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  • Riders of Icarus Content Creator Program

    Is there a deadline in which we can apply?
    Also, if we recently started making fan art and have, for example, just posted our first work, do we still qualify for the program?
  • [WINNERS] Winter Wonderland Fanart Contest

    IGN: ImmortalKhaleesi
    Server: Koroshimo
    Title: Hameon and Ellora
    Hameon, a frozen guardian created by Ellora herself, has come to her creator, ready to take flight. Her silver armor and her blue gem stand out on her blue body, and Ellora herself is preparing to ride her guardian. Since we never truly saw her, her identity remains a mystery, although we see her purple hair and blue dress.

    check out the image here: https://apoasshadow.deviantart.com/art/Hameon-and-Ellora-720201598?ga_submit_new=10:1513377360&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1&ga_recent=1
    Good luck everyone! :D
  • [WINNERS] Festive Fall Fanart Contest

    IGN: ImmortalKhaleesi
    Server: Koroshimo

    Pumpkin Feast
    Tekanin and Radesh the Wise sure are hungry for pumpkins! They found a farm just for them and are feasting with delicious vegetables. The moon is glowing and the sky is filled with stars...
    I created the scenery with colored pencils, but to add the stars on such a dark background I used glitter. Pretty much everything else was created with colored pencils.
    check out the image here: https://apoasshadow.deviantart.com/art/Pumpkin-Feast-711687693
  • [FINALISTS ANNOUNCED] Mount Skin Design Contest

    IGN: ImmortalKhaleesi
    Server: Koroshimo
    Familiar type/name: Nightmare
    Name of my skin: Demonic Nightmare
    Short description: Nightmare is one of my absolute favorite mounts, so I wanted to create a skin for her. I took inspiration from Demonus, and choose those colors, shades of purple, violet and red. The eyes, horn, mane, tail and outer feathers on the wings have a small pink to violet glow, and when the wings move up and down the glow moves around too. There is no aura anywhere. Her skin is mid to dark purple, and hooves are black. Nightmare, like birds, has (let's call it that way because I don't know the real name for it) two "layers" of feathers - the big outer ones, and small inner ones, closer to the wing bone. Only the outer feathers have that glow, and the smaller inner feathers are dark purple to black (depends on lighting) with no glow. The upper side of the wings is in violet color (as seen on the gliding drawing), while the lower side is more pinkish to red. It's made like that on purpose to be more colorful. There's a drawing of the eye on the left for a closer view, where you can see the glow coming from the eye. On every drawing you can see the shading I did to show the glow on the outer feathers, tail, mane, eyes and horn. The horn is a bit darker that the mane and tail, but it does glow, and I tried to add lines in it to show the slight bending and lines Nightmare has on her horn.
    If I remember to add anything else to the description I'll add it soon.

    you can see it on DeviantArt here: https://apoasshadow.deviantart.com/art/Demonic-Nightmare-695901980

    Good luck everyone!
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