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  • Frostbite Fox vs. Inferno Fox

    40 boxes?! Holy hell... I maintain my stance to never buy unlucky boxes no matter what they put inside. I'll only buy mounts in packages or ones you can buy directly.
  • The Ruinous bow reward

    It'll be a lvl 35 bow. All ruinous equipment are lvl 35.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance – Dec 21, 2016

    I was hoping for a chance to get Radesh with Elluns or maybe some other method that doesn't include NX... well, I'll have to wait
    You can get it via Steam as well, if that suits you better. Buying via Steam is MUCH better for me and some people don't know that that's an option. It gives you Radesh the Wise (aka Toothless), Agnas the cuddly, which is a nice pet for any class even if it's better suited for dps, and other perks.

    Just a heads up though: if you don't play via Steam already, you'll have to install the game via Steam again and log in one time before being able to buy the pack. After you receive your pack, you can uninstall the Steam version safely if you prefer that way.
    How do I get him via Steam? I do have Steam installed and I play through Steam, but I live in Croatia, and if you suggest that I charge my NX through my Steam wallet, guess what? I don't have credit cards, and after reading a million of those instructions, turns out I have to go to Austria, buy something, then get a credit card and fill my wallet, then charge NX.

    If you follow this link you can purchase the Heroic Ranger's Fury Package via Steam. The Heroic Ranger's Fury Package contains a Radesh the Wise. That's all there is to it.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance – Dec 21, 2016

    That's it? Really?
    I honestly expected a more spectacular christmas- sale in the Shop and not the all-monthly stuff with the same annoying lucky boxes ...
    Something like the introduction of a mount/pet slot with all previous mounts on sale, sell the familiar boxes from the lucky boxes separately or an "all-in" (aka, every box/set that was available this year coming in again to a holiday-sale price).
    You could have made so much money but if you don't want to ...
    Also .. guess I'm spoiled too much with other MMO's Christmas Events but this one ... even your Halloween-Event gave the player more to do.
    Unfortunately I have to agree. :(
    I was expecting a more robust sale with a lot of costumes, mounts and pets. Maybe putting costumes and weapon skins sold in the past for those who didn't buy it then. And the fact that the Frostbite Fox is dangerously threading through P2W territory by having more buffs than the Inferno Fox really bothers me. If it was possible to get the Frostbite Fox outside those unlucky boxes I wouldn't be complaining so much. Please don't let RoI go down that road.
  • Frostbite Fox vs. Inferno Fox

    Can someone link to December lucky box info please. I am not seeing where this information was posted.
    Here you go.
    If you acess the main site, all these info are usually posted in the News. Although sometimes they post in the forums first. I always check both just to be sure.