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  • Launcher.exe has stopped working

    Try this: close steam completely. Right-click the steam launcher icon and select "Run as Administrator". Run the game and see if it works.

    If it doesn't work, try verifying cache integrity via steam. It'll take a while but, if everything else failed, this should help.

    But if it still doesn't solve the issue, your best bet is to send a ticket to support as detailed as possible so they can help you.
  • Xedona - Kalas

    Hey there!

    I've definately seem you around, since I'm always jumping around all over the maps. Next yime I see you I'll say hi. :)
    Good to see players that have been around since the begining formaly introducing themselves. Maybe I should do the same one of these days.

    Well, good luck, happy hunting and stay spinning! :D
  • WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Date a Guardian GM Contest

    The floodgates have been opened. I hope you guys are ready. :D

    But hot damn! 1 hour of legendary speed running in god mode for all da lootz with a GM?! That's the most romantic thing ever! I normaly don't participate in these kind of events since I'm not artsy enough but I'll give it a shot later. I have untill the 13th to think of something good, so I'll hope for the best.
  • Radiant Agnas & Radiant Kerav

    1. They have an additional passive that gives physical and magical damage.

    2. Nope.

    3. Nope.
  • Greetings Fellow Riders

    Hey there! Welcome to RoI!

    I love the game as well. I'm a ranged DPS person, so Ranger fits my tastes like a glove. I do enjoy Wizard as well but it's not as fast as the ranger. It's a good nuker for sure but I still like the ranger best.

    I highly recommend you to join a guild in order to get the best experience out of the game. The recent addition of the cross server lobby makes finding dungeon and raid parties easier but nothing beats a real guild. I'd recomend this forum recruitment section but no ones seems to use it anymore. Instead you could pay attention to the shouts as people are always recruiting there.

    I'm in the Kalas server. If you're there as well and you need any help, send me a pm and I'll do what I can.

    Good luck and have fun! :)