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  • Noble Nightmare set: where to get it?

    You can get it also from spire boxes.
  • Any news?

    Tempering System Improvement

    We're planning on improving the existing tempering system towards the direction of more clarity and simplicity. Plans for this improvement are as follows:

    Due to the amount of new equipment and changes, the amount of Tempering Stones required will be decreased.
    Modulate the difficulty of tempering to reduce the players' burden.
    Make the system more intuitive.

    Planning is already on the way and the month of projected update should be by the end of May. We hope you look forward to it as much as ourselves.
    Half August just passed... it's 3 months delay without saying anything. Are we going to see it happen or not?

    New area and new cap was planned to come out in the half of this month, but still no news. When is it supposed to be released?
    Keep us informed at least.. Just tell us "New content has been delayed to xxx month due to bla bla bla"
    Ellora's Spire Update

    Party Mode for Ellora's Spire is in the works. A minimum of 1 person to 3 people can party up and participate. The more people you have in the party, the better rewards there'll be for everybody else.
    I'd like to receive more infos about this content 'cause I would definitely like to see it. More fun for sure with friends than the solo version we actually have. ;)
    Can you please tell something in regard?

  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - August 2, 2018

    But the question is.. Why you lowering again elluns rewards?
    We passed from 20-25-30 to 10-20-25? -.-' Just now that we even need more?
    I remember you that in KR/JP they gives around 120+ from these monthly rewards, can you be a bit less stingy?
  • Best classes

    I don't think there is a "best class" in general 'cause everyone has hi/her playstyle.
    Personally I don't like melee classes, i'm not much into these classes but can vary depending on the game, in fact happened to play some melee characters in other games and that was surprising for me.
    Said so:
    This is a very fun class to play, huge dps, as Cream already said it's good also for kiting due to teleport and fast cast spells that helps to keep aggro on mobs, heals and mana regen, due to many aoe spells can farm quite easily and fast, and due to this is also one of the easier to speed level up.
    Another thing very useful about this class is the spell (Light Blast) that can reduce aggro on a single target enemy, that helps you a lot in case your threat overcome the tank's threat.
    Priest if very well geared can give satisfation as dpser even if not as fast as Wiz/Trickster/Ranger, despite this fact it's for certain reasons a safer class to play, but heals in RoI are a bit strange. You end mostly using aoe heals plus some HoT (2x) but sadly there are many things that clearly block heals on our teammates, like different altitude (even little), certain mounts or other classes lifesaver immunity skills that in RoI seems to grants immunity even from heals.. Sad but true. :D
    The dps in this class it's very easy if we talk about skill rotation, but for giving the best it's little mana consuming, but since you often restore hp while hitting enemies (more enemies = more heals) it's really nice and safer class to play.
    Maybe this class is one of the easier from ranged classes, a part the slow movement speed (can be boosted with using some skills for few sec) it's the one that can grant you great satisfation 'cause can easily perform in solo things that other classes can't or that gives them hard times.
    As i said it's a very easy class to play, and depending on the ability can easily survive in many circumnstances since he has also a skill which heal you (not your pets).
    Can have good single dps or multi dps, but i think it's the best single target dpser so far.
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - July 19, 2018

    viracocha wrote: »
    are the EU servers up yet?
    i keep getting the undergoing maintenance message,still
    Nope.. The game went up at 4PM CET more or less (with 4hr delay) and after 15mins (or less) went down again for unscheduled maintenance that should last for 1hr, delayed by:

    Should be up at 9PM CET unless another dalay will be announced on official webpage or launcher.