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  • [COMPLETE]Scheduled Maintenance – January 18, 2017

    Do pets that are turned back into mounts give Bestiary points? I only ask because it's called a Bestiary scroll.

    Also many of us are waiting to hear back about whether elun quests will be patched into the Cloying Wastes regions since our high level toons can't access them in the other regions anymore. We are hoping to see this fix coming soon, and having our helmets fixed so they don't turn back on when we zone.
    Can confirm that elluns are back in the daily quests in Silverwhite Valley in Parnas. Did them yesterday on my lvl 50 ranger and got 2 elluns total. Still, some ellun dailies in the Wastes would be really nice.

    I've made a thread asking about the Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll and Cream said she'd work to get us an answer, so try check there at a later time to see if there's any news. Link: http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/20160/turning-pets-back-into-mounts-now-possible-thanks
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    From http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/20320/ellora-s-shop-update-for-january-18th

    Wow! I remember this being suggested a couple of months ago. Thanks again to all mods, dev team and Nexon for listening to our feedback and suggestions.

    I just have a couple of questions regarding the Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll. According to the description "this item cannot be used on pets that cannot normally be tamed in the world (ex: pets from Tritael Rift Pet Lucky Box)", but what does that mean exactly? For example, if I have a pet Diaguul, which is an Ellora's Store exclusive not available anywhere in the world, will the scroll turn it back into a mount or it literally just work for mounts/pets tamable in the world?

    Also, it has "bestiary" in the name. Does it mean that if, for example, buy a sealed Femuto, extract it into a lvl 1 pet and turn it back into a mount with the scroll it'll add it's entry in my bestiary? Or will it just become a mount and I'd still have to tame one to get it's bestiary entry?

    Any help answering those questions would be extremely appreciated, @Cream and @Cuddlewings :)

    The discussion about the Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll have evolved past what is written above. So for those still wondering, here are the answers to the questions above:

    1 - As long as the pet has a mount form, like Diaguul or Enjani for example, the scroll will turn them back into mounts even if the text is a bit confusing.

    2 - Yes, as of now the scroll DO unlock the bestiary entry for familiars tamable within the world.

    The discussion now is on whether the bestiary should or should not unlock bestiary entries for familiars tamable within the world. In my personal opinion, I think they should NOT unlock entries. The main point of the game is to tame familiars and if unlocking thos entries is too easy, the game might lose it's appeal. I also agree by limiting the scroll by level, as suggested by @Yllmathir and @Cream. Quote from @Cream below:

    //OK, so far we can say that it will be a better option if the following conditions are met for the Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll;

    1- Level (progress) and/or account restricted (there is a character on the account that has unlocked the region in question).
    2- Not available to new accounts (until certain level is met and restriction #1 is met.
    3- No Bestiary goal attained form this method.

    This is just a quick grasp of what has been mentioned here. Please, state more suggestions and ideas to understand better our community standpoint. //
    From this comment: http://forums.icarus.nexon.net/discussion/comment/59667/#Comment_59667

    As per request, I'll add a poll so everyone can vote for or against the scroll unlocking bestiary entries.
  • Harvesters & Farming

    Go play ArcheAge >_>

    Familiar Farm for the win
    No need to be rude. The Feedback and Suggestion forum exists for the sole reason for players to suggest things they think will improve this game experience.

    Back on topic, I think this is a great idea. And the Familiar farm already have some nodes of minareals found in the game although they're not minable at this point, and a farmable patch of land, so I guess this was already in the plans.
  • [EVENTS] Legendary Rider Attendance

    None of the special daily rewards has any lucky boxes. Speaking of lucky boxes, what happened to January Lucky Boxes?
    They do. The normal attendace event has 2 mark boxes and the special one has a ruinous weapon box. As for the unlucky boxes sold in the cash shop, I'm incredibly happy they're not there this moth. I hope they're done with them and they NEVER return.
  • "Follow"

    Pets have 4 modes:

    1 - Standby Mode: The pets will follow you and not attack or run at all.

    2 - Guard mode: The pet will attack anything that deals damage to you.

    3 - Attack mode: Your pet will attack any enemy in sight.

    4 - Auto Loot Mode: Only available if you have a Auto Loot Emblem equipped on your pet. It'll make your pet auto loot everything.

    The command Move will make your pet go to the designated location and stay there untill you move outside it's range. This is useful when fighting bosses or enemies that have lots of AoE. You tell your pet to move to somewhere safe so it won't be killed. When the enemy is dealt with, you use the Follow command so it follows you again.

    Hope this helps.