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  • Where is Miss May

    For todays maintenance: Reliquary Patch Notes

    All the way down at the bottom under Other Changes is:
    May Rewards Merchant can now be found in Victory Plaza.

    Also found the following on Facebook:
    Dear Riders, the server maintenance today, May 24, 2018, Reliquary patch notes will be extended by two (2) hours ~ Please expect the servers will be open at the following times (5:00PDT/8:00EDT/14:00CET/22:00AEST)

    Sorry for the inconvenience & Thank you for patience, Riders!
  • [EVENT] August Booster Events

    Runi wrote: »
    And in the end, they always give things away for ppl to catch up....this happens in every MMO..

    Never seen anything like this in any other MMO. *shrug* I don't have a problem with Nexon running promotions to either encourage new players to join the game nor to help new players get going. But what they're giving away in this promo is a bit much, especially when it seems that they are ignoring the "veteran" or "old" players on the old servers! It's also not a good thing that Nexon are encouraging players on the old servers to switch over to the new servers to get these rewards! We already know that all the servers are suffering from low player populations, but hey, get as many players onto the new servers with this promo as possible and screw the old servers, Nexon doesn't care about those anyway! :(
  • [EVENT] July Attendance

    DrewB wrote: »
    Friend of mine has this same issue. No daily attendance rewards due to already being completely fulfilled on day 1. She put in a ticket, a GM said "Yeah, it's a problem, but we're backlogged, so I'll go ahead and close the ticket for you... BUT, we know the issue isn't fixed for you. Watch the forums for any news on this issue." She had nowhere else to turn. I haven't seen her get on since and last we spoke she's frustrated. I know a few others with this same issue and none of them can figure out what they have in common. I have no idea if they put in tickets or not. Apparently there's so many tickets flooding the dev team, according to GM Eszyer, that it seems it may take so long to address the issue that the whole July event will be over. I tried to tell her it's just free junk anyways, but "hath no fury as a woman scorned" was all that was coming to my mind.

    The initial response to my ticket was not helpfull, the same GM replied to me (GM Eszyer) with the same "explanation" about being flooded with tickets which is causing a slow response to tickets. I was then told to run the "Repair Installation" option from the Nexon Launcher as the problem could be due to corrupted files! Yeah, ran that and the Nexon Launcher decided to re-download and re-install the entire game! That took hours (after 7 hours it was at 52% and I went to bed, leaving it running overnight) during which I avoided using my system for anything so as to avoid any further problems. When I reported that back to GM Eszyer the response was "that is a technical troubleshooting step for Steam platform users that plays the game"! Except I don't play RoI on Steam! Then my ticket was closed! Apparently the issue has been passed to the Game Team and it's now down to them to fix the issue. I was also told to "check our site and the game forum for updates regarding this issue". So yeah, looks like there's no July Attendance rewards for those with this issue and certainly no sort of compensation either! This particular bug has been affecting random players for months now!

    There are simply way too many bad things happening with RoI lately. This game is not even close to being ready for a full, official release! There are way too many bugs still in the game from months ago, let alone all the new ones that get added with each new update. Nexon and WeMade NEVER give any actual information on what's happening regarding all these bugs etc. Patch notes for RoI only ever list about half a dozen or so "fixes" and rarely includes a couple of "Known Issues"!
  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] New NA and EU Servers

    yvadim wrote: »
    oh wow, why didn't you do this before the trickster pre-registration event? can I move my pre-registered char without deletion? Can I delete it and reuse the name immediately on the new server?
    Thanks for the answer @CuddleWings

    The new servers aren't available/open yet, so no-one can access them. I'd guess the new servers will be opened when the Rise of the Trickster Update goes live which would mean no-one can pre-register a Trickster on them. That would also mean that anyone who selects the new servers will be on an equal start with everyone else on the new servers.
  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] New NA and EU Servers

    roganemor wrote: »
    Sooooooo confused.....merge servers then create a new one. /boggle

    Indeed, I'm sure there are many players reading this announcement and wondering what the heck was the point in merging Hakain and Kalas just 4 weeks ago! :o Were those two servers old and in need of replacement?