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  • Exalted Wrath Wyvern Apology....

    Exalted Wrath Wyvern Apology
    20 hours ago

    Hello Riders,

    We understand that some players did not like the Exalted Wrath Wyvern inside the Exalted Monstrous Lucky Box. Please accept our sincerest apologies. The reason why the Skin Design Contest familiar can only be acquired via Lucky Box is because it is considerably far stronger than the rest of the Skin Design Contest winners. We've prepared a special server buff as compensation for everyone starting from April 19 until April 26.

    Did you rly thought that argument through???
    First point: the argument "far stronger"...

    Bloodkerav passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max):
    Overall Attack increased by 45%, Overall Defense increased by 43%, Overall Critical Rate increased by 13%, Move Speed increased by 20%
    Aschante passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max):
    Overall Attack increased by 45%, Health increased by 43%, Overall Critical Damage increased by 370, Move Speed increased by 20
    Qilin passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max):
    Overall Attack by 45%, Health increased by 43%, Overall Defense increased by 43%, and Move Speed increased by 20%

    now the Wyvern passive Stats as Mount/Pet(Max): Overall Attack by 46%, Overall Critical Damage increased by 400, Health increased by 47%, Stat Limit Break increased by 7.
    So 1% more overallattack and 4% more health is "FAR stronger"???

    Second point:
    you put a little bit better mount in a lucky box so that it is absolute pay to win or lets say pay to win "luck"....so only ppl that give out ALOT of money can get the best mount?! Thats just completly wrong!

    Third point:
    why give him better stats? why not just give him almost the same like the others? So that you can keep your promise to sell the skin contest winner mounts directly?!?!?!?!

    Last point:
    A server buff is nice and all....but alot of ppl are leaving and character EXP rly dont helps...aswell as server buffs. Ppl wanted to buy the mount directly, ppl want new content or atleast AN INFORMATION whats going on. We were promised since january there will be a dev roadmap and till today there is nothing!
  • [Feedback] - Scarlet Harbor

    The dungeon is a nice idea and i get aswell that its a hard dungeon and all.
    But as the other players here pointing out the respawn of the adds / normal monsters are a little bit too much.
    I mean i get that they respawn so that you have some sort of malus if the grp dies.
    The only problem is, sometimes the monster respawn SOO quick that its too much to handle.
    And its not all the time, sometimes they need alot of time to respawn sometimes they respawn right behind you after like a minute or so.

    The biggest problem with the "too fast" respawn is at the bosses. If you are in the middle of the fight with the big hard bosses and the monsters around you respawn so quick that you have the boss, the 5 minutes crew AND like 2 Assasines and the raider aswell. Its just too much.

    My suggestion would be extend the respawn time to like 10 minutes or so to give us time. OR if its not too much of an hussle change the respawn to "if you are in that area with your grp, monsters 50(or 100)m around you wont respawn" or so. So you wont be botherd with a too fast respawn and can progress further but if the grp dies they still have to fight their way back.
  • skill slots in IU gone?

    The main issue now, since we had to redo all the skill bars, is how do we save them? I have redone the F Slots 3x now....fed up with redoing it every time!

    The F5-F8 slots are bugged atm. you can reassign the F5-F8 in the keybindings and use the 4 new slots on the bottom row for this. But the "standard" F5-F8 wont work and will reset themselfs every time you relogg. (the other 8 new slots are the same. hope they fix this soon)
  • skill slots in IU gone?

    click "K" and drag and drop all the skills back to your skillbar, because of the UI changes it got resetted ;)
  • Add some valuable rewards to splendid box

    daeni wrote: »
    Maybe this...crap was added when they nerfed PI last week. Adding all the potions, Affluent cloying boxes I, etc to the list of things that were in there already.

    Knowing that what we really wanted is to try and fish for the rare rolls but get this...random stuff we don't want instead. Since last Friday when i got the Pet: Sharun the Forbidden before my last legendary fishing pole had expired. It was one of only three i have received. The other two I got before the Nerf and in the week after my characters were unlocked.
    And i have received only two Effluent Box II's since. the rest is the potions and the only thing i feel that makes any time spent there worth a little. the stones. I wrote a little mind you but not worth the hours spent fishing there since last Thurs.

    I guess it might not have been so bad if they'd made these items unbound so they can be sold, but having them bound to the character really was the last...maybe insult is too harsh but i felt it none the less.

    Hopefully they change this back to what is was and didn't use this to hook us into spending more Elluns just for profit in the short week before we realized it. If they had left it alone, they would have made more money from us than they have in the week since this.

    nope got the box 1-2 weeks after the fishing island was introduced, so its some weeks ago....and there was the 100% health pot already in. Sadly -.-
    btw got none ellora box 2 on my main char, only one on a twink so, yeah dunno, i think my mainchar is cursed. Got the radans and more box II on my twink...
    But who knows maybe they rly changed the loot table...but i fish with 2-4 chars depending how much time and passion i have and even before the last maint i sometimes got nothing a whole week or more or less box II. Dunno if its just luck and sometimes you dont get stuff, sometimes you do. i dont know.