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  • 40 Ellun box removed from Valentines event?...

    Greetings All,

    I’d like an opportunity to chime in here and include my feedback in the recent change on the event.

    I must say that I am in agreement that the removal of the ellun box was sad to see. When I initially saw the ellun box available in the shop, I figured it would only be purchasable once. It was interesting to see that it could be purchased multiple times. It seemed too obvious to be an oversight and I guessed, like others, that it was intended. It seems that what ultimately ended up happening is that the box was being obtained far more often than expected as people found ways to (both legitimately and illegitimately) “farm” areas with higher spirit spawn rates. This is just my best guess.

    Although the removal of the box made sense, it created two problems:
    1) The “damage” from the farmed boxes had already been done
    2) People who were taking their time lost the benefit of obtaining more than one box as well.

    Now, I know the staff has already decided on a compensation, which is appreciated, but that just added another 40 elluns reward to those that already received more than one box. Perhaps a better solution would have been to re-add the box but give them a maximum of say maybe 5-10 purchases per account. That would eliminate those who had already purchased more than ten boxes and still provide an opportunity for others to obtain more than one.

    I fully understand that what’s done is done, but I feel for those casual/dedicated players that had a wonderful opportunity removed.

    October <3
  • [POLL] Heroic Bestiary Mount Scroll

    Greetings Folks,

    I’ve been skimming through the discussion and I’d like to chime in with thoughts.

    Firstly, I don’t mind at all that the scroll adds the mounts to a person’s bestiary for several reasons:

    The player must pay for the feature and it will get really expensive as they try to complete more than one mount (unlocking 10 mounts will cost them almost 40 real dollars). I think this is the most compelling support for me. They can choose to release a “for elluns” version, for those asking, but perhaps an elluns version should minus the bestiary perk.

    I am not really a market person, but it might actually help rejuvenate the market for seals. For those that spend the time to craft marks for heroics, it can be quite saddening to only sell the seal for 23 gold or less :(

    If someone wants to pay their way into their bestiary for their game, makes no difference to me. I can play how I like and they can play how they like.

    It gives access the mounts some users may otherwise feel alienated from. Like I have members in my guild that will NEVER touch the PvP zone. That means that unless they get lucky in the lair, they won’t be seeing any of the badlands mounts. This way, those of us that do, can run in…grab the seal and give it to them so that they can have the mount they want AND it counts for the Bestiary since they won’t be getting it otherwise.

    It doesn’t count for legendaries, so in higher level areas they STILL have to tame. They can only pay their way up to a certain point. I completely agree with the fact the scroll does not work on legendaries. Perhaps they may release a scroll later that works on them, but I suspect it will be incredibly expensive.

    As others have stated, some bestiary completions don’t even really offer the best rewards…so no real loss.

    That being said, there are some things I would agree with/suggest:

    I agree that it should be based on areas that a character has already explored (although one must also note that monthly events can still grand new characters mounts from areas they can’t/or haven’t gotten to)

    For the new accounts, restricting it to area already limits their ability to buy/use the scroll. I’m not sure a new account restriction is necessary, but sure…why not. I will say, though, that I find new account limitations obnoxious in games. I’ve walked away from games that blocked me from content simply for being new.

    Another suggestion for those that are concerned about bestiary completion (this isn’t my stance, again…I think it’s a great perk), is to limit how many bestiary mounts can be completed. So, they can buy the scroll as much as they want, but perhaps only the first 3-5 for an area will count…the rest they have to get the “old fashioned” way. This is just a suggestion to include both sides of the coin. Either way, I feel the bestiary option should stay (and its already released so…)

    Trying to limit my "wall of text", but hopefully that makes sense.

    October <3
  • [WINNERS] The Perfect Shot Contest

    IGN: Savahn
    Server: Baellas


    I call it "Inverted Justice". Shot was accomplished by using the skill "Ruin Arrow" followed by a back flip :)

  • Regarding Blood Karios and Founder's Packs

    I've been relatively quiet on this one as I was waiting to see the solution. So here is my stance thus face (I too purchased the 90 dollar founders pack)

    Having the ability to turn any current familiar into the original Kairos, Gyreon, or the wolves is actually pretty neat. I have kept the slots for the original pets full because I did not want to lose the mount itself.

    Negatives (sorry there are a few):
    - I am still saddened by the fact that a pack exclusive mount was released. I specifically paid the most just to have access to Kairos and Gyreon.
    - The Awakened Blood Kairos Skin is not graphically appealing. I liked the concept but the execution was unappealing. (not trying to be ungrateful)
    - The founders pack mounts were obsolete very quickly. I mean realistically I expected better mounts to surface but I did not expect them to reach their max potential so quickly.
    - The founders mounts cant be sealed making their only option release. This is a loss to anyone who wanted to keep it and perhaps turn it into a pet later.
    - Founders mount shave no resilience against any area effects.
    - The "new" Kairos is a legendary mount (this one is probably the most unfortunate)

    Suggestions :
    Honestly, what's done is done. I am afraid I am in agreement that the current solution was appreciated but still leaves some problems as mentioned before. No matter the "resolutions" come about, we still have to accept that the situation currently just "is what it is".

    Suggestion One:
    Upgrade all of the mounts/pets in the legendary pack to at least level 35 or 40. Give them at least Heroic status so they have some resilience. Allow them to be sealed (untradable) with somewhat decent stats. I don't think they should have Rondo style seals but at least make them somewhat useful as you only get one of each.
    People who may have already released some of these mounts will miss out, UNLESS they recreate the character (ouch).

    Suggestion Two:
    Change the released Blood Kairos to something else.
    Those who purchased the mount will be completely at a loss. They really didn't have anything to do with this pickle and I dont think they should eat the fall from this either. I'd like to also not that some are mistaking the Blood Kairos as the original mount, he is not. Blood Kairos was an exclusive skin which was turned into a mount.

    Suggestion Three:
    Change all Kairos mounts to the legendary Kairos mount.
    Same issue as one. People who may have released him will miss this one.

    Suggestion Four:
    Create a different set of "exclusive" mounts for Founders or just Kairos.
    This is kind of Unrealistic, but I've seen it suggested. This leaves a lot of problems. What would those exclusive mounts even be? People will undoubtedly be unhappy to lose their current mounts if they really like them. If they just changed Kairos, what new "dragon" would take his place? I'd avoid this one, but it's still a suggestion.

    Suggestion Five:
    This one is just for me because I like to make myself giggle. Change or grant some of those skins in plushie form *sparkley eyes* Plushie Kairos or Gyeron *more starry eyes*
    None! *death stares everyone* NONE!!!! MUH HAHAHA Okay...okay...perhaps it will be a pain to make new skins for them but a girl can dream <3

    Again, this is not to say that the "solution" was not appreciated. I am especially grateful that the development team heard us. Nevertheless, I still feel a bit sad about what I purchased even after the current attempt.

    Thanks for reading my wall of text!

    October <3
  • [SUBMIT] Ranger Pre-Creation Screenshot Contest

    IGN: Savahn
    Server: Baellas