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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 6, 2017

    Sounds good! But I have one question.. Is this Dungeon available for party entry? Or is another solo instance?
    Nvm.. found the answer on website. :|

    For future remind.. Can you also consider party events? I think we have already plenty (too many?) solo things but we lack the fun to share experiences with friends. Maybe 2-3 party members max would be great too.
    Thank you!
  • From Exalted+25 Inherit only +11? O.o

    I'd prefer a fixed inherit also in tempering. 60% fixed would be great. From 25 at least you get a +15.
  • [Feedback] Halloween event

    I've spotted Horse often in FK/CoV (around 50%), the only try I did on TB was not there.
    Lv. 40 Legi dungeons gave to my priest 5 Legendary Horses, to my Wiz I'm at 4 but I run also FK/CoV legi and didn't tamed some otherwise I could be at 6-7 maybe.
    Said so, sadly there are players which run all 3 lv40 legendary but 0 horses spawned, or if spawned it happened only once and failed.
    The only strange thing is the Dullahan in Carleon Legendary, which strike more than FK/CoV/TB l2..

    About dice rolls yeah I barely could reach +5 Legi Extractor on my Wiz but hell my priest keep rolling 4/-4/1/3/-4 and so on.. I've been stuck in the same spot for days basically just happened to step on the -4 way too often.

    For Torment I totally agree with you.. I know players which have meet him twice already, but almost nobody ever meet him at all (me included with 3x character). Something about this spawn is really wrong. And hell, he have very nice rewards too. I think that is barely 3% spawn rate when he should be at least around 25% considering the timed event he wouldn't give too many good rewards. Or if not 25, at least 10-15%. Imho!
  • Just failed 12 "normal" termpering attempts!

    Yllmathir wrote: »
    Normal could also be very close to low as could be very close to high.
    Assuming that normal is around 30% and high is around 50%, with 12 fails in a row you could be in the "very close to low chances" which still normal but poor results.

    My post was basically a "WTF, I failed 12 times in a row on normal!" post. That was posted 2 months ago and I wanted to share with the world my misery, but I've gotten over it now. :) I really don't know what the actual supposed percentage range is and it doesn't look like they will be giving this type of info out either.

    They won't 'cause if we could see numbers we'd get shocked about real % and if you want players to buy elluns is better to keep normal/high than showing them real chances of success, because with numbers someone could realize that chances are so low that don't deserve to buy elluns for keep trying. ;)
  • Refining and Honing System *UPDATED*

    PuffyHuff wrote: »
    The Refining article has been updated!

    Legendary Jewelry Refining Stones have been distributed to everyone. If you want to claim it on an alt character, you must log out and claim it on the alt character, they are not tradeable.

    For full details, please read the article HERE
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and also, note the red italicized text.

    As always I thank you for giving some stuff for free, but as I see you guys keep making the same mistakes with comunication timings.
    I think that all these things should be said in advance (and clearly). For "in advance" I mean few days before the mainteinance 'cause even if you say so 1-2 or 3 hours before, many players which doesn't read forum / main site very often could really miss it.

    Since it's free we should not say anything but since you are giving them once for account, why don't simply make a global account wide ellora's storage tab? We have 2 tabs right now, put a third one "Account Wide Reward" and use it in these cases. At least even if we miss a thread or news on website we'd still able to get those rewards with the character we want.
    OR... Make these kind of rewards BoA (Bind On Account). In this way we can send by mail to the character into the same account (or into an account shared storage which has been asked quite often). Many games nowdays have features like this which put the player at ease and let him to freely decide.

    Think that some of us leave a character at fishing during night, so If we go sleep before the reward time, the day after we'll find that the alt or main char got a reward which maybe should be given to another character. Surprise!!
    Making an example.. I have to go sleep early today, but I need my alt to fish for using the last hours in golden rod. BUT since I leave that character logged in I simply risk to receive on it the reward which maybe I'd like to receive on my main character.
    At this point you are forcing me to not leave my alt online but my main, wasting the time left on the rod of my alt.
    Or another example.. I see on T a group making ToS which need Priest, I relog and puff I get reward on that character even if not intended.
    Or again, I log an alt which his main function is keeping things as extra storage to send things for crafting to the main and puff I get again reward on wrong character.
    Do you see the problem here? ;)

    Also for these changes you guys have done need to be said one week early. In this way we can plan what to do.. I've personally spent lot of elluns rerolling things just few days ago without any hint that there was any changes coming soon. And I'm not alone.
    You guys gave us the "news" icon, but what's the sense since there isn't any real news about all these things? Having such icon but never use it for telling what is going on and what is coming soon, make that button pretty useless.