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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Feb 15, 2018

    Last event:
    2 character of 3 stuck at 3rd stage, one completed in the morning before maintenance (with lucky rolls) the last stage
    This Event:
    2 character of 3 stuck at 3rd stage, one still stuck at 2nd (happened to roll 4/-4 and 3/1/-4 and the day after again 4/-4)

    I'd say.. you should leave empty those -4 spots (no reward, no penalty) and let people enjoy your event. If happens to go on random reward spot ok, but I think people would prefer being able to complete event in time and let rolls go smootly.
    And again, please remove:
    • heroic token
    • heroic seal stone
    • legendary seal stone
    Market and drops give lot of them that really we don't need to get untradable/unsellable version of them. Give instead:
    • Outfits
    • Legendary extractors / +5 legendary extractors
    • Extra dice
    • Legendary Seal Token
    • Honing stones
    • 7/14d Golden Rods
    All these rewards should be untradable ofc but give us something we don't find in game very often. Keep in mind that certain things are really needed in your game 'cause drop suck most of the times, so why don't use these events to give to your players a bit of joy and satisfaction?
  • [Suggestions] - Blessed tempering stone

    peresto112 wrote: »
    this will crush entire game economy cause when you pay2play instead of farming etc you crash evrything what developer try to put in to game mode ofc on new server it is hard to obtain some item and even if there are availeable to buy is to expensive for most of ppl

    Game economy is already dead. Not being able to keep players means that everything will be soon not needed (as already happened), so prices keep going down and down.
    Making things frustrating due to too many fails don't help either, but the suggestion of Seraf is totally wrong under many reasons.
    I'd add a way to obtain 100% stones in some way or add more ways to get stones that effectively help in tempering gear instead to see fail fail fail fail fail fail.
    Maybe a weekly quest that convert 2*50% into a 100%, since it's weekly and the reward not tradeable won't ruin the economy but help ppl to get some tempering without the need to burn any more elluns.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Feb 15, 2018

    No words..
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Jan 11, 2017

    Hitlano wrote: »
    Any upcoming news? ;o Why no info last months about upcoming news, content? ;o i mean official posts in main page, no new blogs.;o What's happened?

    I'm worried more about the lack of bug fixes in recent updated. We have some that are very old and never taken in consideration despite many ppl reported them lot and lot of times..
  • Rascally Sainted Rabbini

    @cream so is this event going to get fixed or do we get screwed out of this one too since the other event i couldnt do and many others cause of the line of sight problem as well. i love playing but getting fustraited like every one else cause we cant get even a chance to do any of the events ?

    Fix of what? GROUP WITH OTHERS!
    Stop asking for fixes for everything you can't do alone. It's a mmo, join others or make your own group.
    I don't want to appear rude, but latelly you guys asking for way too many fixes that are not really needed. OK next time they maybe will remember to put a World boss with a bit more hp/defense, problem solved.