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  • Taming

    One thing not mentioned are the Server Buffs that include a percentage increase to Taming Success (usually around 10%) and of course the Premium Service "Taming success rate increased by 10%". Add those two together with a Taming Talisman, a Taming Potion and any costume that has increased Taming Success and you should find taming Agnas much easier! ;) This is what I did recently with all 7 of my characters when I decided it was time to tame Agnas with each of them.

    If you're just trying to get yourself a better flying mount then another option would be to use the monthly Reward Writs from the Daily Login Rewards to purchase one of the "Light" or "Radiant" Legendary mounts from the vendor. There are a few to choose from so you should be able to find one you like! ;)
  • Any news?

    Esti wrote: »

    Seem you are the 2 active on the forum :)

    Concerning that announcement:

    1) We are in August and dindt see in plan / statement / or anything else concerning that future update of the new zone and lvl cap.
    2 )Plus, can you give us more detail on :
    "Tempering System Improvement

    We're planning on improving the existing tempering system towards the direction of more clarity and simplicity. Plans for this improvement are as follows:
    1.Due to the amount of new equipment and changes, the amount of Tempering Stones required will be decreased.
    2.Modulate the difficulty of tempering to reduce the players' burden.
    3.Make the system more intuitive.

    Planning is already on the way and the month of projected update should be by the end of May. We hope you look forward to it as much as ourselves."

    3) and if August is not possible can u give us the next date ?

    Thank you

    There are two quotes / statements from the Dev Team in Dev Blog 12 that, so far, they've rather failed on:
    "The Development and Planning Team wants to communicate more with the players and make more content for everyone." Posted under the first image in the Dev Blog!
    "The DEV Blog will continue to update every month to discuss about ICARUS's development." Posted under the second image in the Dev Blog!

    Dev Blog 12 was posted 3 months ago, since then we've had Dev Blog 13 which was posted 1 month ago. Note that Dev Blog 13 did include a brief update on the Tempering System Revamp:
    Regarding the Tempering System Revamp
    - The revamped system has been successfully developed and is under testing internally.
    - We are preparing how to replace the existing system smoothly.
    - The developers are doing their best to deliver the new tempering system as soon as possible.

    So it seems that the Dev Team aren't quite managing to keep to their own plans/intentions. Communication with players isn't really happening and the Dev Blog updates certainly aren't happening "every month". We know the Dev Team are busy (or at least we hope they are), but when they make these sorts of commitments they should at least try to follow up and keep to what they've said!

    My main concern for the Turimnan Update is the part in Dev Blog 12 where they say:
    Since it was released in Korea, the region gained a negative impact in the Korean server. Once it arrives to NA and EU servers, a lot of changes will be made and improved to suit you.
    But that was it, nothing about why the region gained a negative impact in the Korean server, absolutely no information about what changes will be made for the NA and EU servers! The Dev Blog then continued with:
    We plan to release the update on August however, due to how big the update is and the changes that will follow, we would like to remind everyone that this is only a set goal for now.
    Any updates regarding the progress of the development will be explained in future DEV Blogs.
    But here we are in August, with absolutely no further information about the Turimnan Update since Dev Blog 12, because in the three months since Dev Blog 12 we've only had Dev Blog 13 which contained nothing at all about the Turimnan Update!

    It's just rather disappointing really, the silence from Nexon and their Dev Team continues sadly. Without any real information, without real feedback, without much of anything really, how can we, the players, commit to RoI for much longer? :(
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - August 2, 2018


    Thank you, now we have an official thread for the event! ;)
    Cream wrote: »

    No answer to that yet but it seems intended, will get back to this when information is available!
    Just been reading the details for August Summer Event! and spotted the Special Login Rewards Day 7 reward is a Mount: Watermelon Banana Boat! But the other 6 days rewards are just listed as "Summer Event <x> Prize" with no info on what they might actually be!

    Is not the first time we issue regular mounts but maybe the first time we do 2 in a month! *shrugs*
    August Daily Login Rewards include Mount: Dredum on Day 22 (not a Radiant or Light version?) and a Pet: Sparkle Kerav on Day 19.

    That was forward to the team I will remind them again!
    Can you let Nexon know that they've included the stats panel for Pet: Sparkle Kerav under the details for Mount: Dredum, please?

    The announcement for compensation is on the following link at the bottom;

    Editing because you posted literally 1 minute before me! lol

    I know we've had regular mounts in the past, and a few times in one month we've had both a mount and a familiar, but I was more surprised that the mount is the regular version because we've been getting either Light or Radiant versions of mounts for a while. Not that I'm complaining, very happy to see regular mounts showing up as login rewards! :)

    As for the "Summer Event <x> Prize", when you place your cursor over each one in-game the tooltip shows the contents! I made a quick list of them, so if anyone does want to know what each "Summer Event <x> Prize" contains just click the Spoiler below:
    August Summer Event Special Login Rewards

    Summer Event 1st Prize
    - Blue Oriental Swimwear (30 Days) x1
    - Ellun (50 Pack) x1

    Summer Event 2nd Prize
    - Transit Shrine Pass (30 Days) x1
    - Ellun (50 Pack) x1

    Summer Event 3rd Prize
    - Ice Cream Weapon Skin (30 Days) x1
    - Ellun (50 Pack) x1

    Summer Event 4th Prize
    - Portable Storage Master (14 Days) x1
    - Ellun (50 Pack) x1

    Summer Event 5th Prize
    - Straw Hat (30 Days) x1
    - Ellun (50 Pack) x1

    Summer Event 6th Prize
    - Blue Turtle Backpack (30 Days) x1
    - Ellun (50 Pack) x1
  • updates needed in game

    Apologies for the delay in getting this information, the common familiar I mentioned is the Crystalhorn Doe and can be found in the Gilded Woods area of Hakanas Highlands. It is tamable but is not included in the in-game Beastiary, there is a Crystalhorn Stag but that is found near Kellwoods Farm. Strangely the Crystalhorn Doe is listed in the Riders of Icarus Wiki Hakanas Highlands Beastiary.
  • NX / Elun = Gold ?

    You can purchase items from the "NX Plus" tab of Ellora's Shop which are "Tradeable" versions so that you can then sell them on the Marketplace for other Riders to buy for gold. Check Introducing NX Plus – Buy and Trade Shop Items for much more details, including an FAQ.

    Do note that Riders can only buy items from the "NX Plus" tab with NX Prepaid.