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  • Fairness of Server vs. Server PVP area.

    Well, from me:
    I'm from velzeroth server in EU. At this moment we're the most populated I think, due to fact we won all the manastones since the start of cross server pvp, and a lot of crybabies from other EU servers joined us. The last manastone lasted for 6 minutes I believe. We just go there for the rewards, because we block every safezone and we don't let anyone make it through. Even if some group slips by, our giant crushing wave of players securing manastone eats everything on it's way. Well, from my point as a velzeroth player, it's OK because we just go there for rewards and to have some laugh (maybe lag too), but considering the point of view from other servers, I think that we need one feature - cross server alliances. How to make it legit?
    Make an npc in victory plaza where you can vote for the alliance of entire 2 servers. If the alliance has enough votes on both servers, then it's confirmed. Such cross server alliance makes it easier to fight the winning one in your region, and both servers in alliance share the rewards if they win. Ability to alliance is blocked for servers that won more than 3 battles in a row. Comment below about the idea.
  • Underwater Dungeons and Mounts

    Well, there is actually one. Cavern of the Veil. But it's just a tunnel surrounded with water. It would be a nice feature to explore the world in 3 ways: on the ground, in the air, and underwater. Maybe start with small steps like adding the ability to dive while swimming.
  • - Suggestion -- Ellora's Spire

    Short and simple:
    Costumes: OK
    Their effects: OK as long as they won't work inside the tower.
  • Auto-Attack, The Silent Killer (Of Yourself)

    Also while auto attacking you can't use the items from inventory screen, you must de-target the enemy for example if you want to use ellora spire 5 min potion. And no, I don't have any place in hotbars to slot it for faster usage...
  • Balanced char

    Well, if we're talking about WreaDn on velzeroth server - well, he's the best tank with dps build. With buffs he breaks the magical barrier of 100k hp, while he has 30k+ physical def buffed and around 16k dps. But I don't believe he goes solo L5, it's still not enough, even tho he's almost a god.