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  • Keep or Change Aethorus Mount's Glow [POLL]

    I agree, the colors match.
    However the picture in the news is still incredibly misleading. You have to catch a screenshot at the exact second it fades, and even then it's difficult to catch. I really feel like there should be a change, at the very least reversing the glow-to-no-glow ratio. Aethorus' base colors look incredible, and I was very excited to buy it when I first saw the news, but you hardly ever see them.
    That's the best option for me and that's what I voted for. Just inverting the timer glow-noglow timers so the glowing is the rarest occurence. It'd also be more visualy appealing, to me at least. Like sometimes it's power surges and it glows and fades away.

    Since a lot of people like the glow as it is, this glow could be maintained in the skin and those who prefer it that way can just apply said skin.
  • Cut Scenes in dungeons

    The worst part is when you're farming old dungeons for achievements. You have to be called an insolent wrech 30 times by that Twilight dropout and see that damned yeti coward "surprisingly" break the roof to get you before running away with it's tail between it's legs. Or how many merumi joined the cult of Radan. Or Rondo freezing his buttocks by sitting in that ice throne

    i mean, WE GET IT ALREADY! Just give me the option to completely skip the cutscene from the very start after running the dungeon once.
  • Aethorus pet stats

    The passive and active abilities remains the same.
  • Hello to the Community.

    Welcome to RoI!

    Ranger is also my main. For me, it's the best class. Being a ranged dps is what I prefer and I love bows and guns, so it fits my tastes pretty well. I don't know which server are you playing but I definatly saw a guild dedicated to eldr citizens in the Kalas server. I don't recall the name of the guild but I guess you could ask around the guild/recruitment section of these forum to ee if the guild is still active.

    Also, I'm glad to see more and more elder citizens embracing and openly identifying themselves as gamers. There's even a really nice lady that uploads videos of her playing various games. It's family friendly and she's really entertaining. Link here in case you or anyone else is interested:
  • FINALLY! Character slot vouchers available!

    From: http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/20153/ellora-s-shop-update-for-january-12th

    Thank you very much mods and Nexon for listening to us! Since it doesn't have an end date, I assume it'll be there forever, so good news for us altholics!
    Now, if that "one purchase per account" could be replaced by "one purchase per character", we could have some incentive to invest money on our alts as well. *wnkyface*

    Also, that Aethorus will make for an awesome pet for my ranger, so thank you for selling it outside unlucky boxes! I just purchased enough NX so I can get it as soon as it's available tomorrow. :D