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  • False Ban. Is there anyway I can get help quicker?

    They need to heavily improve this system in the future in order to avoid losing paying customers due to the implementation of a system which has obviously shown itself to be heavily flawed. My suggestion would be for them to actually explain the reason the afflicted player got banned in the message that pops up or at least point to a category like most other games do such as Botting/Scripting/Speed-Hacking/Gold Seller/Misc otherwise many who have gotten banned are left wondering why?
    I'm not banned, but after reading these posts, What I'm not understanding is why has Cuddle or someone from Nexon not replied to this to at least give people some direction before they lose players. That is very "poor" customer service.
    I also agree they should come out with some statement as to what happened and tell us how they're fixing this problem so it won't happen again but what i'm most disappointed about is that because of their horrible choice in timing many people will have missed out on all the events happening this week which includes one of the most important ones imo the familiar taming event. The people banned would either miss out on many days of the event or due to the hours of the ban customer support the players might miss the event entirely. This fact makes me very reluctant to purchase anything from this game in the future knowing at any time I could possibly be banned by a faulty system for no reason then be blatantly told im the one at fault and if their faulty system feels twitchy again I will have suspensions on my account.. In what universe does even a shred of that make sense?

    This is like being given a ticket for speeding only because the police officers speedometer was broken then being forgiven but having a warning on your drivers license.
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