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  • How Players Can Help Icarus

    To clarify, what I meant by a flame post is something that amounts to "This game is dumb. The devs are stupid. I quit." This type of feedback provides no benefit and is worse than useless.

    I very much encourage constructive feedback regarding problems experienced in game. I also feel this should be done using the channels provided by Nexon. Sometimes that will be the Bugs and Suggestions forums. Sometimes it will be via a survey link. It may be something else in the future.

    We would all like to know what will be done to address current issues. Some of them are rather complex issues that require much discussion and analyzing. They might even be testing various potential fixes. They need time to work out a solution. The developers have told us, through Cuddlewings, that we have been heard. They have given us a survey form we can use to continue to speak. We need to give them time to work things out. Likely, they haven't told us the solution yet because haven't identified the solution yet. Many people have said this most recent content seemed under-tested. Wouldn't an under-tested solution be just as bad?

    @Honeychyld I agree support has a huge impact on player retention. I don't think it's the only factor. I consider gameplay and community to be the two other main factors. Support and gameplay are on Nexon. We have the responsibility to let them know if either needs to improve, and they have the responsibility of improving it.
    Community is entirely on us players. Since that's the aspect we have most control over, that's the aspect I wanted to focus on.

    @RondoFan01 I get the frustration friend. It seems like Cream and Cuddlewings have both done all they can: They passes your idea along to the people who can make it happen. Since the trading forum is not yet in place, your answer seems to be "not yet." EDIT: Actually it sounds like Cream has heard you and this forum section may be running in the near future. Thank you for your efforts to improve the community!

    Agreed, One of the things I can say so far for the community here is that it's certainly not toxic like some others I have encountered. The mods are listening and they are quick to give feedback. I am impressed with the ROI staff so far. If we want this to continue we have to give them feedback that helps like @ominthreat mentioned here.

    When was the last time you listened to someone who never had anything important to say or that one friend that is always so negative you just avoided them? it's no different just because you are behind a keyboard.

    Lets keep the -real- feedback good or bad rolling so we can help them make this game what we actually want it to be. Here is the big realization... at the end of the day these people work for us, we are the consumer. They need the players to get paid and I promise you they realize that because too many other MMO's have gone south from not listening to the player base.

    I don't know about anyone else but it seems to me these mods/devs are approaching this game from the right frame of mind.