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  • I'm lvl50 and there's nothing I can do to progress

    To make gold, farm old dungeons on the highest difficulty you can handle solo and Temple of Sands and Fortress of Sorrows E1~E2.

    And yes, 4k dps is WAY too low for L5 runs. Even for L1 I'd recommend being around 5k~7k dps. Since you have no gold for now, try to craft Radan's Essence marks to tame Venomous Casperts to seal. Blue Bloodwyrms are really not good enough for a lvl 50. Also, does your Tyrant set has the right stats for your class? For wizard, you have to focus on Int and magic attack. Willpower and magic crit rate and damage help. Everything else is almost useless to you. But if you keep farming the old dungeons and the E1 versions of the new ones, you'll have enough gold to buy a better set in no time. Also, by farming Cavern of the Veil you'll quickly gather all the mats needed for the Radan's Essence mark.

    Once you're done with that, you'll have enough dps for L1~L3 runs for coins you can use to buy Karasha recipes. Buy a Staff Karasha recipe first. Then work on taming Void Kargyles on the Rift to replace your Casperts. After that you can focus on getting a full Karasha set and you'll be golden.
  • New Races

    As long as they don't add Braghin as a playable race, I'm cool with it. I hate them all. Even Inugi.

    ALL braghin should die!
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll


    Could you please add a poll to the OP, this would aid the discussion even further. It could be with 2 options as far as keeping or removing Bestiary goal.

    Thank you, Rider!
    Done. :)
  • Legendary Seal Stones

    I'd rather have some sort of refining. Like a crafting recipe that let's me transform, for example, 25 heroic seal stone into one legendary seal stone. That way people have more reason to do dungeons and world bosses and still give use to those piles of elite and heroic seal stones that are sitting in our banks.
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    OK, so far we can say that it will be a better option if the following conditions are met for the Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll;

    1- Level (progress) and/or account restricted (there is a character on the account that has unlocked the region in question).
    2- Not available to new accounts (until certain level is met and restriction #1 is met.
    3- No Bestiary goal attained form this method.

    This is just a quick grasp of what has been mentioned here. Please, state more suggestions and ideas to understand better our community standpoint.

    Thank you Riders!

    I thinkj this is the perfect solution. That way we can still give them to our alts without ruining the experience for new players.