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  • [DEV Blog] New merchant Update & Future plans

    GrizzlyUK wrote: »
    Well it's certainly good to finally be getting some news and info, the article is interesting and finally gives us some hope for the future. My concern is that it may be a case of "too little too late" and, to be perfectly honest, I'd rather wait to see things actually happening instead of just a "these are some of our plans" article. I'm also a little concerned over the part where you state that the region of Turimnan update gained a negative impact on the Korean server followed by saying "Once it arrives to NA and EU servers, a lot of changes will be made and improved to suit you" but you fail to actually give any info as to what those changes will be! Overall, there's a lot of nice pictures in that article but not exactly a whole lot of actual information.

    So, while it's a good thing to finally be getting some response to the months of requests for information, I see absolutely nothing in that article to make me want to start handing over my money to Nexon for anything once again! :( Sorry but Nexon will have to do a whole lot more to earn my trust again!

    I agree that could be too little and too late, but main dev team has been moved to the new game, so they had to build a new team which I think had to learn everything about the game. Changes like this aren't fast and easy, but finally someone came out as part of the team and gave us a direction.
    Ofc before thinking to give money again, we need touch with hands the final product.
    Personally I stopped to play since last month, but I keep following forum and i'll be back for seeing what's new on august then I decide If i should give up once and for all and start to see what's the market is offering elsewhere.
  • Skin Contest winners and the way the rest is done

    For my tastes skins shouldn't be available only from NX. I would like to remember you guys that this game was supposed to avoid P2W system, was supposed to be free with purchase that shouldn't give any in game advantage.. That's how RoI started and until certain point worked fine.
    After certain point things started to change and the gap from NX players and F2P started to raise too. Since these games need to keep balance for both P2W and F2P players in order to work correctly, if you start to put F2P players a part, the game start to fall down 'cause also those which pay to re-sell for golds don't have enough buyers, then prices start to raise up and only f2p dedicated players can afford those high prices, letting others to feel unable to get anything or being too much demanding in play time to afford them, which at some point let players unsatified and start to leave reducing again the free players.
    This chain lead then in small amount of players in game which start to generate problems in finding group for high end contentss and we know that if we need to spend 1hr to make a full party then we lose all the fun.

    Said so, Skins should be part of the core game and absolutely not on the shop side. People play RoI for mounts, for their look.. That's the main reason of why we are here in first place.
    So, why give to NX buyer the chance to get best skins without giving the same for free to play?
    And WHY make all package worth 40$+ for not even sharing the reward for all characters? Lower prices and get more customers satisfied should be your main goal. Not everyone will spend 40$ for package, even if they have lot of money it's the same cost of a new game which gives lot of time of fun generally.

    I remember when I was collecting skins by dismantling the one i got from ellun boxes, but at the time the elluns needed for playing weren't so high in demand and it was easy to give a shot on tempering and one on random skin boxes. Many players did that and we were satisfied.
    When the game started to be very high demanding on elluns, skins were mostly on sale in the shop (aka new mount with unique skins), the few skin (very rare to get) become almost impossible. And we lost part of the fun there. Since tempering, trascending was keep burning all we had no elluns left for anything else.
    In fact now, mounts with different skins are available only from shop, and aren't only good looking but also very nice seals..
    I can buy outfit, premium, bracelet, even the rod, but don't ask me to buy random thing for getting something which should be part of the core.

    Another mistake is to create very strong skins and link them to real money and then coming with "since it's too strong we decided to make it hard to find and related to real money". This attitude generate "A" class and "B" class of players.
    When a game classify rich and poors, the game simply stop to be a game. This is the reason of why we lost so many players.
    It's better to let skin being cool, hard to get but accessible for everyone. Don't hide behind the fact that it's strong, just be honest and tell that randomizing with low % simply generate lot of free money for you. At the same time remember that if you have all the rights to raise lot of money, you have also the need to make a game fun to play.

    I want also to remember you, that RNG system in some regions it's not legal 'cause is very similar to slot machines which causes addiction.
    In fact, many eu countries are starting to change laws in order to stop addictions like this.
    Don't be part of this crap, be part of the game industry for being recognized as good company which make players happy and not addicted.
  • Skin Contest winners and the way the rest is done

    Dudeman27 wrote: »
    Agree. Nexon needs to take their head out their butt, step outside and smell the roses, cause they obviously have never played a game before themselves, and have no idea how to make their customers happy. Bought nearly 100 of these boxes, didnt even see the wyvern. Guildy bought a 2k nx box got it first try. GG nexon, 2$ exalted wrath wyvern vs 160$usd not even SEEING wyvern

    Don't blame Nexon at this point.
    This game is going where players are leading it, exactly on total RNG.
    If a company see that their customers keep throw money on random things burning 160$ for a Skin, well I'd did the same as Nexon did. It's free money.
    What if players simply don't agree and don't spsend their money on these tricks? Nexon would be forced to return on direct sales to generate decent income and work hard to fix and improve the game.

    Don't get offended but really, this game turned ********************due to this attitude of throwing money and money for random rewards. Nexon don't need to work seriously to gain money, they are simply doing the easier thing that grant them a nice cashflow, randomizing everything 'cause players despite the fact that keep ranting or being unsatified they keep buy random things.

    I think I bought 10+1 boxes long long time ago, then I realized how random it was and I decided to avoid them all. I never got something worth and even if was poor amount of money for me, I simply understood where the game was trying to lead me, $ sink system.
    I keep bought from time to time premium, but not even one random thing anymore. If i have to spend more than a pay to play game on monthly basis, it's better go there instead to stay here.
    I took a long vacation at sea and I had more fun than staying on roi burning only money and raising my frustration on everything.
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - March 29, 2018

    DirsPwnz wrote: »
    Hi there guys, does anyone know why i cant buy items from NX plus shop?

    Only certain kind of transactions allow you to buy NX Plus items.
    Check the main site for more infos.
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - March 22, 2018

    TheEllora wrote: »
    Something seems to go wrong here.
    -they should take a look and verify the update before uploading it :/

    Wow!!! Basically a part defense everything else went drastically down. HP/Energy... Wth!
    Did you noticed if as Seal changed something?
    Dyrsa wrote: »
    Could someone tell me how many Enhancer + you need in total to go from +5 to +6 and from +6 to +7?
    You can see when u click on tempering (didn't entered in game yet), but if you see above pets seem to be bugged and lose hp/energy instead to gain them. :D