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  • Exalted Wrath Wyvern Apology....

    Exalted Wrath Wyvern Apology
    20 hours ago

    Hello Riders,

    We understand that some players did not like the Exalted Wrath Wyvern inside the Exalted Monstrous Lucky Box. Please accept our sincerest apologies. The reason why the Skin Design Contest familiar can only be acquired via Lucky Box is because it is considerably far stronger than the rest of the Skin Design Contest winners. We've prepared a special server buff as compensation for everyone starting from April 19 until April 26.

    Did you rly thought that argument through???
    First point: the argument "far stronger"...

    Bloodkerav passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max):
    Overall Attack increased by 45%, Overall Defense increased by 43%, Overall Critical Rate increased by 13%, Move Speed increased by 20%
    Aschante passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max):
    Overall Attack increased by 45%, Health increased by 43%, Overall Critical Damage increased by 370, Move Speed increased by 20
    Qilin passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max):
    Overall Attack by 45%, Health increased by 43%, Overall Defense increased by 43%, and Move Speed increased by 20%

    now the Wyvern passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max): Overall Attack by 46%, Overall Critical Damage increased by 400, Health increased by 47%, Stat Limit Break increased by 7.
    So 1% more overallattack and 4% more health is "FAR stronger"???

    Second point:
    you put a little bit better mount in a lucky box so that it is absolute pay to win or lets say pay to win "luck"....so only ppl that give out ALOT of money can get the best mount?! Thats just completly wrong!

    Third point:
    why give him better stats? why not just give him almost the same like the others? So that you can keep your promise to sell the skin contest winner mounts directly?!?!?!?!

    Last point:
    A server buff is nice and all....but alot of ppl are leaving and character EXP rly dont helps...aswell as server buffs. Ppl wanted to buy the mount directly, ppl want new content or atleast AN INFORMATION whats going on. We were promised since january there will be a dev roadmap and till today there is nothing!
  • Skin Contest winners and the way the rest is done

    Its not a small matter if a company breaks their promises....
    I mean they promised that we get the mount and the skin in a direct purchasable box. Qilin was without a skin but now the new dragon is a lucky box only?

    So if they break that promise they made, what will they do in the future? you cant rly believe anything they say or said the last years if they wont keep their promises.
    For me its totally clear, if they wont change that and keeping their promise, i wont play anymore.
    In the end we are waiting months now for any informations, for updates and for anything good....but only things we got were cashshop updates, no information at all and the "we are working on stuff, we will inform you if.., we are working on a dev blog". lets face it, you dont need 4 month to prepare a dev blog you dont even plan to do one in the first place!

    So if they wont keep their promise here, its just the tip of the boring, disappointing iceberg that gets me to leave this nexon game for good.

    on a sidenote: i dont know what the skin designers had for an agreement with nexon, but if it involved like " we sell it in a box and not lucky box" i would definitivly give them a heads up... ^^
  • Hello Nexon~ urgent attention acquired........

    Yllmathir wrote: »
    This mean (if not very badly translated) that whole team from WeMade (and not Nexon) has been moved in order to focus on online games.
    Now the question is: who was working on fixes and contents until now? Nexon or WeMade? Depending on this answer we can easily know the future of this game.

    Developer was Wemade and this means they wrote the code, programmed new features and fixed bugs.
    If they give the rights to another company it could mean that the contract with nexon as publisher could be difficult aswell, maybe we get a new publisher, or the new developer will publish themselfes.
    I mean the publisher contract was between nexon and wemade....so who knows if it still stands with the new developer and whats going on...

    The only thing we know is that we dont get any infos at all since Xmas. that could mean they do have problems with this new situation and have to reorganize alot of stuff and the players dont get any info at all. I mean it wouldnt hurt if we would get a little headsup like "the developer is now XYZ so we have to clear up things with them" or "the new developer has to look into stuff" or what ever....So we atleast KNOW whats going on and not seeing 3 months go without any infos, updates or fixes.
  • Scheduled Maintenance - February 27, 2018

    Cream wrote: »

    I can only confirm that I am in NA and from my client/game;
    • Dice board - present
    • Collect the first reward (talisman) - Yes
    • Alsacian Blessing - present - The Icon - Not operational - Feedback from users
    • Gwen & Lance - Not present

    Just to add a list what EU is struggeling with (so for everyone to have a nice list ;) )
    • Dice board - NOT present
    • Collect the first reward (talisman) - doesnt work, but taking second day reward worked
    • Alsacian Blessing - NOT present(no icon) AND Not operational (no faster spawnrate!)
    • Gwen & Lance - IS present and we can get more dice
    • Bestiary collections - Canniphage+Magmabeast doesnt work, the others from taming event month ago work but give you the old rewards instead of the ones that are shown (old rewards like the pink, blue and black doolie instead of 7 day premium, magmabeast mark etc )
    • wrong buffs - Some buffs like the second (blue) premium buff, the familiar herd buffs and the party buffs are working BUT different/wrong buffs are shown instead in the players buffbar !
  • March daily reward

    Daily rewards, dice event, missing server buff -> it looks like all EU servers have these problems