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  • - Wizard 25.1.17

    For people who don't know what it's about: wizard has 2 kinds of shields - mana shield that once casted, uses mana bar instead of hp bar when you take dmg, and the second is frozen blessing, a 7 seconds skill that gives you very high defence and protects you from most attacks (my wiz with full karasha with 3k Def has about 45k+ physical and 80k+ magical Def for 7 seconds once I use the skill.) . The point is that this skill should be instantly casted, so the effect should appear instantly after pushing the button, but it doesn't work. First you need to wait for the animation (which takes about 1 sec) and this is precious time when you need the shield asap. The suggestion is simple - remove that animation!
    Also, the aoe of wizard has cast time + wait time, meaning that once you fully cast the skill (example fire storm and inferno meteor, they're mostly used together) the area should be instantly filled with fire and deal damage to enemies (like in case of ranger's raven flight, there's almost no delay between releasing the arrow and dealing damage), but the wizard aoe works approximately 0.8 to 1 second after casting so in this time period your enemies can escape the area of damage. I know that it takes a little time for the rain of burning shards and meteors to fall from the atmosphere, but if it's magic then let it work magically and fix this to deal damage instantly upon cast.
  • Dashing and dodging guide for new rangers

    Well, as above. New rangers who are green in ranger's combat tricks should read this.

    Basically, ranger has 3 important skills that allow him to survive without a scratch.

    1. Backflip - your best way to survive long solo fights with strong enemies. Once you use your backflip, your evasion raises by 100% for 5 secs (enough to use another backflip right in time if you have cooldown reduction at least 5-10%). It means that after a backflip you can have a dagger in your chest and it won't hit ya. Checked with 35 lvl ranger on badlands during quest. Had to fight with multiple werewolves. At one moment i saw that if I'll keep spamming the backflip, I won't get hurt. So my rotation was backflip + chaos arrow (4 shots) x2 + backflip + chaos arrow (4 shots) x1 + backflip + quickly aerial kick and few vambrace hits to regain chaos ----> repeat.
    2. Raven touch (i believe, that one which heals you in vambrace stance) - heals you by 30% of max hp, fully recovers chaos and gives you 5 seconds of immortality (if used in vambrace stance). perfect one if you're surrounded, gives you enough time to escape and counterattack.
    3. Forward leap - your last chance to save in many situations. Once you're stunned or grounded, simply press c to escape forward in a shadow coating. Recommended to use backflip afterwards. In most situations it can save your butt.

    And one more about backflipping. Have you seen a dashing assassin? He moves mostly in two directions - behind enemy + backstab / again in front of the enemy before he turns around + attack / again behind + backstab / front + attack. See the point? You should do the same with your enemy - constant backflipping above his head, you can even shoot him from really close distance, because if you backflip correctly, you won't get any hit. DUNNO HOW IT WORKS WITH MAGIC OR RANGE ATTACKS OR PVP. I JUST EXPLAINED THE TRICK AGAINST PHYSICAL PVE ENEMIES. NEED TO CHECK THE REST.

    Edit: it actually works against all attacks, no matter pve or pvp and physical or ranged. But not sure about AOE.
  • [EVENT] Brightfeather Challenge

    I cant understand the logic of giving a "Leg" mount that is FAR from that actually,i mean its not something super cool lookin to make up for lack of stats and it only has the 4 stars as "proof" of being a legendary,apart from the speed buff which is nothig special,it has no other abilities (not even as good as Elites) But thats not all, since it apparently Cannot be Sealed or made as pet or at least used for Talent points,and that makes it more than usless and a waste for people that will get more than one since u get a mark each day.
    Marks go to waste since there is no use at all to even bother taming more than 1 and that one,and even that one most likely will end up only taking up space and never be used.
    Agree with you. This is not a legendary familiar, it's just a joke.
    1. Krooger, Uru or Murasa (physical)) / Taslan or Abagne (magical) are far better for their respective classes than that.
    2. Move speed and move speed and did I mention move speed? Wow, the Halloween event Coiste Bodhar is faster and has also overall attack... And it's heroic.
    3. Cannot be sealed or changed to pet? I wouldn't mind if players could at least change it to pet, if they missed Halloween and don't have a pet with speed buff (good for kiting).
    4. Maybe not the most important but... It doesn't even look serious!
    -Fear my power! I tamed the legendary and now I wield the power of... A CHICKEN!
    -I don't need to have a legendary chicken to defeat you! My elite wolf (heroic horse, place anything you want) is way better. Die now!
    With this comic accent, I'm finishing my post.