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  • Combining the game servers

    Greetings fellow riders and today i have something people have been talking about a lot. This of course is combining the games servers, The purpose of this would to be expanding the players on any given server so things are more populated. So below ill be listing my own personal thoughts and the Pro's and Con's of this idea so people will have a bit more to base their opinions off of.

    -The Servers will seem more populated with more people for instances
    -People can have more active guilds and competition for world bosses
    -There will be more people to sell and buy things on auction
    -More people talking and sharing ideas for new content
    -More people to level with when new content comes out
    -ManaStone battles will have more players
    -Real competition for the new mounts in rift

    -Guilds with the same names will have do to something?
    -More Gold sellers in the party board
    -It might be to populated and hard to get new heroic mounts
    -ManaStone battles will seem a lot more unwinnable
    -Less geared people will be excluded because the Geared Players will be more common
    -Dungeon Gear could drop in price because quantity would go up
    -Prices for things on servers that are diffrent would suddenly all be put into the same auction and therefore some people might have to find new ways to make money

    Really not sure if its good or bad
    -Prices of some items [i.e Familiar Orbs] could inflate or deflate
    -more people would be able to buy all the good auction gear
    -Good legendary gear could become more common and therefore worth less depending on demand

    Now i just want to talk about my own perspective on this matter. As an avid player i really do think we need to combine/migrate some players servers. Its really not going to work for whole servers and it isn't a long term solution to people leaving the game, but if a guild or just some people from the forums want to leave their server to find a more populated one, i think this should be allowed via support ticket or just in game options. this said it could very well cause in game issues with the auction. I think if they were to do this instead of auction items transferring you would have to remove them before switching servers. While this wouldn't be optima for everyone,l it could help to not crash the auction value of some items and that really is a big concern of this whole ordeal.

    While i do know this isn't going to be a long term solution to players leaving, No one can deny that the game is dying and slowly loosing its player base. I'm certainly curious to what the other members of the community think about this, However as to my own server [Hakain] We're loosing players and it really isn't a whole lot of fun without a group to run some dungeons. Simply making the opportunity to find another, more populated server, would really help some players gear and keep them playing until the new patches come out.
  • Best way to level up

    Make sure you do all of your side quests and if you really do like the game consider premium because you get more xp. Side quests in this game ARE NOT optional. If you dont do everything you'll fall behind level curve and want to die trust me
  • Familiar Full Growth Potions

    @Pperk Thats true we do have that, However the grim riders pack comes with claws from the boss of the lair and stuff, While being only 30 days they give 100% familiar xp while you wear them. This does prove that at nothing else Nexon has thought of it
  • Current State Of The Game

    As all of the dedicated players know right now the game is in a pretty bad state. The general overview of Tritael Rift was really not great. On top of that many people were upset about the boss being based on destabilize mechanics. I for one actually like that so i wont be talking about that today. The point im trying to make today is that the game is loosing players. Its doing so very quickly too. The new legendary dungeons are putting people over the line, As someone who runs Breach H5 And Frost Keep H5 every day, Content is now sparce and if we're lucky only has 9-10 gamebreaking bugs that make us want to jump of a cliff. With the new legendary dungeons things just went to far and its impossible to actually get anything done. We cant craft the new karasha gear because of the lack of materials. Tanks are getting 1 shotted and things just dont work. As a melee class i also dont want to have to pump $300 or so into the game for +20 gear so that i can get new gear to spend more money getting to +20.

    This is just at this point blatantly pay to win. As for someone who disagrees with me because im sure there will be a few of you. I spent way to much gold and purchased myself some nice level 120 tempering stones, and proceded to spend 200 of them on one peace of gear with 200 ellunes and then went to temper a sword to +20. If anyone cares to guess what happned i used all the ellunes and its only at 17.

    We need more content but the mindless grinding to better out dps and defence while pumping money into the game for new things to pump money into isnt helping anyone. We need to work on PVP, Dueling, World Raids, And maybe just maybe, THINGS NOT GOING INVIS WHEN YOU TRY TO KILL THEM.

    For the love of god nexon this game has so much potential and its so much fun. just please, please dont ruin it any more

    instead of mindlessly ranting about nexon, here are some things that need to be fixed.
    -Carleon going invisible in legendary
    -Case sensitivity in the auction
    -Attauis just going full rage mode and killing everyones mounts
    -The price of tempering things to +20
    -Legendary Drops in Legedary Dungeons {i know shocking that these should drop legendarys}
  • [Bind on Equip][The Breach]

    While mostly i agree with the community on this there are other sides. A lot of players dont play for 4+ hours a day like im sure a couple of us in the fourms do. This being said godly gear with 2 seal slots and 3x Class stats such as strength or intel are still extremely rare. While people may be geared within a week there's plenty of work to actually do to still improve your gear and even more to get new mounts. Plus maybe in a week everyone will have the new gear but itll be most likely until the next patch before someone that didnt buy gold (because god knows we have to many of those people) to get fully geared with everything they need and the new heroics in their gear. And as much as market prices will go down. it should have been like this before just because of the inflation that bots and gold sellers bring to the game. Its not supposed to be this hard to get gear. Only to get godly gear with all the heroics you need. Thanks for reading