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  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Feb 15, 2018

    Last event:
    2 character of 3 stuck at 3rd stage, one completed in the morning before maintenance (with lucky rolls) the last stage
    This Event:
    2 character of 3 stuck at 3rd stage, one still stuck at 2nd (happened to roll 4/-4 and 3/1/-4 and the day after again 4/-4)

    I'd say.. you should leave empty those -4 spots (no reward, no penalty) and let people enjoy your event. If happens to go on random reward spot ok, but I think people would prefer being able to complete event in time and let rolls go smootly.
    And again, please remove:
    • heroic token
    • heroic seal stone
    • legendary seal stone
    Market and drops give lot of them that really we don't need to get untradable/unsellable version of them. Give instead:
    • Outfits
    • Legendary extractors / +5 legendary extractors
    • Extra dice
    • Legendary Seal Token
    • Honing stones
    • 7/14d Golden Rods
    All these rewards should be untradable ofc but give us something we don't find in game very often. Keep in mind that certain things are really needed in your game 'cause drop suck most of the times, so why don't use these events to give to your players a bit of joy and satisfaction?
  • GOLD

    Merumi quest without killing boss, go in kill all except boss then get out and in again. Go sell and come back. Rinse and Repeat!
    Other ways uhm.. Being lucky with some drop, farming elite 5 dungeons which are fast for you and can be done in the 10mins reset time.
    FoS e5 was good for wizards which could get 70g every 10mins due to fast teleports.
    Eb e5 skipping all you can gives around 100g per run, but need lot of time if your dps isn't very high.
    Fk l1 and CoV l1 are 100g worth run (doing both), if you also get some good exalted piece you can gain a little bit more.

    A part that if u know mini bosses that spawn in Akrat it's 25g + few drops per kill.
    Another way if your dps is good and not many ppl is around is soloing Heretic, it's 125g *3 channels, but in certain hours there are so many players that only very high geared players can go alone (and full buffed).

    Market is not helping, but latelly you can sell again pretty well and pretty fast Demonus/Hameon/Calypto seals for around 190g each. Running old lv.40 legendary can also give you legendary seal token, seal extractor and armor/weapon refining (got amor refine +2 extractors few days ago). But as always it's luck, you can spend days without anything worth, as you can get some good drop since the first run.

    Another way is fishing in Hakanas.. Leave character fishing for nights and sell 100% pots which goes for 7-12g depending on availability on market.
    Also defense potions sell pretty good. 5-7g each. In addition you can obtain +5 heroic/Legendary extractor if lucky. :)
  • [COMPLETE] Unscheduled Maintenance - Dec 21, 2017

    Even if unscheduled, you should give prior advice in game as ALWAYS have been done before.. 30mins if not more. What if someone was running full spire and u fked up the run? What if someone just entered daily paradise city?
    Ok reward or whatever, but hell, have a bit of respect for your players.
  • FPS drop + mini freezes

    It's from latest patches that I'm experiencing some drop fps in spire.. And also when i open chests the game seems to have mini freezes.
    Never had problems like this before.
  • [Feedback] Refining Event without Refining Stones!

    Ok so we have a great event which reduce elluns cost for rerolling gear BUT where are our refining stones?
    I run Lv. 40/50 dungeons basically every day, sometimes even with 2 characters but since last patches (15days?) the drop rate is 0%. I usually had the luck to drop 1 every 3 days (armor or weapon) but now I'm not dropping anything and loot became worst than before.
    Said so, since I won't buy from shop any refining pack 'cause results are random but my money is not random, tell me how someone is supposed to enjoy this event.

    As I've read in your plans there is a chance that we'll be able to purchase these kind of stones from NPC with Coins or Vouchers, great really BUT why didn't u do it in time with event?