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  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - February 27

    Xyon wrote: »
    4pm est and still no word from GMs, about game not loading and no available patch. playing from nexon launcher. hello, anyone?

    12:00 pm UTC/GMT here so that's the entire day missed for all EU players, 7pm EST so there's still time for NA players, but only if Nexon fixes their screw-up ASAP. Over TEN HOURS of silence from Nexon, no apologies, no information, just nothing despite the fact that nobody can play after the scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.
  • game not loading/ crashing before loading.

    Xyon wrote: »
    after maintenance was supposedly done today 02/27/2019, game crashes after char. log in. gives an error. before game crashed and gave error, it loaded as if there was no update. please fix this issue. thank you.

    Looks like Nexon forgot to make the new patch that adds the new dungeon etc available for download, so are game clients now have the wrong version of the game and cannot load characters, so the game just crashes.
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - February 27

    So, wasn't even aware of this maintenance today, seems lately the scheduled maintenance is happening on different days now instead of every Thursday. But, like everyone else, I can't get in-game. I've tried three times now and the first two attempts ended in a game crash after selecting a character and the load screen appeared. The third attempt actually loaded in-game for all of about two minutes before the game crashed once again! The incompetence levels of Nexon are just going sky high now, and, as many are saying, Nexon are driving players away from this game faster than they can attract new players! :( There is no patch to download, the launcher just loads and then starts the game, no verifying, no downloading anything, just straight into the game! Looking at the notes that say "Added New Dungeon " there should be a patch to download, so where is it?
    Yllmathir wrote: »
    Where is the patch? In guild we had the same issue: ClientX_64 error, crash and boom..
    I'm near to give up on this game really, and I'm not alone. Our patience with you it's going to an end point.
    Keep managing the game in this way and you'll be the only one left soon.

    You're definately not alone, my patience with Nexon has expired, they've used it all up with the constant problems and their failures at pretty much everything they do! No response from anyone at Nexon either, despite the fact that your post was almost TEN HOURS ago!

    EDIT: I've tried sending a message to both @Cream and @Phoebee in the hopes that one of them might be able to provide some sort of response to this mess. At it is now, there's no chance of anyone in Europe being able to log in-game at all today, but maybe the NA players might have a chance if Nexon actually does do something ASAP to fix their mess! Can't wait to see what Nexon thinks is adequate compensation for this screw-up!
  • Nebulas The Chaos : Summoning scroll.


    Please ensure Nexon understands that some players can and do kill the summoned familiar or otherwise try to interfere with the tame to prevent the person who has purchased the "package" from completing the tame! I really hope that players who do this are punished in some way because it's a deliberate act to ruin another players enjoyment of the game!
  • The state of Riders of Icarus?

    Not really much that I could add to what @dannie has already said. Player numbers have declined and is doesn't seem as though Nexon are bothered at all. As an example, they've just started the New Year's Rabbini Event which, as you'll see by reading the details, is restricted to those who have access to Cloying Wastes. Anyone who isn't high enough level is just .. ignored I guess. *shrug*

    These forums are pretty much a reflection of the game, hardly anyone around here anymore, hardly anyone in the game most of the time. Sadly we don't hear much of anything from Nexon anymore so we have no idea of what's happening, what's planned for the future, heck, just a whole lot of silence from Nexon. :(

    So, to sum it all up: What's the state of Riders of Icarus? Bleeding players and slowly dieing. :(