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  • Don't Be Locked Out of the Dungeon

    So I still have my Coiste Bodhar mark, and even with LadySasaan's help running dungeons for several hours on the hardest difficulty, we couldn't find him. The item is still in my inventory which gave me some hope that maybe Dulla and Coiste are still in the dungeon somehow, or maybe it's just a junk item, or maybe it'll just sit there collecting dust and taking up space until next year's halloween event. I'm honestly a little disappointed. With the way the candies drop, if you aren't running dungeons all day every day, it takes a long time t save for the mark and then find and tame Coiste. After pretty much running dungeons all day that I wasn't working/sleeping/eating I had only seen him once.
    There's a suggestion that maybe we should be able to sell unused marks/event items for additional candies, that can then be traded for something more useful. i.e. Swap it for a Heroic mark box. Same price, same kind of item. But useful.
  • Gigant'o Lantern

    I agree mostly with this thread since I found one Gigant'o Lantern because it spawned next to me!!! In the other hand, this type of threads are needed and we thank you for all the feedback.

    We will use the information provided by our Riders to improve the game experience and events alike in the future. Please keep adding your thoughts and ideas on how we can tailor these and other events for you!

    Have a nice day!
    Its encouraging to know that even the mods agree. ^_^

    I have found it exceptionally difficult in this event and haven't even seen one yet. I got the impression before the event began, we'd be seeing a bunch of pumpkin mini-bosses running around in pumpkin patches that we need to kill.
    I do giving the pumpkins low health pools to cater for solo/low levels so it doesn't feel like you are missing out just because you are new to the game. I don't believe it's so much an issue of health pools, but maybe the spawn is almost too random ...

    I have missed out because I've seen a few start popping and have tried to predict the next one with no luck what so ever ... and failed. ^^;
    Perhaps the solution is to make the event less random, for instance:

    4 pumpkins spawn in Hakain's Crossing (e.g. at Verdant Meadows East, Elgren Farm, behind the Castle, Rosens' Road) on all the channels.
    Then 30sec later, another 7 spawn in Hakanas Highlands
    Then another 5 in 20sec around the Sea of Hakanas
    And so on ...

    That way, if you've been running dungeons in Parna, you know you have about 1 minute to get to a spawn location (and maybe also restore health).
    But you don't make the time in between the spawns TOO long, so that people don't just kill the ones in the crossing, then highlands, then the sea, etc. and basically hog all the goods.
    You can also make the locations vary each time, so to avoid camping. Instead of Hakain's Spawns being Verdant East, Elgren, Castle, the Road, it can change and another time be towards the north gate, or near the guild hall in town, or another part of verdant meadows. Still be slightly unpredictable, but predictable enough that it requires more than 'luck' and you actually need to plan ahead and maybe think smarter and go to a spawn that isn't the one right near the transit shrine. 8D

    That's just my thoughts and ideas!

    I also agree with having everyone glean something from dealing 5% damage to them. c: Seems more fair.
    And perhaps one of the spawns can be a mini-boss spawn (rng chances higher the closer the spawn is to the transit shrine! xD ) and takes a couple of people to take down (several lvl 20's or something, but easier for a few lvl 40's)
  • [Gameplay] The Bug That Gave me Hydrophobia

    Normally, this bug was just another annoying little hitch in this game. A real frustration, but a passing one, none the less.

    But after attempting Attaius, getting thrown off my mount, flailing about in the water as I tried to summon it again, only to miss and sink below the waves, cursed to stare up at Attaius' giant blue feet while I struggled in limbo, never dying, never living ... while the boss reset.

    It's a bit dramatic but you get the point. This bug occurs when I (not sure if anyone else has this issue) am 'swimming' and have to jump and quickly mount up in succession. Well, due to latency, poor timing, a butterfly beating its wings ... etc ... sometimes it just doesn't work. And then I am suddenly plunged under water, until I slowly rise back up again. Now this is VERY VERY commonplace. It will happen literally every time I miss my mark. Which, usually, isn't that much of a pain. SOMETIMES, however, I'll get a bit stuck down there and will have to mash spacebar, which flings me to the seafloor, where I smash myself against the ground and then am rocket propelled back up, and slowly float to the surface (which, by all accounts, is the exact opposite of what the main function of spacebar in game is).
    1/10 times, however, not even the 'opposite day' spacebar can save me and no matter how many times I fling myself to the bottom of the ocean, I just can't get back up. I can swim around all I want, but there is obviously no where to go because this is not a swimming game and therefor, the environments do not go down that far to allow you to walk back up to the surface. So there I am ... stuck.

    Like I said, this occurrence is stupidly commonplace and I'm only drawing attention to it now that it has affected me very unnecessarily. And yes, I could have just recalled. But my recall point was set to The Capital ... and I was doing a Boss in the Sea of Hakanas. So ... implications.

    Solution? Well. 1. Fix that issue.

    Or another solution is to the aversion the game has to the Y-Axis of movement. We can turn, strafe, and ascend ... but we cannot easily descend (unless falling).
    If a swimming component was added to the game that ALLOWS you to dive/swim upward and we'll be able to get ourselves out of such situations if they should occur. That way, if we are stuck underwater, the spacebar will actually do as intended, and propel you toward the surface, instead of plummeting against all physics and intuition toward the ocean floor.
    Who knows? You could build on it in future and create Water-based familiars. Middelas is quite a huge map with a lot of potential and a lot of water ... and Oceanic combat has proven very successful (and been standout) and many other games (i.e. Archeage).

    But I digress.
    My points is ... it's a pestering issue and it really has made me less excited about water-type bosses because the second I hit that water I know there's a chance I may never return ... anyway. The ball is in your court.

    Side note and praise:

    I really enjoy this game i feel like I have actual purpose behind why I'm levelling and not just to get to a level cap because I need to 'earn' the end game content. There's so much to do in between levels that I make the most of every single level. I try to use up all my taming points between every level and it feels good to have that extra option. I love that the dungeons have increasing difficulty, so that they seem to grow with you and it doesn't feel too repetitive.
    Everything feels within reach and possible in this game, where as in others things seemed to be a far cry from what I was capable of doing and punish you if you aren't hardcore. I love all the daily rewards that really do help a lot. No hard feelings here at all. :)

    Except for that one time I was taming windrunner after spending hours making his mark and he flew straight through the portal to the Highlands and I wasted the mark.