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  • FPS drop + mini freezes

    It's from latest patches that I'm experiencing some drop fps in spire.. And also when i open chests the game seems to have mini freezes.
    Never had problems like this before.
  • [Feedback] Refining Event without Refining Stones!

    Ok so we have a great event which reduce elluns cost for rerolling gear BUT where are our refining stones?
    I run Lv. 40/50 dungeons basically every day, sometimes even with 2 characters but since last patches (15days?) the drop rate is 0%. I usually had the luck to drop 1 every 3 days (armor or weapon) but now I'm not dropping anything and loot became worst than before.
    Said so, since I won't buy from shop any refining pack 'cause results are random but my money is not random, tell me how someone is supposed to enjoy this event.

    As I've read in your plans there is a chance that we'll be able to purchase these kind of stones from NPC with Coins or Vouchers, great really BUT why didn't u do it in time with event?
  • [Feedback] Halloween event

    I've spotted Horse often in FK/CoV (around 50%), the only try I did on TB was not there.
    Lv. 40 Legi dungeons gave to my priest 5 Legendary Horses, to my Wiz I'm at 4 but I run also FK/CoV legi and didn't tamed some otherwise I could be at 6-7 maybe.
    Said so, sadly there are players which run all 3 lv40 legendary but 0 horses spawned, or if spawned it happened only once and failed.
    The only strange thing is the Dullahan in Carleon Legendary, which strike more than FK/CoV/TB l2..

    About dice rolls yeah I barely could reach +5 Legi Extractor on my Wiz but hell my priest keep rolling 4/-4/1/3/-4 and so on.. I've been stuck in the same spot for days basically just happened to step on the -4 way too often.

    For Torment I totally agree with you.. I know players which have meet him twice already, but almost nobody ever meet him at all (me included with 3x character). Something about this spawn is really wrong. And hell, he have very nice rewards too. I think that is barely 3% spawn rate when he should be at least around 25% considering the timed event he wouldn't give too many good rewards. Or if not 25, at least 10-15%. Imho!
  • [COMPLETE]Scheduled Maintenance - November 2, 2017

    PuffyHuff wrote: »
    Badlands wrote: »
    Why u start it 4:00 pm u dont let EU players play gamę again.
    Yllmathir wrote: »
    Really bad timing guys.. I agree with Badlands that your choice of downtime for EU players it's really bad.

    Well, with users from different parts of the world, it's bound to be a 'bad time' for at least a few regions. We would rather go down at one time rather than have separate maintenances from each time zone that may last up to 5 hours EACH. >_<

    I perfectly understand that for you its better this way than making it separate, but you could at least alternate timings in a way that one week goes "better" for EU and vice versa the next week. In this way you don't give much discomfort to only one side. ;)

    What about trying to anticipate the downtime? At 12:00 PM CET you are making NA server down at 4:00 AM PDT, 6:00 AM EDT, 8:00 AM Australian Time.. Even if the down takes 4-5 hours, at worst is up at 5PM CET, 9AM PDT, 11AM EDT, 13AM Australian.

    Take it as feedback and consider how many downtime we had recently which lasted hours and hours.. Since you are running ALSO a SHOP with timed objects and such you should also keep in mind this aspect for all your players. If we were talking about a totally free game then nobody could tell to you guys anything, but since there are payments involved you HAVE to consider also this point of view. :)

    Thanks for your attention! o:)
  • [AUG 24] Lv. 60 Legendary Dungeons

    Can you please remove feather system? Or AT LEAST remove limited time feathers. We do the daily and the feather stay like the blessed one.
    To me this system is very badly implemented. I mean we have already cooldown timer, which in many cases won't allow us to run more than 1 dungeon x day (unless we live in game).
    Decide if keep CD but not feathers or keep Feathers but without any CD. Set a 3 max runs per legendary dungeon and that's all.