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  • "You have been disconnected from the server"

    I've been away as well. Not sure if this helps but I've noticed when you're idle for a bit it does this for me. ( a few times i got up and went to get something to eat or drink, came back to the infamous screen of disconnection. Don't count the notice of failure since it never seems to work.)

    But yeah I've noticed it tends to disconnect you more often now than that last attempt at a fix. Also it tends to freeze lag me more, in dungeons and the Lairs as well when you take the portals out it will disconnect you too.
    If i didn't know this game so well I'd say someone added an anti-AFK timer or something. Lol
  • The state of Riders of Icarus?

    Sadly very few are still playing. i have stuck it out but most of the veterans seem only to show briefly now to complete what updates there are, or do the few events.

    IDK what to say @Farlord. Frankly I think I'm waiting for the lights to be shut off before I admit this game was a great concept but lack the motivation and insight to be run at it's full potential.

    Can't say it was a waste of time, that would imply i learned nothing and didn't have a blast. i did.
    But i will think twice the next time Nexon releases a game they seem incapable of running or caring about other than milking their customer base out of their money and time. Or treating them like a hunk of beef to be lead to the slaughter.

    Life's too short though to waste it, all we as those that did stick it out can hope for is that when this game is sold, that the next managers run it better and listen to their base.
  • [COMPLETE]Scheduled Maintenance - January 03, 2019

    Those aren't the only things that were lacking or forgotten about. Not sure if anyone noticed or not but the special login event where the last familiar was the Silver Laiku, the timer on it kept resetting itself. it would run down to 1 second then freeze for me. when I'd re-log, it would be at 58+ minutes once again.

    This went on for three days before I decided not to bother. Already had it on my main character. All I was planning to do was use it to upgrade another heroic familiar. I debated on sending in a ticket but frankly....after reading the forums and seeing no one posted i gave up.
    Not really worth it to play the support ticket run around. And yes I do have the screens but again why bother. This game is being allowed to fall apart and no one seems to care much.
    Sad that, really. This game had such potential and promise in the beginning. The only thing they haven't done yet is turn off the lights. :'(
  • Still No Bestiary Update.

    OK, I've recently found the Stingfly Mark, it drops from Insect Raid Rogues.
  • Lack of quests to finish leveling to 67?

    As the title suggest i'm finding this an issue here. In those past updates/level cap increases we always seemed to find ourselves with a lot of busy work to do just to finish it by making the minimum level required just to complete the story line quests.

    Now with this last update i'm finding not only this a serious issue as my main was two levels below the level of 67 to finish, but there were so few quests to even make up for it.
    (And yes have done all quests but for the capture the legendary and heroic familiars, and i found it impossible to solo the stupid colossus stag-horn that just seems to be more than one character can kill for just an elite monster. )
    Had an easier time with those other required heroic bosses just to complete the story up to this point. :/

    The extreme amount of EXP just to clear this is mind-boggling. As i see it at my current rate it will take more than a full week or more just to scrape together enough to get half way to 67. Am at roughly 1/16th right now. This is by just doing the dailies and w/e i can find that will allow to repeat.
    Really, couldn't they have done a better job in this that what they obviously did?
    Now before you assume this is a rant. it is not. it's just seeing if anyone else is having issues with this.
    Because frankly i'm not enjoying this excessive grinding.