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  • Multi-bug list

    Rather than make individual topics for each, I thought it better to condense a list of bugs I've noticed recently that are still ongoing.

    The Ranger skill book 'Raven's Devout' is typo'd as 'Raven't Devout'.

    When landing (via flying towards ground) Corrupted Benotien does not complete his landing animation. However, when holding LShift + X, he completes the full landing animation.

    Corrupted Benotien does not have a walking or backing up animation when walking via '/'.

    Snow Flower Sled does not have a walking animation when walking via '/', however the backing up animation is present.

    Bloodguard Kerav has an incorrect familiar icon when viewing the Familiar Skins. The icon shows Terror Kerav.

    The Bloodguard Kerav skin is very different from the mount. It seems to be an early version of the skin before higher res markings, model edits, and color finalizations were added.

    Previously, Aidus was a two-seater mount before no longer being able to invite another person to mount. Giant Taisha is supposed to be a two-seater mount but also cannot invite another person. In addition, I believe Ahnturagan was also a two-seater mount but cannot confirm for certain.

    Ice-Armored Kerav does not have idle roar sound effects.

    The PvP recipes for Tempered Kherim Ingot, Tempered Kherim Alloy, and Tempered Kherim Weave are missing.

    I have compiled a visual List of some of these bugs in hopes that they will help with the fixing process.
  • [FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

    IGN: Araceli
    Server: Baellas
    Familiar Type: Torkai
    Skin Name: Corrupted Torkai
    Your concept artwork:
    A short description of your concept:
    Torkai itself is a very light colored beast with a similarly light skin - fitting for a creature of Ellora. However many familiars have fallen to corruption, including legendaries.
    I love dark palettes and natural themes for canines so I decided to mix a bit of lore and my own favorite palettes when designing this skin. The original inspiration behind this (though few similarities remain in the final concept) were maned wolves. One remaining similarity is the mane- the skin does not have many model edits, but it does have an extended mane that continues down the spine to the top of the tail, rather than ending at the shoulders. There is a large corruption gemstone embedded in its forehead, much like the dead gemstone that Letonsia has in its Undead form. Though the stone is obsidian, it refracts the blue light of Ellora that still remains in the beast, struggling weakly behind the binds.

    The main similarity between the Corrupted Torkai and the Elloran Torkai are the eyes - the blue glow remains, but they are dead eyes with no care for creatures weaker than it. The corruption consuming this Torkai has begun appearing on the outside of the body through the weakest exit points - wounds. This Torkai gets into fights with other creatures for seemingly no purpose, and the wounds it gains ooze smoky corruption before being healed again shortly after, leaving only intimidating black scars.

    The Discs hovering above Corrupted Torkai are elaborate and unique to this skin. Silvered filigree almost seems to grow amongst the corruption diamonds embedded into the object. The center of the discs contain imperfect, living white roses, with inky corruption threading through their once-gleaming petals.

    The skin has special effects - black, smoky tendrils creeping amongst the mane and engulfing the legs. I personally see the effects as similar to Matios' mane flames, only completely black. My original concept art (below is not part of the entry, as it is an earlier discarded design) shows this well.
    NXACuddlesIceLyJVEshadowLepa93CreamTybiraIndividualBobTheBlobSoulHunterRekBeowulfDemonand 33 others.
  • [Q&A] Mount Skin Design Contest

    Hi, could you please upload a few extra references for Torkai?

    These are what I'm looking for:
    A top-shot picture (flying above Torkai, looking straight down (showing head, back, tail)
    Direct-face picture (looking straight at the face of torkai)
    Side-face picture (closeup of the side of the face)
    Basic side-shot (no diagonals, Torkai standing sideways from a neutral camera perspective)

    Also, is tracing over game-screenshots allowed for design references?
    I would assume so since style varies from person to person (could be trickier to transfer to model), but I wanted to ask regardless.
  • Why does the New Dragon Look Terrible?

    Cream - thanks for the reply here.
    I have purchased the dragon and I have to agree with Vaelan. It is not what I expected, definitely, and the color pictured in the news shows only briefly when it oscillates.
    When I see the picture, I fully expect something like Radesh; special effects on a solid-color dragon. The color changes are way too bright, though I know some would like this.

    Since the glow period is longer than the no-glow, it would make much more sense to have that pictured on the news, or at least mentioned, to prevent misunderstandings like this in the future.

    A suggestion would be to swap the no-glow and glow timings; have the no-glow appear the longest, and the glow appearing very briefly to overcome the familiar, before fading quickly back into the regular colors. I would be content with this, if the glow cannot be removed entirely, if you plan on editing the Mount at all.
    Perhaps hold a game-poll to get more opinions on the mount?