic Overall attack/crit dmg Crystals(event)
    5 Blue Bloodwyrms, 3 Legendary Reindeer(event), 2 gilded benthics, 1 voidbeast drauph, 1 clever toro, and 1 radiant agnas(event)

    I first ranked 55 when I was just learning how to play my class and over the first week tried many more times in spire and learned how to do each floor. 2nd week I sealed my casperts and filled in all my empty slots with Blue Bloodwyrms and other elites I tamed. I ended week 2 ranked 36 mostly due to learning more about my kit because that week while running a LLC L5 dungeon I learned how to use the ranger's dodge skill to kite mobs after my team wiped and I had to kite adds till they ran back. During my spire run I was able to kite 5 floors of enemies I'd never even seen before and reach a new record just due to learning more about my character. Now onto this week where I have reached 10th place my highest placement yet due to actually learning about buffing fully by using Food crafting/potions/ asking guildies for ellora buffs and also setting my talents up correctly. I am currently in 10th place even though I've inspected people below me and their gear is better IE +15 or +20 but they have absolutely no idea how to use the dodge to avoid huge bursts of damage and die earlier in spire or maybe takes them longer because they have to stop dps to run away.
    My point being is I have overall pretty OK gear but im in the top not because of the gear I have but because the way I ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME in the spire compared to others. Maybe just maybe if you put in some time that is being wasted being here trying to reassure your own ideas @iJustAm you could actually learn how to play your character too and reach a higher rank ;P <3

    Now enough about me and back to the topic. Yes, the costumes are pretty OP but not as OP as skills and character knowledge as well as boss knowledge. can anyone tell me what the bosses abilities are on each floor and how they affect you and what you should do to avoid them??? I mean this isn't me or anything but I heard some old people saying something like Practice makes perfect but pssssssshhhhhhhh who am I to say??? I'm just a weeb who likes to type long stuff and hates complainers who only think for themselves and how something can benefit them or make things easier for them. Anyways I just did what the silly person told me to do and commenting my Opinion so plz no hate I'd appreciate it bai bai.

    Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Xiao ;P
  • Discussion on current patch (25 Aug)

    Mounted combat is one of the key selling points for many people to be playing this game otherwise why wouldn't they go play any one of the thousand other mmo's that has generic Class vs Class PvP with no variety sure the mounted combat abilities in PvP are proportionately more Unbalanced than anything else( assassins included). I do believe there should be zones where mounts of any kind are not allowed and ground combat can be played out between characters but should be in SELECT zones only and not cover more than an 4th of the overall PvP Region. As for a thought to people camping the 2 towns/cities in the PvP region I believe that when you leave the safe zone you should have a buff applied to you where you essentially can't be attacked and can't attack for say 10 seconds or so giving people a chance to escape the frenzy outside safe zones. This is just my 2 cents on a few topics I've seen now as to another topic that's kinda off point in this thread are the Heroic Marks....I find that the ones in the shop now do not provide a pay2win aspect because they are not 100% success and they are not 100% what you want or need and in response to people saying "they sell the sealed familiar for loads of money and makes gold waaaaaaa" well what happens if they fail the tame? My point is someone who farmed 60 marks and then got the tames and sealed them still have the same taming RNG chance as someone who bought 60 marks from the shop(lol if anyone's wondering thats 354,000 NX or $354 USD).

    Example #1: I recently won the lottery and I buy 600 marks then fail 600 times
    Example #2: I'm a hard working casual player who has spent 6 weeks and farmed 600 marks then fail 600 times

    Now which one of them now is winning? Neither now lets ask ourselves why? Because they both have horrible RNG and no amount of $ will ever change that(unless Cuddle's taking bribes now lol jk). So the whole "I farmed for 6 days straight for my karresh mark and failed waaa boohoo I mean more power to ya for farming 6 days. The person who bought a mark also worked outside of the game IRL for the money(usually) and deserve the chance just as much as anyone in the game to tame. These are my final thoughts for now do with them as you wish but remember Stay Salty ;)
  • False Ban. Is there anyway I can get help quicker?

    They need to heavily improve this system in the future in order to avoid losing paying customers due to the implementation of a system which has obviously shown itself to be heavily flawed. My suggestion would be for them to actually explain the reason the afflicted player got banned in the message that pops up or at least point to a category like most other games do such as Botting/Scripting/Speed-Hacking/Gold Seller/Misc otherwise many who have gotten banned are left wondering why?
    I'm not banned, but after reading these posts, What I'm not understanding is why has Cuddle or someone from Nexon not replied to this to at least give people some direction before they lose players. That is very "poor" customer service.
    I also agree they should come out with some statement as to what happened and tell us how they're fixing this problem so it won't happen again but what i'm most disappointed about is that because of their horrible choice in timing many people will have missed out on all the events happening this week which includes one of the most important ones imo the familiar taming event. The people banned would either miss out on many days of the event or due to the hours of the ban customer support the players might miss the event entirely. This fact makes me very reluctant to purchase anything from this game in the future knowing at any time I could possibly be banned by a faulty system for no reason then be blatantly told im the one at fault and if their faulty system feels twitchy again I will have suspensions on my account.. In what universe does even a shred of that make sense?

    This is like being given a ticket for speeding only because the police officers speedometer was broken then being forgiven but having a warning on your drivers license.
    http://imgur.com/yDE1VBT YEEEEY <3</blockquote>