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  • [Completed] Scheduled Maintenance - October 25, 20

    GrizzlyUK wrote: »
    Does this fix the constant "You have been disconnected from the server" problem? Somewhat difficult to do anything when you're getting disconnected every 5-10 minutes! :(

    I can at least answer my own question, seeing as Nexon are remaining silent about this problem! Simple answer is NO, this patch does not fix the constant "You have been disconnected from the server"! Over two weeks of this garbage now, that's two weeks of Premium I have lost because the game is simply unplayable!

    Oh, and what the hell has Nexon done to the Familiar Storage layout? It looks horrible now, all squashed up with a large black bar at the bottom!
  • Still No Bestiary Update.

    I think the problem with the lack of information on the RoI Wiki is that it is player maintained. By that I mean that I suspect many of the players who have previously helped with the Wiki by adding info, images, etc may now have left the game so we now have a situation where there simply isn't anyone adding anything anymore! :( Or it could just be that everyone's too busy with playing the game so they can gather info to add to the Wiki, though at the moment it may be didfficult for those of us who are affected by the random "You have been disconnected from the server" that's been happening since the patch! :(
  • [COMPLETE]Scheduled Maintenance - October 11, 2018

    Biaaca wrote: »
    Don't worry - stay cool.
    Sorry, i'm new here, but from other games i know "don't play on a patchday".

    Btw: Is this community so small or so calm?
    In other games there would already be several hundred pages of flaming.

    The forum community is rather small nowadays sadly, but there are still new Riders, like yourself, arriving to help keep the veteran Riders on their toes, so it's not dead just yet! Some of us do get a little passionate about the game sometimes, so it's not always so calm around here! lol Rest assured we are, for the most part, a friendly bunch! ;) But welcome to the forums and to Icarus! :)
  • Shadows of Turimnan Update

    Thank you for trying to give us something in the way of an update.
  • removal of Mcbains quests

    Thank you very much for clearing up that bit of confusion! As I said in my previous comment I just could not recall ever seeing anything anywhere about the MacBain quests, coins or NPC's being removed and I'd always understood that they were intended as permanent additions to the game, which you have also confirmed. That's why I couldn't understand where this "removal of MacBain quests" had come from!

    Nexon still has room to improve on their information releases though! ;)