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  • Scheduled Maintenance - July 19, 2018


    Thanks (again) for posting the link, and in the correct place this time! ;) Late and sleepy is always a bad combo for anything! lol :)
  • Upcoming Magician Update

    Excellent, thank you for posting this announcement here in the forums! :)

    For me, the most important question I have right now is whether Nexon will be adding a new, 8th character slot for Riders to unlock with this update? Really hope so because I just do not want to wait another 12 months to create a Magician like we had to do with the Trickster!

    Also, no special event or anything? Just thinking back to previous new class updates (Ranger and Trickster) when Nexon ran pre-registration events for Riders to receive a special, exclusive pack of items. :(

    I was also going to ask if the Magician will also have the same ugly black leggings as the Trickster but they can clearly be seen in the last picture so yes, the Magician does have the same ugly black leggings as the Trickster! :(
  • Talisman Questions

    Talismans have a number of sources: cash shop; daily log-in rewards; special event rewards; lucky boxes and probably some others I've forgotten! Some of them can indeed be sold on the Marketplace but many of them are usually Bound on Obtain/Pickup. I'm not aware of any that drop as loot, but others with more experience/knowledge would be able to confirm or correct that.

    EDIT: Talismans are also sometimes given out as part of a compensation "package" from Nexon for problems/issues etc within the game.
  • fishing safe zone survey

    kafkaï wrote: »
    Kill afk players during fishing and you will obtain title lord of stygea


    Big fail that's all.

    If Riders earn that title by killing AFK Riders who are fishing then the title should be renamed to "Lord of Cowards"! :p Such a title should give an overall -50% to all stats, once earned the title should be auto-equipped and locked so that it cannot be un-equipped or changed for 30 days!
  • Sell Astral Plush Letonsia

    A while back you used to be able to purchase a Familiar Lucky Box from the monthly Reward Writ Vendor but some Riders started complaining that it was unfair because it allowed Riders to complete their Bestiary Collections without having to go out and actually tame, eventually the Familiar Lucky Box was removed and we then started getting the "Radiant" and "Light" versions of familiars. Personally I never understood why Riders were complaining about it, as far as I was concerned anyone who obtained a familiar from a Lucky Box or as a Daily Log-in Reward was one less Rider in direct competition for the actual tame!

    So maybe Nexon could restore a version of the Familiar Lucky Box to the monthly Reward Writ Vendor costing 4 Writs that contains a selection of familiars similar to the recent Rabbini Day Familiar Lucky Box from the Rabbini Day Sale.