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  • Hello Fellow Riders My Handle is MewSynk

    Welcome back!
    I play in Kalas but if you ever need help with info, sned me a pm and I'll try to help. :)
  • still no loli idol release? ok no need to download

    If this is the kind of people the idol class will bring to the community, I hope it NEVER gets released here.
  • Happy new year!

    Happy new year to you as well!
  • Year End Sale Event - Feedback and suggestions

    About the newest event: http://icarus.nexon.net/en/news/article/20088/year-end-sale-event

    First I wanted to say that I really appreciate the idea behind this. Giving old and new players the chance to acquire items they didn't before for whatever reason is a great idea. Specially the outfits since we have very few options in that department.

    When I saw the post, I was really excited. I thought that some of our feedback would be taken into account and some mounts would be sold separetedly, not inside those horrid unlucky boxes. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We got just the Black Friday Box back, which doesn't help me and others much.

    So here's my idea: how about selling a version of those unique mounts that are untradeable even when sealed and can only be purchased once? That way people that will never buy an unlucky box like me, can buy a Mecha Calypto, a Laiku Rider etc. Even if sold at the normal 14,900 NX single mount price, I guarantee I and a lot of other players will purchase them. Unlike some, I just want some mounts and pets for their looks. Of course stats are important and I'll favor mounts and pets that benefit my ranger but that didn't stop me from buying the Agnas Rider. Which is fast and awesome but not suited for mounted combat.

    Something similar could be said abou the Inferno Fox, in my case. I didn't much care for it's looks and stats at first. But since it was not in an unlucky box, I purchased it just to show my support. Of course, the package was really filled with good stuff and that's a huge plus.

    So that's it. It's the end of the year, so let us have the chance to get one of our favorite mounts that were trapped inside unlucky boxes. It could even be an event similar to how Black Friday worked. One, two or even three unique mounts, untradeable and purchaseable only once, would go on sale for a day untill the end of the year for 14,900 NX. That way everyone starts the new year happier with their favorite mounts and Nexon with money.
  • You did it again!

    Just another reminder to never buy unlucky boxes. If we speak with our wallets they can even get rid of it one day. A man can dream.