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  • I'm lvl50 and there's nothing I can do to progress

    To make gold, farm old dungeons on the highest difficulty you can handle solo and Temple of Sands and Fortress of Sorrows E1~E2.

    And yes, 4k dps is WAY too low for L5 runs. Even for L1 I'd recommend being around 5k~7k dps. Since you have no gold for now, try to craft Radan's Essence marks to tame Venomous Casperts to seal. Blue Bloodwyrms are really not good enough for a lvl 50. Also, does your Tyrant set has the right stats for your class? For wizard, you have to focus on Int and magic attack. Willpower and magic crit rate and damage help. Everything else is almost useless to you. But if you keep farming the old dungeons and the E1 versions of the new ones, you'll have enough gold to buy a better set in no time. Also, by farming Cavern of the Veil you'll quickly gather all the mats needed for the Radan's Essence mark.

    Once you're done with that, you'll have enough dps for L1~L3 runs for coins you can use to buy Karasha recipes. Buy a Staff Karasha recipe first. Then work on taming Void Kargyles on the Rift to replace your Casperts. After that you can focus on getting a full Karasha set and you'll be golden.
  • A Pet Decision.

    Hey! I know this might be A bit of A useless question, But I just wanted to know from others.
    SHould I Make The Festive Reindeer, My pet? Is it A good pet? Thanks!
    It is a good pet for it's move speed, phys def, health bonus and heal. It'd be more suited for a tank, IMO. Still, there are better pets out there no matter what class you're playing. But if you just started playing, the Reindeer is a great option for land mount and/or pet.
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    Can someone tell me if i can seal the Grim Kargyle (from the "Legendary grim riders package") from my Zerk, send it to my Ranger and convert it into a mount again? :o
    Because on Steam it is written: "Limit 1 Legendary Grim Rider's Package per account"
    I want that Kargyle so badly on my Ranger :( But i dont know if that works with him :/
    Or is he may not be tradable if he is sealed??

    ( sry for my bad english ._.' )
    Sadly, it's not possible to seal the Grim Kargyle.
  • NX limit

    The limit is there for security reasons. You can send a ticketto support and ask them to raise your monthly limit. Just keep in mind that they won't reveal your current limit nor what your increased limit will be. It's not a perfect solution but it's better than nothing. =S
  • Ranger's Fury Launch Pack

    As I understand it, you'll receive the package on the first character you log in with. So, for example, if you deleted your ranger now, created another and log in with it as soon as the new patch is avalable, you'd receive the package with your new ranger.

    But don't take mine or anyone else's word for it. Wait for a mod to give you an official reponse before doing anything. I'll tag them here so hopefully you'll get your answer soon. :)

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