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  • Still No Bestiary Update.

    OK maybe i wasn't too clear about what the issue was here. There is no bug or game issue that I've noticed yet as of this posting.
    if anyone has looked at the Gamepedia Wiki under Bestiary you will see that there is a serious lack of anything entered into it since the last addition to the legendary mounts about mid summer. They will notice that this new region has yet to be entered into it at all.

    After other major updates we have had something added even if it was limited and pretty much just topics with little to no data yet by the first week after any update or lvl cap.

    But here we are working on almost the second week after this update and no data has been added to date.
    All i was saying maybe we should help out anyone that takes on this task by entering what we've found here with all the familiars that are in this new area. That way we can find those harder ones ourselves or help out those that come afterwards. Anything posted here will help from what drops marks, and where the familiars are found.

    Granted some are already taken care of by quests needed, i noticed when i was killing Snarl i found the only legendary i have found as of this posting. Soluna the Spiroon: location: on the island just southeast of Insect Kings Makeshift Camp , Alkan forest (East).
    While i was lvling to 67 i also found that in the Decimated Battlefield area while i was killing sentinels they drop the mark for Viridian Amatoa. This elite flying horse can be found around 700m circling around the titan crash site in the Grand Canyon (Center).
    To the east is the Heroic mount, Lightning Kaliart. it circles mid way between grand canyon, Ireel in the river canyon at around 750m.
    Found Heroic Mutated Plutonsia circling widely the valley to the right of the insect legion encampment at around 700m.

    For anyone that is flying around this map any mount you have that's NOT from Turimnan Valley will notice the regional limits. If you tame a flying mount from there at least that limit for altitude isn't a factor in completing this update.
    So again if anyone has any information about any of these familiars feel free to add it here for now.
    A footnote here is i will add what i find as i too locate it.
  • removal of Mcbains quests

    This is a great point. ;)
    With the current...lack of people playing, and the unwillingness of those that do to even consider running these with anyone not in their cliques..well this leaves those unable to solo legendary's literally screwed when trying to get these stones. as well as other things needed and only dropped from the bosses inside.

    The market isn't a great place anymore to find much of anything that isn't over-priced or even rare. Not many have the gold required now just to maintain things let alone w/e else you may find you have to have.

    For a game that now seems to be solely centered around group play, having a lack of player base for it seems counter-productive. yet here we all are in exactly this set of circumstances that has evolved in the past two years.
    Seriously something about all this needs to be addressed and soon. The dust is starting to swirl around and accumulate if you look hard enough. This game is fast becoming a ghost town.